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2012 Guidance ~ NOW is the time to come together! Why? Read this……

2012 is a year of co-creation with your spiritual team.  A year to connect with your inner divine guidance, a year to connect with your magical universe, & YOUniverse!  A year to connect with like minded people in resonance with whom you “ping” the same tuning fork, coming together in community, friendship and love in the virtual world, the spiritual ethereal world and in the “real” world here on earth at this time.

2012 is your year of personal power energy.  This is your time to take back your own truths, your very own and very unique self who knows exactly what the best steps are to take in each particular moment, on each of life’s winding paths.  When you are in your own personal power the steps you take will be easier, they will be clearer.   It may not always feel this way which in turn means it is even more important for you to follow this guidance.   As you start to listen to the guidance and co-create for your highest good and higher good of your magical universe life will get really really exciting!

Are you ready?  This is it!  Now is the time to let go of your old programming, old ways of living which no longer serve you.  Your vibes and inner feelings will give you the indications, when you feel heavy know that this feeling comes from something which no longer serves you.  When you feel light know that this feeling comes from your spirit and soul letting you know you are on the right path, letting you know you are connected to source, to divine, to you own unique self in your personal power energy.

When you experience negative “heavy” situations rather than the challenge you can now choose to reframe and take the opportunity to grow and get back in flow by “cleaning up” there is an endless amount of permission slips, methods, practices and processes to clear up negative contrast.  Make use of all the methods you know and learn more during 2012, fill up your bag of magic tricks and know that as the heavy negative contrast comes up now is the time to face it.  Rather than push the corks back down into the deep dark depths of the cold harsh waters allow them to pop up one by one with willingness to accept them, love them, forgive them, thank them, clean them up and and let them go.   Be willing and ready.   This will clear your path for your true life path to shine through, a lighter way with a much brighter light……

Its all ok, its all good, its all right, its just how it was meant to be, how you KNEW it would be.  You are an emotional being and your emotions should be experienced.   Allow it all ~ accept it all ~ flow love to it all….. You are completely loved and safe here, breathe, relax, allow & remember how powerful you really are ~ also remember the lightness is the truth to you.  If it feels light its right 

Shared with Love,

Liz ♥

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