The Sun Tarot Card Meaning

The Sun tarot card meaning can leave you feeling cheerful and happy. Its imagery captures the feeling of bright sunlight after a cloudy day. The card is full of symbols of joy and happiness, including a white horse carrying a child, a field of sunflowers in full bloom, a wall holding the sunflowers, and a red flag waving triumphantly. These are all symbols of joy that the viewer should strive to embody in their lives.

Reversed Meaning

The card's symbolism is an allusion to the Christian Trinity. In a reversed position, the sun reflects the lack of joy and a sense of despair. This could be a sign of over-extending yourself or withholding something that is important to you. However, when it's upright, the sun represents optimism and freedom. Ultimately, this card can represent happiness.

A reversed Sun tarot card can also indicate a lack of confidence. This symptom can manifest as egotism or arrogance. Having too much confidence can be counterproductive to realizing goals. Therefore, it's wise to be cautious about committing large sums of money. Instead, ask for advice and guidance from someone who has a better grasp of your situation.

The Reversed Sun tarot card meaning can also indicate a lack of motivation. For example, if you've been suffering from a lack of inspiration, it could signify that your motivation is low. Your energy level is low and you've lost hope of getting ahead. Your motivation may have been stifled. It's important to use your natural gifts to help you achieve real happiness.

It can also signal a lack of faith or contentment in life. You've probably struggled to believe in the universe and have fallen victim to negative thoughts. Your ego may have become so strong that you're losing faith in the universe. It can also indicate a lack of belief in the universe. You're not connecting with your true spiritual self, because you've allowed your ego to block your way to that.

Upright Card meaning

The Upright Sun tarot card meaning is a sign of positivity, a positive energy, and the ability to manifest your desires. However, this card can also be reversed. When the Sun appears in reversed position, it suggests something is keeping you from seeing all the beauty in life, or from appreciating a relationship. Regardless of the reversed position, the Sun can indicate a variety of emotional and physical conditions, including low vitality and low self-esteem. It can also represent a lack of confidence and poor decisions made in the future.

If the Upright Sun appears in your reading, your efforts and positive attitude will be rewarded. Your time spent with children and good friends will be well-rewarded. Your career will be a success as your efforts will be noticed by your co-workers. A new job or career opportunity may be in your future. It may be time to re-harness your inner strength. In any case, the Upright Sun will provide you with the strength to move forward, whether it's a job search, a business deal, or just a vacation.

When the Upright Sun appears reversed in a spiritual situation, it indicates difficulty embracing the spiritual joy in life. You may be unable to see the way forward because you are too caught up in your own thoughts and sensations. You may need to release your ego and try harder to reconnect with your spiritual nature. If you see the Upright Sun in reversed form, the Sun can represent a desire to connect with a higher power.

Child Meaning

The child on the sun tarot card meaning is related to joy and happiness. This card is a guide to the path of fulfillment and happiness. It also suggests that the good times are just around the corner. It reminds us not to lose hope. The child riding on the white horse at the bottom of the card is the embodiment of the card's theme. It encourages positivity and self-assurance.

The child symbolizes innocence and happiness. It represents an individual's connection to their true self. Moreover, the child's nakedness symbolizes a child with no secrets or deceptions. Having confidence in oneself means that the person has a positive and fulfilling life. In other words, the child is free to express himself.

If the sun is in the reversed position, it suggests that an individual is too confident and has lost touch with reality. It also shows that an individual needs a new perspective. It represents warmth, light, healing, and protection. It also represents abundance. In reverse position, the sun symbolizes disillusionment or lack of goodwill in relationships. Therefore, it is important to make sure that one is taking action to overcome such negative circumstances.

The child on the card means that a person is connected to their source of power, which is not the ego but a vibrant, radiating energy from within. With this card, the individual is motivated to express their true nature and to radiate this energy to others. They are also encouraged to be more playful and to express themselves honestly and transparently. The meaning is a guide to success in relationships, love, and work.

White Horse

The White Horse on the Sun tarot card has two distinct meanings. On the one hand, it represents a pure, innocent spirit, while on the other, it is a sign of triumph. The child card is a good choice for a baby or a child at heart. The child card represents the inner spirit, innocence, peace, and joy, while the sun card is a happy, positive, and self-assured card that celebrates the freedom we enjoy today.

The Sun tarot card represents the tarot's most joyful aspects: joy, optimism, and optimism. On the tarot, the Sun is the planetary ruler of Virgo, Taurus, Leo, and Pisces, and also represents the self. 

The child is riding the white horse and holding a bright orange standard. The sunflowers are the symbol of happiness and wealth. The white horse is riding behind a tall, gray wall. The child is smiling and looks to be a joyful child. The sun is behind the child and the horse. It shows an image of inner wisdom and peace.

The Sun also symbolizes good news and an opportunity for growth. It may be a good time for a career change, relationship shift, or exploration. Similarly, the Sun card can also indicate the start of a new life path. It also symbolizes innocence. The Sun card can be upside down to remind us to enjoy life and to be joyful. So, while it may seem like a tarot card, it is a great sign to embrace the opportunity it presents us with.


In general, the meaning suggests happiness and good health. The card can also be used to represent a new person who is about to enter your life. If this is your first reading with the Sun, this is a good time to make some changes. It encourages you to make the most of your opportunities and move toward happiness.

The Abundance indicates a period of increased wealth and success. You should take advantage of this favorable time if you are looking for a new job. Similarly, if you have a business, expect to have a large influx of good clients and ideas. Taking risks when this card appears may result in financial loss, so it's best to be careful.

The Sun tarot card meaning reveals the importance of allowing yourself the freedom to express yourself freely. This card encourages you to make new friends, engage in social activities, and breathe new life into your relationships. This card reveals how abundant your life can be if you learn to make the most of it. Despite this, be sure to not let the sabotage happen.


The Sun Tarot card is about the connection between physical, mental, and spiritual realms. Success in this realm is the result of aligning one's thought process with the soul cycle. The inner wisdom washes away the darkness. The Sun card shows a breakthrough, especially in times of struggle. In addition, it can show an eventual solution to problems. The Sun can indicate a path to enlightenment and happiness.

Leo is associated with the Sun, and the child represents the firecracker spirit of youth and optimism. Hence, the message of this card is to balance your life. Despite the challenges you face, remain positive and optimistic.

The Sun is an energy-filled card and relates to fire-tracking Leo. Hence, success in a love relationship is indicated. A relationship will flourish with boundless joy. The partner will feel satisfied. It will be an opportunity to explore new aspects of their personality. A successful relationship can be the fruit of this card. It can also show an opportunity to pursue new interests and explore new horizons.

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