Three of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

The Reversed Three of Swords tarot card can be extremely helpful in determining the root of certain issues. This article discusses how the card can be used to understand the tarot meaning of physical ailments and mental health issues. It can also indicate the need for forgiveness and healing. So, which type of situation would be best for you? Continue reading to find out.

Reversed Meaning

The Reversed Three of Swords reflects your past in a negative light. This card represents your past as it relates to a relationship. You may have experienced betrayal, rejection, separation, or a loss of love. However, this card can also be a warning against making decisions that could lead to regret in the future. It can also be a love card, but only if you choose to interpret it in the proper way.

It reveals a difficult situation at work. It can be an indication that you are overly sensitive to the words of others. If this is the case, make an effort to understand how these words are hurting you. Then, take steps to overcome them. Whenever the it appears in a reading, you should take note of any issues that may have hindered your progress.

It reveals a recent break-up or illness. A recent illness or disease may have been a major factor. If you're anxious about the future, it may be time to seek help. If you are anxious about the future, the Three of Swords reversed can be a good sign that your life will improve after the difficult times.

The reading may suggest an emotional purge. If you're not able to deal with your emotions, they may turn sour. Trying to suppress them will only lead to further decay, expanded pain, and eating you alive. Learn to deal with intense emotions and move forward in your life. Your career will benefit greatly from this new direction. There may be a new job opportunity in the making. However, the reversal will reveal issues at home.

It reflects your ability to overcome your past. It can also indicate that you're overcoming sadness, heartache, or grief. You're also capable of forgiving people who have hurt you in the past.

Mental health issues

A mental health issue is represented by the Three of Swords. A health issue could be an emotional one, such as depression. The meaning could also point to a physical problem, such as cardiac problems. Whatever the case may be, it's important to keep a positive outlook. Keeping a positive outlook on life is crucial in overcoming a mental health issue.

It can also suggest healing and restoration in your relationship. When flipped over, the Three of Swords represents a victory over negativity. This tarot card meaning is more positive than that of the Devil, the other Major Arcana card. It symbolizes overcoming pain and suffering through spiritual growth and healing. If you've been feeling lonely and depressed, the Three of Swords can suggest that you're not alone. Often, it can be helpful to turn pain and suffering into lessons.

The meaning often reflects a difficult relationship. The card may indicate betrayal, rejection, or sadness. It can also reflect conflict with others, either physically or emotionally. If you've recently lost your job, the Three of Swords could be a sign that you're unable to move on. Whether you're feeling depressed or overwhelmed, it's important to acknowledge the negative feelings and channel them properly.

The meaning for mental health issues varies based on how they affect your relationships. When you see this card, it's important to recognize that it may be time to seek help. It's essential to address any mental health issues in a healthy way if you hope to make progress. In some cases, mental health issues are caused by physical trauma, but you can overcome them with help from a counselor or therapist.

Reversed, it can also indicate that you're moving on from a heartbreak. It can also suggest that you're working on healing and reconciling with an ex. If you've been suffering from a heartbreak, the Three of Swords reversed may represent a chance to make amends with that person. Those who have suffered a traumatic event in their past might want to forgive you for letting go of the pain.

Physical ailments

The meaning of the Three of Swords is generally associated with ill health, and this can include heart problems, cardiac issues, or surgery. However, this card can also represent emotional issues, such as depression or anxiety. While it may indicate physical ailments, it is also helpful to look at your emotional state in a positive light. 

The meaning for physical issues includes infertility and miscarriage. However, do not be overly hopeful about your future; predicting a miscarriage can lead to a lot of emotional trauma and stress. Therefore, the meaning for physical ailments is bleak and heartbreaking.

The reversed meaning for relationships shows that a recent breakup or loss has prompted emotional pain. It may be difficult to adjust your lifestyle and living standards after the setback. You may be feeling the pressure to accept the truth about the situation, but this will only make it worse. However, this card is a signal to begin moving forward.

The reversed reading for relationships can indicate a refusal to let the past go and move on. A person who refuses to move on will be stuck in a cycle of bitterness and despair. Recriminatory remarks will continue to flow, and family members and friends will withdraw, adding to the feeling of loneliness and victimization. You may want to take a break from the relationship if you want to feel better.

This tarot card meaning for relationships is a good reminder to seek emotional support. While a broken leg can be a painful experience, ignoring it can lead to further injury. Try to find the balance that allows you to feel the pain. If you avoid it for too long or too deeply, it will be impossible for you to heal. And the same holds true for other emotional issues.


The Tarot card meaning indicates a difficult relationship. It can indicate betrayal, separation, or even ghosting. It can also indicate feelings of sadness and loneliness. Alternatively, the Three of Swords reversed may indicate a need to improve your situation. Forgiveness is necessary for the relationship to progress. However, there are also instances when it will show the negative aspects of betrayal.

The card meaning reveals that the cheating partner is lying and deceiving. This card can also signify a love triangle. In other cases, it can signify that the cheating partner has an undying desire to cheat on a partner. Cheating can be the result of a lack of trust and transparency. Therefore, it's crucial to remember the Three of Swords tarot card meaning before acting on your suspicions.

Infidelity is another common tarot card meaning. The Three of Swords can also signify a painful triangle. Moreover, the Queen of Swords represents the dark element of a relationship. If this card is paired with a Cup Suit, it foretells a heartbreak by close circle. While this tarot card meaning reflects cheating, it can also mean unrestrained passions and appetites.

The Two of Swords tarot card meaning can also mean a relationship that is ripe for breakup. If the relationship is still intact, it's best to avoid mentioning the word "cheating" to help you reach your own conclusion. Try using phrases such as "this card may indicate a relationship breaking up."

This tarot card meaning reveals the secretive nature of the partner. Usually, the cheating partner is out for sexual pleasure or short-term satisfaction. However, cheating is more than just an affliction - it is a sign of deception. Those involved in cheating are often characterized by intense feelings of anger, heartbreak, and resentment.

The Three of Swords meaning is associated with the emotions of heartbreak and rejection. It also represents reversed fortunes. However, you may want to consider the benefits of a relationship in your life if you are concerned about the consequences of cheating. The Three of Swords tarot card has many different meanings. It can also represent friendship, growth, and group relationships.

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