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Ankur, Damn!!! I am thinking of and attracting millions of things in a day, do you want to me to observe all of them? You gotta be kidding me?

Gradually, observation becomes subconscious, once its subconscious, it does not even need any conscious efforts on your part, that’s what the beauty of “Sub-Conscious mind”, and this is the core of “Consciousness”.

Well my friend, tell me one thing, how many negative thoughts you have in a day? Man-many and many are you even aware of them? You are not, you still attract them. Then why not to use the same principal to turn the tables

“Check to Check”, keep an observation on Negative thoughts, if they are not in sync of what you want, cut that, stop even thinking of it. Thinking of it anymore, will rather weaken you and more of it will come back you, who cares you want it or not, you attracted it, and you are given, this is the beauty of Law of Attraction.

Gradually, thinking positive will become as natural and subconscious as much as its right now for to think negative. Turn the table.