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How to apply the Law of Attraction Consciously

Hello friends!

You have to apply some basic steps in order to make the law of attraction work as you want it.

  1. you set up very clearly your final goal, simple words and a deadline

  2. you take at least 10 minutes in the morning when you wake up and 10 minutes in the evening before going to sleep to do your affirmations and visualizations

  3. you stay detached on your outcome, happy, content, grateful, and extremely faithful

  4. you feel ready to receive

It can be very useful to create your own vision board where you put all your goals – that is a reminder of what you set up and it makes the visualization easier.

If you feel fear, doubts and lack of faith I recommend you checking on your limiting beliefs and try to get over them using the method that suits you perfectly. That can be EFT for instance, NLP or a therapy.

Go confident – the world belongs to those who keep the faith strong!


Galina Lambert

How to get over negative thoughts?

Author: Galina Lambert

You set up your goals already and you started practicing the basic steps to achieve it but there are some negative thoughts that bring you down time to time and you start doubting if you’ll ever succeed to get the end result you are going for…

Well, know that if you let them come over you, your result is completely sabotaged and it will be delayed until you succeed staying completely positive.

Here are the possibilities …

  1. You can replace it with the opposite one – for example « I’m not qualified to do this » becomes « I’m qualified enough to start and learn »
  2. Exaggerate it to the impossible stage – « I will never get this job » becomes « I’ll never get this job, will loose all my friends and family and will end up naked living in the street and eating food form the mall’s garbage »
  3. You can also watch the negative thought and try analyzing it to find out what fear is hidden behind it – for example fear of meeting new people, fear of rejection, of failure, of death even…
  4. You can do Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) as well to fight the fear or the negative state of your mind – this is a very effective way as it sets you free from your fears and bad habits quite rapidly.

To avoid the negativism coming in your mind, I would like to recommend you doing some daily work about it, such as :

> reading positive books,

> reading success stories,

> watching comedies,

> listening a funny radio or some nice energetic music,

> doing meditation and visualization,

> praying,

> doing some physical activity,

> change all your negative expressions into positive ones…..

Negative thinking seems to be more prevalent than positive thinking and staying positive requires some efforts with the most part of the people.

This is often due to the environment one has been living in and the personal life experience.

BUT know that it is never too late to change it. The change starts right now….