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world of wonderful laws


Today, m getting everybody’s Attention

Coz I know the secret behind the laws of Attraction…

No its not any miracle just a real fact

So, here I am trying to tell u the basic concept…

You find nothing simply by reading a book

Ask, Ankur,  & he will change ur whole outlook…

Nothing is hidden beneath the universe

Its all within u – Good or Worse…

No can stop u from living the life of ur dream

As no one will goin to hear you, no matter how loud u scream…

Don’t get puzzled with Quantum physics or law of gravity

They may decay ur mind like a teeth of cavity…

Thoughts become a magnet which attract all the Facts u feel

So, think positive coz one day it will become real…

You wont attract abundance if u are   unkind & mean

LOA will never work 4 U & remain unseen…

You  believed that u are the victim of ur circumstances

Don’t worry LOA is there to give u some more chances…

Kick off all  the “No’’ saying statements from your Mind

Try to see the positive energy in every damn thing, whatever u find…

You want to attract ur Ex back, dream house, money or car

But u will never try to see the LOA at par…

Create purely ur thoughts, without any doubt or conflict

Visualize & raise ur vibration towards it…

You can attract too whatever u want

just be clear n focused, otherwise u cant…

My life has changed in just one Nite

When I visited www.powerlawofattraction.com Ankur Sancheti ‘s site…

Thanks  To Geetika Matta for the Beautiful Poem!!!

Ok!!! Ankur, I am convinced, can you tell me, what all things you have manifested so far, with law of attraction?

This question is asked to me many times by the ones who I introduce LOA to. As I have said many a times, I do not See Law of attraction, just as a tool to attain material possessions like Money, car, house, ex back and so on, scope Law of attraction is way beyond, all these material things do follow, once we understand the core of Law of attraction. My manifestations with Law of attraction include material as well as non-material attainments. Non-material ones were the most powerful and indeed a sort of blessing.

I have a long list of things I have attracted with Law of attraction; I just cannot list it out.

What is the “narrow Perspective” of Understanding and applying Law of attraction?

One Practical case: Oh WOW!!! I am feeling so happy; I can see law of attraction working for me, because I could see signs of getting what I want. After few days you may say….  Ops!!! It seems Law of Attraction has stopped working for me, What shall I do now? I am too depressed and losing faith in Law of Attraction.

You can hear these words from many learning to practice law of attraction, problem is, many want to learn Law of attraction for just their material desire (e.g. Money, ex back, car, house so on), and their scope of seeing the beauty of law of attraction is just limited to what they want, I have to call it, its “narrow perspective” of looking at law of Attraction.

Such narrow perspective will not guarantee you the attainment of what you want, it will be rather be a hit and trial, and if you get it you may say “Law of Attraction works”, if you do not attain, you may say, “Damnit! Law of Attraction is just a Mumbo-Jumbos”, and saying “Law of attraction stopped working for me”, Makes me a good, 10 seconds laugh. J

If you say law of attraction stopped working for you, it means you see law of attraction as a tool to just attain your personal desires, and this is where a wrong education and application of Law of attraction starts, which will you up in losing faith in law of attraction for a wrong reason.

So, can I also be blessed with the same Law of Attraction and its workings?

Why not, absolutely! As I said, it’s a Universal law, works for me as much as it does for you.  But as I always say, seeing Law of Attraction as just a tool to attain material desires like car, house, soul mate, money, ex back etc, will make you miss the bigger picture. I am not saying you cannot attain them with LOA, sure and indeed, you can. But, Law of Attraction is indeed way more than a tool to fulfill your material desires, appreciate and learn the Law rest will follow.

I read, I can use Law of attraction to get a dream house, ex back, a dream job, a perfect soul mate, money, abundance and many material things, but I am still not successful to get any of them. WHY?

This is something I can call a “newbie’s cliché”, many a times I get to hear this complain. The problem I see here is, you are learning law of attraction to just satisfy your material desire, are you not loosing or missing the bigger picture?

May be you want  to use learn law of Attraction just to get your ex back, and you are still not successful, point is, you are seeing law of attraction from one the point of view of your problems and you miss to understand how beautifully this law works.

Come out of the shell of material desires first learn and appreciate the workings of Law of Attraction in your life, rest all will follow, I believe.

Applying Law of attraction, just to get a Car, house, money, ex back is just limited to this, but, understanding the Law and its beauty, will last with you, in all you desire and want.  See the bigger picture, rest all will follow.

Power Law of Attraction: How to attract Your Ex-Back with Law of Attraction

Power Law of Attraction: How to attract Your Ex-Back with Law of Attraction

Do you doubt it?

Are you the one who doubts, the wonderful powers and mystic works of law of attraction in order to attract back your Ex? Aha… What did you say…. Its violating the concept of free will?

Well, certainly not. Law of attraction does not violate the concept of free will, its rather a way to attract your free will. The biggest stopping in not getting your ex-back will be biased and prejudiced of the past, in other words, if you can no let go your past, you are letting go your ex more and more, which is surely against your will, but its you are attracting. No matter you want it or not. Hey! Because you attracted it and the Universal law says, “Your wish is my command”.

My Perspective:

The way I see getting you ex-back with law of attraction, you had bad relationship with your ex and both separated, you still love him/her and expect to get back together, it means deep down somewhere there is still a spark, in other words, what made both of you separate was not what you wanted,  it was just you attracted a bad relationship and you were given more of it.

Certainly you might not alone be the responsible for being separate, it might a fire from both ends, but let me assure you something, it’s very practical and possible to get back you ex with law of attraction. All that makes the difference is the how do you apply law of attraction to get your ex back.

Mutual Respect

It’s what makes the difference, in my Power Law of Attraction approach, right from the day one; I have been talking about the magical word Respect, Well a respect for yourself, a respect for your partner. I am talking about a healthy respect, in other words, you love your mate for what he/she is.

I quoted something, may be you like it:

“I want to live with you, not because I can live with you, but because I cannot live without you” – Ankur

Well, It’s like how do you feel when you are with your love, and the day you have this realization, I guarantee a healthy respect starts for each other, it’s not a respect for the educational qualification, for the wealth, for the looks or any worldly things.

Millions Dollar Question, How can law of attraction help me getting my Ex back?vis

Wonderful question and the beautiful answer would be: Attract Him/her.

I always love to quote this:

“If you have to capability to be apart from your Ex, You have the Power of being a Part of Ex too.” – Ankur Sancheti

All you need to do is to attract you Ex- Back as it he/she never left you, visualize it, be a power visualiser, feel the feeling of being with you Ex back.

Oh No… How can I forget what he did to me, But… But… I still love Him/her….

Well, my answer would be, “Forgive Him/her”, might sound tough. But hey focus on the joy you regain when he/she is backing home. The joy of getting him/her back is far more strong than the pain of forgiving. Focus on what you want. Which is why in the beginning I introduces the “Law of Let Go”, Let go his/her bads, love him/her for what he is, for how special you feel when you are with him/her.

How soon will I be able to attract my Ex Back?

Well, If you ask me this then, Hold On….. First answer me, how badly you want you ex back? You will be able to answer yourself.  More badly you want, faster it will manifest.