The Hanged Man Tarot Card Meaning

The Hanged Man is the twelfth Major Arcana card in most traditional tarot decks. This card has a variety of uses in divination and game playing, but it is perhaps best known for its representation of the hanged man. If you've ever wondered about its meaning, here's some information to get you started.


The Hanged Man is a mysterious figure with few interpretations. He resembles the Fool and stands for a unique viewpoint, a willingness to break free of the flock and think differently. It may also point to critical thinking, an open mind, courage, and patience. It can also point to a change in perspective.

The card can also represent a relationship in which one party feels trapped or stuck. The relationship isn't moving forward, and it's a symbol of this stagnant state. Whether it's love, career, or family life, the Hanged Man may indicate a period of time in which you need to wait it out. You might be in limbo if you're not sure what to do.

When the Hanged Man is upright, he encourages us to take a pause. However, when he's reversed, it demonstrates a resistance to pausing. Being busy distracts us from what's truly important. The mind keeps racing and the Universe is trying to force us to slow down. If you ignore it, it will only amplify its volume.

The meaning is for anyone who wants to get to the root of their issues. This card teaches us how to relinquish our grip on our lives, and to open ourselves to a deeper connection to the world. As we learn to release our grip, we can find the strength to move forward in a way we never thought possible.


It is often used for divination and game play. Learn the meaning of this card by studying its symbolism. The meaning of this card varies by source, but most decks include a hanging man for a specific purpose. Here are some examples of uses.

In the tarot, the Hanged Man represents liminality. Being in a place between worlds is difficult and stressful. A time like this, when you are waiting for a new job, may represent liminality. Whether you're preparing to move to a new place or just waiting out a bad situation, liminal times require a certain level of grace and surrender. However, embracing difficulties and uncertainty can bring you new lessons and insights.

The Hanged Man can also represent letting go of old patterns. This card can indicate letting go of feelings towards an ex. It can also indicate letting go of rigid preconceptions about your ideal partner. The card is also a good symbol for surrender. Taking time off to be alone can help you see things from a new perspective. If you're in a relationship, this card may be a sign of how to move on and take it to the next level.

The reversed Hanged Man suggests a time to take action. Your love life is ready for a change. If you're looking to improve your relationship, give up your "perfect relationship" vision for a new perspective. The new perspective you gain will lead to a better outcome. If you're looking for love, it might be time to let go of expectations and allow relationships to form naturally.


The reversed Hanged Man can be used to show the need to reassess your relationship. You may be fearful that you won't be ready for something, so you are avoiding committing. However, it may also indicate that you're not doing the things that you need to do in order to move forward. You may want to move away from your partner, or seek advice from someone who specializes in astrology and cartomancy.

If the reversed card appears, you may want to make radical changes to your diet, and only do so with the permission of your doctor. For example, many people have found their health improved when they stopped eating meat, dairy, and nightshade vegetables. A health issue may also be a reason to change your behavior, so make sure to research the topic thoroughly before making a decision.

The Reversed card can reveal an unconventional person, such as someone who lives a minimalist life and is altruistic. These people are often forward thinking and spiritual. As the tarot card of Neptune, the Hanged Man evokes compassion and self-expression. You may have a difficult time committing to a relationship, but it is an opportunity for you to grow and learn as an individual.

Reversing the card signifies a period of time spent doing nothing. It can be an indication of being stuck or constrained by other people, or it could indicate a lack of focus. You should avoid procrastination in order to avoid a negative reaction.


The Message of the Hanged Man is often a call to pause and reflect. This card is meant to help us break free of our old mindsets and behavior patterns and embrace new ideas. It can also indicate a time of change, so patience is required. While the Hanged Man can appear in many forms, it can often represent a period of uncertainty, waiting for a suitable opportunity.

This card is a reversible one, so it is crucial to look for the message that is most appropriate for you. Depending on the reversed position, it can indicate a lack of direction, or that you are easily swayed by others. This can be problematic if you lack self-care and aren't able to protect your own interests. The Message of the card can also indicate a need to sacrifice a certain way of life in order to achieve a goal.

The reversed love meaning suggests a period of reflection, and that a new perspective on your relationship will be helpful. The Hanged Man can also help you gain new energy and perspective on your romantic life. This card, however, also warns you against making any unnecessary sacrifices in your relationship. If you're single, this card should help you release your limiting beliefs and allow yourself to be more open to new opportunities in romance.

The Hanged Man encourages us to take a break from our daily routines and focus on reevaluating our direction. We often ignore the need to take a break in order to recharge. Trying to push ourselves to push harder when we feel we need a break is counterproductive and can only slow us down. Therefore, take your time to reflect on your life and make any changes later. There is always a chance to readjust and move forward.


Most people associate it with sacrifice and no return. It can also represent a state of stagnation, inaction, and lack of movement. The reversed version of the hanged man tarot card signifies procrastination and lack of direction. Regardless of its meaning, this card may help you decide what you need to do next.

If you've pulled the Hanged Man tarot card, you've probably noticed he's wearing a halo. The Hanged Man doesn't mind hanging upside down because it's more difficult to do nothing than to do something. The Hanged Man's protective wrapping of wings and red glow in his eyes can also be associated with letting go. The Hanged Man has learned to let go of the normal filters of awareness and find comfort in the discomfort.

The Hanged Man's other meaning is waiting. It can be a time of spiritual reflection, as well as a period of self-sacrifice. The card can be a powerful tool for overcoming adversity. However, it's essential to be patient and take time to understand your situation before you can decide how to proceed.

If The Hanged Man is upright, you'll need to surrender to the process of change. Try to avoid trying to force the relationship to reach its full potential. Instead, see how your perspective changes when you spend time alone. Timing is of the essence in important discussions and taking your relationship to the next level. So, if you've drawn the Hanged Man as a single, this tarot card may be a good time to be alone, as you'll be able to focus on your own growth.

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