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Wealth Affirmations: The Law of Attraction Way

By Liz Green (CEO, LiveYourDreamMentoring.Com)

If you read the ones you like for 21 STRAIGHT DAYS they will become ingrained into your subconscious mind. If you read them when you get up in the morning, once during the day, and before you go to bed for 21 days (if you miss 1 day start over) they will become a PART of YOU forever and can have a powerful effect on your life.

Money and the Law of Attraction

1. Money ‘flows’ consistently. Money comes into your life and goes out of your life on a regular basis. Do not try to hoard it or stop it from ‘flowing’ out. When you allow it to flow out, as well as in, you create additional ‘space’ for more to flow to you.

2. Money is good and you should love it because the more you have of it the more good things you can do for yourself, your family, and for others. Begin to LOVE MONEY for what it will allow you to do.

3. Never save money in case of an EMERGENCY! If you do you will surely attract an emergency into your life to take the money. Always save money for OPPORTUNITIES. You will surely attract opportunities into your life to increase your abundance.

4. Always save 10% of money that flows into your life. Savings eliminates stress and worry than can block more money from coming to you. The more you SAVE the harder your subconscious mind works to add to your abundance.

5. Always give money to someone else in need (even if only a little). When you give money to help others with no expectations of getting anything in return you create ‘spiritual space’ for more money to come to you to give away again. The more you give the more you will get and it never fails.

6. Stop focusing your energy and attention on how little money you have. You will surely continue to attract only a little money. Always focus on the fact that lots of money is on its way to you through an unknown method. Get out of your own way and ALLOW money to flow to you.

7. Never worry about HOW money is coming to you. Focus on the amount you want by a certain date and TRUST and ALLOW the supernatural power of the Universal Laws to worry about the HOW. Your job is to set the amount and the job of the Universe is to create the HOW.

8. Write down all the good things you will do when you have lots of money come to you…then read the list and feel the feelings.

9. Know how much money you want. Set specific dates and numbers. Never say “I want to have a lot of money someday.” Always be specific and expect it to HAPPEN.

10. Always CONTROL your money. Never let it control you. When you learn to control money you will never be without it.

11. Use a portion of your money to increase your physical health. Money is totally useless without good health to enjoy it.

12. Kick your negative inner beliefs about money out of your life forever. If you grew up hearing “We can’t afford it – It costs too much – Money doesn’t grow on trees – money is bad – only rich people have money,” those beliefs may be buried deep into your subconscious mind. Identify them and tell them they are banished from your life FOREVER!

13. Understand you were created and put on earth to be prosperous. No one was ever created to experience a life of financial struggles. You were created to experience all the good things in life and it your birthright to do so. Believe this. Peel away all the old layers of negative ‘conditioning’ and look at money with a ‘new set of eyes.’

14. Switch from living with a ‘lack mindset’ to living with an ‘abundance mindset.’ God provided all the abundance needed by the fish in the sea, the birds in the air, and the animals on the ground. They all have plenty to eat and drink. Abundance is all around you if you choose to ‘see’ it.

15. Be GRATEFUL for any money that you do have. Heartfelt gratitude opens you up to receive even more abundance to be grateful for. When you live with gratitude in your heart daily you will experience improved physical health.

16. If you see a penny on the ground pick it up and thank the Universe for placing it in your path. If you pass it by you are telling the Universe you do not want money.

17. Stop thinking about how much you ‘need’ money. You will attract more need. Begin thinking you were created to have lots of money and it is on its way to you. You will invoke the Law of Attraction to bring money to you.

18. Practice being consistent in your thoughts and feelings about money. When you catch yourself feeling negatively about it immediately ‘shift’ to thinking lots of it is on its way to you. Practice this ‘shifting’ every second, minute, hour, all day long and you will see quick results.

19. Use VISUALIZATION and ‘see’ yourself having lots of money. Create mental movies where you see yourself living in a fantastic house, driving the car of your dreams, eating at the best restaurants, traveling the world, and helping your family and friends. Add intense emotions to these visualizations. Make them real and ‘watch’ them daily.

20. Create mental movies of YOU saving the lives of helpless animals, feeding and sheltering the homeless, helping to find cures for disease, helping your family and neighbors in need, and giving huge amounts of money to your favority charity. Add intense emotions to these mental movies. Make them real and ‘watch’ them daily and you will harness incredible power.

21….EXPECT to have lots of money in your life. Don’t simply hope to have money, EXPECT to have it. When you expect something your subconscious mind goes to work and searches for answers and solutions to meet those expectations.

22….Become an EXPERT in your passions. By becoming an expert in what you love to do you will attract many people to you who will gladly pay you to teach them what you know. Expertise equals abundance on many levels.

23. Immediately stop talking about how tough life is. Begin to talk about how great it is to be alive and how good life is and life will surely become good because you will attract that to you. Your words are incredibly powerful and affect what happens in your life so choose them carefully from this day forward. ONLY use words that move you toward who you want to BE in life. ONLY use words that move you toward what you want to HAVE in life. ONLY use words that move you toward what you want to DO in life. Why would you want to use any other words and waste what precious time you have?

24. Buy yourself, or someone you love, something you wouldn’t normally spend the money to buy. This eliminates ‘scarcity’ thinking and tells the Universe you are ready for more abundance.

25. Decide to be UNSTOPPABLE! Understand that you are IMPORTANT, you are VALUABLE, and you have a PURPOSE in life and that nothing can stop you from living the life of your dreams! Decide to treat yourself to this life.

9 thoughts on “Wealth Affirmations: The Law of Attraction Way”

  1. Thank you I look forward to applying the Law of Atrraction to my life on a daily basis from this day one.

  2. Hi Liz,

    Are you saying 21 days for a reason?

    I would say that these (if not more) affirmations should be recited each and every day. Not for that fact that we would forget them, but more for the fact that that they make you feel energized, with purpose and generally good.

    Really like this.

  3. hi do affirmations when i mediate but i can see money on my mind some times but when i do affirmations for examle i am powerful money magnet can see lots of money as i am do my affirmations i do that affirmations daily night time and when i wake up in the morning and i have found 1 pound last week and 4 weeks ago another pound is that a sign more money to come .

    i await for your reply .

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