The Tower Tarot Card Meaning

The Tower tarot card meaning indicates the need for a paradigm shift. You may be facing an event that has drastically changed your life, or you may be looking for guidance about a change you're preparing for. The Tower is often a warning to face the truth in your life, or the truth about your own spiritual growth. In both cases, the meaning will point you toward a new and more positive direction.


While The Tower tarot card meaning can mean that you're ready to face change, it can also indicate that you're resisting change and clinging to your old beliefs. Ultimately, however, the meaning is all about making changes that are inevitable. The first step to creating lasting change is to recognize and accept that if you resist change, you'll only create the opposite effect.

The meaning for love indicates major changes in your life. A relationship that's based on a shaky foundation will probably not last very long. Perhaps it's your pride or your sense of self-worth that kept you in a relationship that's deteriorating. Either way, it will pass. If your relationship is based on pride or an underlying fear of letting go of a partner, it's time to re-evaluate the relationship and decide whether you want to keep it or move on.


When the Tower is reversed, the relationship needs some work. The two partners need to be more open and communicate well. Both parties need to stop nitpicking and focus on improving themselves. The relationship isn't over - but there is room for change. When the Tower is reversed, the two partners need to work hard to keep their relationship strong. There may be a need for more communication and effort on both sides.

A reversed reading often focuses on the aftermath of a traumatic event. This may indicate that you jumped ship before the bad times began or you're surviving after the building collapsed. However, you shouldn't ignore health concerns, because ignoring them could lead to bigger problems down the line. Rather, you should take action and ask for help if you need to. In most cases, a reversed Tower indicates that you'll need to work extra hard to protect yourself from injury and illness.

In the tarot, a Tower in reversed position is an indicator of turbulent change that's taking place in your life. While this isn't always a bad thing, it can also signal an opportunity for transformation and growth. This is an opportunity to make changes and overcome past failures. If you're willing to cooperate with the changes, you'll be rewarded with a rush of electric or divine momentum.


The Tower card meaning is an unpredictable individual, who will often reveal new truths to those around him. This person does not always follow social conventions and may make decisions on whim. In this case, the meaning indicates that you should adjust your outlook on love and relationships. While this person is often unpredictable, he is usually a very frank and interesting person to be around.

The Tower tarot card is often accompanied by the Ace of pentacles and the Three of pentacles. This combination suggests a sudden cash flow, although it may also mean a difficult time at work. This card can also indicate a change in employment situation or a disagreement within a family unit. The Tower meaning in a reading is a combination of stress and survival instincts.

The meaning can indicate an unexpected change in your career or life. You might be building the foundations of a new business, or laying the groundwork for a start-up company. The Tower card also suggests a change in your beliefs, which can lead to an entirely new direction. However, if you've been feeling dishonest for a while, this card may indicate the end of that disreputable situation.

End of an Era

The card meaning can indicate a time of massive change, upheaval, and chaos. You may be experiencing the death of a loved one or financial failure, a loss of a job, or a natural disaster. Whatever the case, this card means change is here. While the changes are disruptive, they are ultimately for the greater good. Read on to find out what the Tower tarot card meaning may mean to you.

While the Tower can indicate change in any aspect of a person's life, this card can also reflect changes in one's own beliefs and mindset. When the Tower card is reversed, it can mean a lack of unexpectedness and resistance to change. But as this card represents a larger picture, it is important to remember that change is always a process, starting with the individual.

The Tower can also mean a period of dramatic change prompted by the powerless. It can also indicate a time when old alliances are broken and new ones formed. It can also indicate a period of social transformation when voters finally stand up for change in an election. Therefore, it is important to avoid overreacting to the Tower. However, you should not panic and seek to delay change.

Change in Perception

The Tower tarot card is a reflection of a shift in your perception. This sudden change can come about in a variety of ways. It can be a sign of a sudden enlightenment or mental upheaval. It may also represent a sudden shock that reveals the truth about yourself or others. When the Tower appears in your reading, be ready to make some hard decisions.

The Tower can replace a previous question card and represent a change in perception. It can also indicate a major change in your perspective, either caused by an outside situation or a revelation. This change in perception may scare the person reading, as they may think that something is true while it is not. For example, they may think that their lover is loyal but not their religious beliefs. The family structure may also be fine but the Tower reveals an unpleasant truth.

The Tower is a card of destruction, but a change in perception can bring new insight. It represents the collapse of old ideas and constructs. It also represents an opportunity to make amends. It can also indicate a positive attitude and a new outlook. This tarot card is often an important one for anyone who has experienced the loss of a loved one or has been the victim of a devastating event.

Wake up call

The Wake up call on the Tower Tarot card can come in many different forms. While it can indicate a sudden loss of resources, it can also signal a period of renewal. When the Tower appears in the reverse position, it indicates that you have been ignoring a problem or illness for too long. Taking care of your health and wellbeing is imperative. But how do you respond to a wake up call from the Tower?

The Tower Tarot card represents change and growth, and it can represent a major transition or traumatic shift. It can also warn you of danger that lies ahead. The Tower can also represent an ivory tower. Taking this card as a wake up call could make it easier to see where change is needed. But be prepared for a wake up call in the Tower Tarot card if it appears in the first position.

The Tower often associated with sudden change and a sudden crisis. It represents ambition based on wrong ideas that must fall in order to make room for new ideas. Nevertheless, the Tower can be an empowering and inspiring card if it reveals the truth in a flash. Despite the negative connotations, the Wake up call on the Tower Tarot card can also be a sign of a dramatic wake up call.

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