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Law of Attraction Works

First off, bit History as a starter.

Some infact many think, Law of Attraction is a new-ago yet-another Self-help Concept. Which is absolutely wrong, Law of attraction has been quoted in Manuscripts even way before Jesus exist. (i mean BC), ofcourse it was quoted in Hindu Manuscripts (they called it Law of Karma, here we call it ‘Inspired actions’).

Even Buddha preached Law of Attraction.

Here comes the main course, what Law of Attraction is?

Law of Attraction is a Natural Law, just like Law of Gravity. Earth magnetism attract things down likewise Universal Magnatism will attract things to you (if you really attracted them).

So we can simplyfy the Equation >> Like Attracts Like.

Today Pooja is, what she has attracted (Inspired Actions) till now.

Equation >> Your past Attractions = What you are Today


Are you crazy, i never attracted all the Negatives in my Life, but then why Negative things Manifested in my life, when i never wanted them?
1) We do attract Enough Negatives in our life, you want it or you don’t, thats does not matter… You Attract (even think about negative things) and you get ’em. Simple Ya?

2) Many have asked me, but, i just had a Breakup, do you think i Attracted it…. Ofcourse you did not attract the breakup (as final Outcome), but you became enough negative about Many aspects of your relationship that this out come manifested in your life. Moreover, you are still suffering because you do not understand how to Practive ‘Law of Letting Go’.

(P.S. i am not referring you, just trying to explain the in-explainable) 🙂

Learning Law of Attraction along with Law of Letting Go, will super charge your life Many fold.

Why People think Law of attraction is another Myth or Does not Work?

Its so simple, people want a ‘Push Button’ Solution in their Life, they want to get rid of problem (most are self-created) in like flick of Finger, they are just so much attached with the outcome. I mean, if they attract A, but if they are Given B, they are still not satisfied  but attached with A, and they do not even Understand that B has all the Characterstics of A. (So, its how Universal magnatism Work)

I remember, when Morgan Freeman says to Ben’s wife in EvanAlmighty Movie, “When you want Happiness, do you think God Sends someone named Happiness”.

So you get the idea, when you want A, you might not Get A, but B. but that B is no “Accident” its still an outcome of your Attraction and possess all the Characteristics of A.

People want to learn just as a Tool to get rid of their problems and this was they miss the whole beauty of the concept.

Alright, here is the Dessert now:

Law of Attraction does work, whether you want it you do not… Just like how Law of Gravity works, nomatter who you are. It works all the time and is a perfect example of Subconscious activities.

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