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We are Experiencing a Global Awakening & YOU Are Part of It!

We are Awakening to a New Way of Life 🙂

2010 was a bumpy ride for many of us, positive energy and vibes kept us all going, what a blessing that was 🙂 Maybe a continuation of the rollercoaster ride of a lifetime, which started for some of us in 2009? For now in this present moment of 2011 I am hearing, feeling and knowing in my heart and soul that this year is going to be a much smoother ride all round. Yeeeeeeeeha! Now that’s what we’re talking about!

As the global awakening continues more and more people are tuning into the Universal Powers in particular the Law of Attraction. I feel, and know from when I first learnt about the Law of Attraction that this is the best way forward. More union and more unity all round, ahhhhhhh yes! ♥

Sometimes it’s hard when we initially start to “wake up” to what life is really all about. I also understand it can be hard to stay in the natural flow when it comes to the Law of Attraction. Our vibes are high, everything is clicking into place then something rocks our boat and nearly sends us out of flow, out of alignment. It’s at times like this when we can feel like picking up both oars and starting to row against the natural flow in the water of life…. It’s at times like this when we may need someone or something to pick us up and guide us back into the natural flow.

Support to help trust the process. These are the most important times, times when we should allow the support and guidance we require to float in on angels wings….

As more people around the globe awaken transitions will become easier and easier. There will be more people to reach out a hand and lift you up. More people to share with, more people to grow with, more people to glow with. Most importantly more people to buzz with! yay! 🙂

When you live your life from a place of love and positive energy you will attract other lightworkers on the same path as you. We are all being brought together, to shine our lights, this is a magical time and I am SOOOOOooooo excited!

As always, I am here for one to one Law of Attraction support with my coaching and continue to offer mentorship places for like minded rebels interested in following in my footsteps with the LifePath Unlimited Community and our Personal Development Spiritual Business Opportunity. Check out the following links on my blog if this floats your boat in the right direction ~

Coaching with Liz

Partner up with Liz

This is our time to expand in 2011, to fill up our cups and pour the positive energy out into the world…. We Are Awakening ♥

Thank you for stopping by – I appreciate you ♥ With Positive Vibes & Love,

Liz ♥

PS ~ If I can help you in anyway get in touch… My door is always open