Temperance Tarot Card Meaning

The Temperance tarot card meaning suggests moderation in every area of your life. It also suggests going for it when someone is in your sights. If you can resist this urge, it might mean the person is not for you. The card means you've reached an advanced level of wisdom and understanding. This card has many positive qualities, but it is not a perfect match.


The card meaning is all about moderation and balance. The reversed version of the card signals the need to let go of excess. Overindulgence, obsessions, or worrying about the past are all examples of excessiveness. A clear personal energy field is needed to move forward. Shift your focus to another area of your life. Accept that you are a work-in-progress.

The Balance Card embodies the need for inner harmony in the outer world. In tarot, it can be associated with love and relationships. It may also be associated with career and business. In some traditions, it shows up when legal issues or karma are involved.

The image on the card depicts a large angel with both a male and female face. This angel stands between two cups, one with his feet in water and the other in dry land. The angel wears a triangle, symbolizing his connection with the earth and the need for balance. The mountain with the winding path is another image depicting balance and moderation. When these things come together, balance can be achieved.

The card meaning shows the ability to mix diverse elements and bring them together. This is a time to evaluate your habits and work on bringing balance into these areas. Temperance is a good card for balancing out a turbulent situation. If you have a temperamental attitude, you are best advised to remain calm and take the time to reflect. This card can help you make the right decisions and avoid making bad decisions.


The negative side of the Harmony in the temperance tarot card can suggest hiding confrontations or denying their significance. The positive side can indicate an effort to overcome discontent. The card can suggest a lack of ambition or self-restraint, but it can also indicate the power of cooperation. Harmony also represents the creation and maintenance of harmony. This tarot card meaning can be helpful when you're dealing with people you feel are a little too close to you.

The positive side of the card meaning is that it indicates a balanced financial situation. Whether you're saving money or spending it on a treat, temperance is a card of balance. By working hard to keep expenses down, you can create enough resources over time. If you're spending beyond your means, temperance may signal a need to adjust your spending habits.

Reversed, the meaning can signal an unbalanced energy field in your life. You may feel overwhelmed with work, or be experiencing too many relationships. However, this is just a stepping stone. After reaching the tipping point, you need to get back on track. Achieving balance in your life means that you shouldn't get caught up in trivial matters. In addition, you should avoid procrastination, which can negatively impact your financial or mental health.


If you're looking for a tarot card meaning that represents patience, look no further than the Temperance. The fourteenth card in the Major Arcana - the first 22 cards in the deck - offers insight into general human experiences, as well as particular areas. While it's always a good idea to remain patient in difficult times, the Temperance card will also warn you not to become impatient with your life.

If the Temperance card is reversed, you can expect to find a very imbalanced life situation. You'll likely be experiencing conflicts with co-workers or other members of your team, or you'll be ignoring constructive criticism. Your finances may also be a problem. This card may also reflect impulsive spending, as well as negative thinking. Reversed, it may also signify a need for personal healing.

Generally, Patience in the Temperance tarot card meaning can indicate a long-term goal, which you need to focus on. Be patient and consistent in your effort in order to reach it. Patience is the key to success. Whenever you feel discouraged, turn to your partner for support. This approach will help you avoid pitfalls and make your life better.


The Fool and trumps relate to the process of alchemy. The Magnum Opus is the product of alchemical work, while the Philosopher's Stone is a mystical catalyst made of the mysterious 5th element. The stone can turn lead into gold or ordinary people into enlightened sages. These are all aspects of the alchemical quest.

The Alchemical Tarot can reveal hidden connections between the Tarot cards. For example, the Hierophant and the Tower are both connected to Venus, but they show hidden connections with Mars and Venus. This kind of information is vital to understanding a Tarot reading. By examining hidden connections and patterns, you can uncover even more depth and detail in your reading. Alchemical tarot card meanings reveal more about your truth.

The Alchemist is fascinated by the mysterious and loves to seek knowledge. Their desire to transform lead into gold is contagious, and they will draw people to follow them because they are so motivated. The Alchemist has a highly analytical mind, which helps them make connections and find answers. They will also love books and learning in general. Ultimately, their work will shift consciousness of others. It will be up to you to decide whether you are ready for it.

The Lovers card represents the sexual union of lovers. In the Alchemical Tarot, this union happens during the final stages of the alchemical Opus. The four stages of alchemy are nigredo, albedo, citrinitas, and rubedo. Each stage carries its own unique significance. You can interpret the Lovers card's meaning by following your inner guidance.


The Temperance tarot card is the symbol for change, learning, and using resources wisely. While this card can represent the end of a career, it can also suggest the beginning of stagnation. By using this tarot card, you can enhance the sense of harmony in your life, ensuring that your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs are met. Ultimately, you'll find peace in yourself, and be more willing to listen to your intuition.

When reading a relationship tarot card, you'll find that the Temperance tarot card often indicates a healthy future for the two of you. Couples with this card are encouraged to spend their time wisely and divide their energy between essential and non-essential matters. If you're struggling with excessive spending, temperance may be a good sign for balancing your time and resources. Try to avoid repetitive activities that can eat away at your time.

The Temperance tarot card represents the heart chakra. Gold light enters through the right foot and flows up the spine. The two light colors are then combined in the heart. This magical combination creates a sphere that merges into the heart, bringing healing and balance. Likewise, the Temperance tarot card can help a person heal from their past mistakes and turn them into opportunities.