The Devil Tarot Card Meaning

You can use the Devil Tarot card to help you understand your past relationships. If it appears to you in a reversed position, you may be facing a difficult time. Perhaps you are struggling with addictions or a mental illness. Or, you may be waking up to the fact that you deserve better than what you have been experiencing. Whatever the case, there are several reasons why this card may be a good sign for you.

Reversed Meaning

Reversed Devil tarot card meanings vary. Depending on the context, this card may mean that you are recovering from an addiction or mental illness. If you have recently been in a relationship, it may be a sign that you need to get help. However, you must avoid getting too spiritual. This card can also signify that you are getting out of a mental or emotional disorder or addiction.

The Devil is a card of feelings, so it can mean that you are getting to know your inner self and moving beyond lust and addiction. You will also be making a breakthrough in self-analysis, which will help you break free from negative cycles.

It could indicate that you are moving away from an unhealthy habit or behavior. It may also mean that you are moving on from a controlling partner. You will need to work on healing your emotional numbness, and condition your mind to be happier without the use of substances.


When you draw The Devil in a tarot card reading, you are indicating an unhealthy addiction. These include overindulgence in material things, codependency, lack of faith, and unhealthy attachments. These can also indicate a lack of financial independence. As you read your readings, you'll learn to distinguish between the various addictions, and to know how to avoid them.

This tarot card reading can help you realize the importance of exercising free will. Addiction is a manifestation of our distorted sense of reality. When we rely on our conditioned response to our emotions, we can easily slip into addiction. Likewise, we may use our free will to escape from a negative situation. This is why recognizing the signs of addiction can be beneficial.

It is important to acknowledge the dark side of our desires. While it can be painful to acknowledge our bad sides, we should also acknowledge that they are not necessarily destructive. It takes courage to acknowledge our shortcomings, and The Devil reading can help you to identify those habits that may need attention. Then, you can take action and loosen the negative patterns. Whether the addiction is a habit or a behavior, the devil will help us to see how our behavior influences our decisions.

When The Devil appears in a tarot card reading, it indicates that we have lost our sense of reality and are over-reacting to situations that have little or no value to us. If we take this path unconsciously, we may experience anxiety, depression, and dark thoughts. This can be frightening and difficult to recover from. Even if we do recover from these addictions, we may be in a position to relapse, which is an indication that we must change our habits.


It also represents bleak thoughts, phobias, and loss of personality. While there is a price to pay, the Devil isn't necessarily the culprit. Rather, it can be an indicator of deeper, spiritual issues. In addition, if you see the Devil upside down, you should take steps to deal with your emotional and mental health.

A relationship that has morphed into unhealthy co-dependency may be the cause. You may feel trapped, or have lost your sense of self. If you are a co-dependent person, it's best to rediscover your interests and make time for yourself. You may also feel isolated and suffocated, so seek professional help if your relationship is spiraling out of control.

The Devil is a Major Arcana card. The Devil can depict a strong bond between two individuals or a romantic relationship in the honeymoon phase. Alternatively, it can indicate a relationship in which one person is more important than the other. In either case, the Devil will be calling your attention to an unhealthy co-dependent relationship. The Devil may even reveal a long-term pattern or habit you've been unable to break.

If the Devil is showing up in a Tarot reading, the relationship is toxic. You need to deal with toxic areas of your life and take the necessary steps to change. When you've dealt with toxic relationships, co-dependency can become a thing of the past. And, in some cases, it can be a sign to end a toxic relationship and start fresh. The Devil may also be a message from your higher self that you're ready to leave a toxic relationship behind.

Money Issues

If you've drawn the devil tarot card, you're probably experiencing money issues. This negative energy can lead to problems with your finances, including debt, gambling addiction, or unpaid bills. Regardless of the cause, this energy can lead to a stressful situation that makes it difficult to focus on your goals. It can also mean that you're trapped in a job or business that doesn't generate profits or generate enough cash to live on.

The Devil Tarot card represents a toxic lover. If you've been in a relationship with a toxic person, the Devil is a warning. They're impulsive, self-centered, and unfaithful. Your relationship is suffering due to addiction, mental health issues, or some other problem. There's no way to get back together unless you do something to change your mindset.

In a career tarot reading, the Devil may be a sign that you need to change your current position. If you're stuck in a job that doesn't offer room for growth and advancement, the Devil can be an omen that you need to make a change. Your peers may be setting you up for failure and stitching you up for a fall. If the Devil is the source of your financial woes, you should consider a career change.

If you've drawn the Devil tarot card and are experiencing a financial crisis, this can be a sign of an unhealthy focus on wealth. You may feel a need to spend money on things you don't need or want. Your wealth and possessions may be a source of happiness, but you might be a miserable person who needs to change your lifestyle to have more of it.

Mental Illness

In general, the Devil tarot card represents addictions and unhealthy relationships. It also represents an unrequited need for power and material goods. It is important to avoid any behavior that restricts your freedom. It is vital to take care of yourself if the Devil is appearing in your tarot reading. When it appears, you should seek professional help for your mental health. You should also avoid using drugs, alcohol, and other addictive substances.

In tarot readings, the Devil can also represent the negative effects of overindulgence, risky behaviors, and a lack of self-care. This card also indicates that you have a depressive disorder or some other mental health issue. In such cases, you should get the help you need as soon as possible. It is also possible to receive a tarot reading and experience an urge to become obsessed with your psychic abilities.

The card can also represent the need to make changes in your life. It can indicate unhealthy habits such as drug abuse, alcoholism, or having sexual relations with different partners. If this is the case, you should take care of your mental health by following a healthy lifestyle and consulting a psychiatrist. You may also find yourself trapped in a relationship that restricts your personal freedom and identity.

Trusting People

If you're reading the devil tarot card, you may be questioning whether you can trust anyone. After all, how can someone you love trust you when you don't? The answer lies in the fact that the Devil is not all bad. He simply tries to get your attention. That's not something we want to hear. But if we're being honest and open, we can learn a lot from his message.

If you've drawn a Devil tarot card, the answer is "no." The Devil is the most likely answer to a yes or no question, so it's probably a negative one. But the message is often positive if you're feeling ambitious or in control of your environment. This card also suggests jealousy, frustration, or a strong urge to change. It also indicates a sudden change, jolting behaviors, or epiphanies.

If the Moon is in Scorpio, the relationship could be strained, as both individuals need to feel that the other person is telling the truth. If one of them betrays your trust, they may be angry and ruthless. If you don't trust them enough, it might be a good idea to find another way to build trust. If the devil shows up in your relationship, you may want to get out and get a break from the situation.

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