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What is the “narrow Perspective” of Understanding and applying Law of attraction?

One Practical case: Oh WOW!!! I am feeling so happy; I can see law of attraction working for me, because I could see signs of getting what I want. After few days you may say….  Ops!!! It seems Law of Attraction has stopped working for me, What shall I do now? I am too depressed and losing faith in Law of Attraction.

You can hear these words from many learning to practice law of attraction, problem is, many want to learn Law of attraction for just their material desire (e.g. Money, ex back, car, house so on), and their scope of seeing the beauty of law of attraction is just limited to what they want, I have to call it, its “narrow perspective” of looking at law of Attraction.

Such narrow perspective will not guarantee you the attainment of what you want, it will be rather be a hit and trial, and if you get it you may say “Law of Attraction works”, if you do not attain, you may say, “Damnit! Law of Attraction is just a Mumbo-Jumbos”, and saying “Law of attraction stopped working for me”, Makes me a good, 10 seconds laugh. J

If you say law of attraction stopped working for you, it means you see law of attraction as a tool to just attain your personal desires, and this is where a wrong education and application of Law of attraction starts, which will you up in losing faith in law of attraction for a wrong reason.