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LOA and Good Luck charms

Hello everybody.  Your friend David here.  I am sure all of you are having a great day.

For this entry, I will talk about good luck charms. Those particular trinkets with which you can do anything and everything.

Have you seen people that that, while having a good luck coin, or any other “amulet” by their side, they truly believe they are this empowered person who can succeed at everything?

I do not blame them. They are using LOA to ask, believe wholeheartedly, and recieve accordingly. And that is good, is not it?

But…have you seen as well what happens when that good luck charm becomes missing and/or broken?

Those very people become mad and frantic, because without their good luck bringer, they now believe themselves to be uberly and utterly defenseless. And they are.

“With it, I’m powerful”
“Without it, I’m powerless”

The absence of that which brought them so much good, became their greatest weakness. They cannot function appropriately without them.

Please, do not let this happen to you. If you have a special item which you think has brought you good luck, I ask you to think again. Absolutely nothing in this world has such power unless we give it to them.

That’s right. You need no particular object to have good luck. No rabbit foot. No lunar rock. No four leaf clover.

You already have an excellent good luck charm. And it is so good, it will never get lost. It will always and forever be there.
Treasure it. Worship it. Take good care of it.

You can find it when you look at a mirror.