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How to attract wealth and money using law of attraction?

Here I am listing four well time tested and proven steps to attract wealth and money using law of attraction:


Believe you already have it

This is the first healthy step towards achieving what you are attracting. This is called “illusion”. If you can not see it happening in thoughts, how possibly can you make it happen? Even if it really happens how are you even going to appreciate it in reality?

When you believe you already have enough wealth you need, the first thing will happen is, your conscious mind will have an array of arguments and questions. This is when you have to keep a check on your conscious mind and ask it to rest. Just activate your sub-conscious mind when you imagine to have what you really plan to have.


Appreciate what you already have

Ever complaining mind can never conceive what it wants. It will only have negativity and “lacks” attitude towards everything. The more you appreciate the more sense of fulfillment you achieve.

After all, who really achieve great things with a feeling of being empty inside? We should rather be hungry than to be empty inside to really achieve what we want to attract.


Act as if you already have it

“Feel the future, act in present”

The stronger is your belief that you are already rich and wealthy, the more instantaneous and natural will be your acts towards money. It will be very much in line with how you would act should you really have had that kind of wealth.

It will impact your body language, your verbal language, the kind of people you select, your words selection, what you read. Pretty much everything in toto.
Healthy attitude to be w wealthy

It all starts with the right mindset. We must believe what goes around, comes around. Even before we become wealthy, I strongly believe we should have the attitude to help those who really need our help in terms of money. I bet, it all comes back in some form or another. This is a sure shot way of growing.

Being rich you can learn only lifestyle, but being wealthy make you grow in complete form. After all, its all about growing every moment.


I read, I can use Law of attraction to get a dream house, ex back, a dream job, a perfect soul mate, money, abundance and many material things, but I am still not successful to get any of them. WHY?

This is something I can call a “newbie’s cliché”, many a times I get to hear this complain. The problem I see here is, you are learning law of attraction to just satisfy your material desire, are you not loosing or missing the bigger picture?

May be you want  to use learn law of Attraction just to get your ex back, and you are still not successful, point is, you are seeing law of attraction from one the point of view of your problems and you miss to understand how beautifully this law works.

Come out of the shell of material desires first learn and appreciate the workings of Law of Attraction in your life, rest all will follow, I believe.

Applying Law of attraction, just to get a Car, house, money, ex back is just limited to this, but, understanding the Law and its beauty, will last with you, in all you desire and want.  See the bigger picture, rest all will follow.