Strength Tarot Card Meaning

If you're curious about the meaning of the Strength Tarot card, you're not alone. This article covers its meaning, reversed, yes or no, and reversed. The Strength Tarot card was traditionally associated with the number 11. In the early decks, it was also associated with Virgo and Cancer, but it was later moved to Leo.


You may feel that you are struggling with a particular friendship. If so, it may be time to re-examine your relationships with friends. Perhaps you are having difficulties understanding each other's points of view. In this case, the best thing to do is to speak up about your feelings. In the meantime, keep your friendship creative and fun by sharing your secret wishes. If your friend is willing to listen to your ideas, then this friendship could be the one for you.

The meaning of this card focuses on self-control and compassion. While this energy attracts people, the negative traits of Strength may be hiding behind a façade of goodness. Instead, you need to dig deep and uncover the true root of any issue you're having. This card is often associated with finding love or a new friendship, and can inspire you to persevere. This card also brings about an intense desire to be a strong and independent individual.

Reversed Meaning

The meaning indicates that you are struggling with financial security. While it may be tempting to spend recklessly, you need to resist the urge and be responsible. You'll soon be in a position to make a large purchase. But be cautious not to overestimate yourself. Whether you have a relationship with a strong partner or are single, you need to take the right steps to protect yourself from overspending.

The Strength card meaning is often a conflict, or an abstract problem. It can also represent a project or a person. It can also reflect a strong will and determination. You can exert power and influence without involving excessive force. The tarot card reversed can represent a confrontational or harsh approach. This means that you are in a position to make tough decisions.

Meaning in Love

The card represents a bond between two people based on passion and adventure. It can also signify a whirlwind romance - with plenty of arguments and high emotions thrown into the mix. Regardless of what the meaning behind this card is, you should always be confident in your own strength and ability to overcome difficulties.

This card indicates a quality within a reader that is often suppressed by everyday emotions. This quality comes to the surface when the reader has control over the mundane and the basic. It can be a sign of overcoming emotions and bringing wisdom to life. Sometimes, temporary feelings and anxiety can stifle the inner voice and stop it from speaking out. Once the inner voice is re-established, the person can begin to experience a new sense of self-confidence.

It can also be interpreted as a strong and patient relationship. Depending on the situation, the strength of a relationship is an indicator that the relationship is undergoing some challenging times. It may be necessary to confront unconscious matters and teach your partner how to be strong. If the Strength appears in an outcome position, you should be willing to work with your partner to make the relationship last.

Yes or No

The Strength tarot card's meaning suggests the need to build up your inner strength. If you are not confident enough to face difficult situations, this card indicates that you need to do so. A strong person is someone who radiates confidence and courage. If you are unsure whether to use your feminine powers or not, the Strength card can be your sign. However, if you are doubtful of your abilities, this card will warn you about your lack of confidence.

The Strength tarot card is the number 8 in some decks, and number 11 in others. It is also known as the tarot card for lust, a quality of the Thoth-inspired deck. Leos are generous and love to be adored. Their energy is one of love, so they tend to be the perfect match for a Strength Tarot reading.


If you are unsure of your career path, consider looking to the Strength tarot card for guidance. This card can represent your potential to make huge career steps. It can also represent the need to focus on your strengths and avoid fear. Fear can hinder your progress and make you appear foolish. Instead of succumbing to fear, consider working with patience and putting in the necessary time to reach your goals. You will be rewarded in the long run.

A career strength reading can indicate when you should seek a pay raise or promotion. If you've been considering either, now is the time to ask. Likewise, if your boss has given you an assignment to lead or supervise, it's a good idea to accept the responsibility. And if you're in a romantic relationship, the Strength can signal that there is room to grow and love is near.


If you have ever wondered what a relationship card means, the Strength tarot card can tell you a lot about a person's feelings. It can indicate that your partner has strong feelings for you, and you may be trying to make a commitment to them. In love, Strength can tell you how much your partner is committed to you. You will have to do some work to get what you want in a relationship, so putting in effort is essential.

The card meaning can tell you how deeply you need to bond with your partner. In love, it can reveal that a man or woman is destined to make a significant other. If a woman is drawn to a Strength card, it could mean that she is passionate about her life, and she may be searching for a partner who can complement her passion. If a woman is drawn to a Strength card, it may mean that she needs to build a close, supportive relationship with someone strong and independent.


The Strength tarot card advises us not to be afraid of the pain we feel. While it is not an anti-lust card, it is important to avoid hurting others and allowing lust to destroy relationships. It suggests that we should check our feelings and resist the temptation to override them with naivety and impose our will. As we experience heartbreak, we should be aware of our own needs and priorities, and strive to live a life that honors these aspects of ourselves.

When the Strength tarot card appears, it means you're ready to harness your strength and use it for the greater good. You've made the choice to take responsibility for your actions, and the future is in your hands. However, when Strength appears in a future position, you should be wary. This card can signal an uncertain time - you're dealing with unresolved problems or a need to test yourself in new situations.


When reversed, the card can indicate internal conflict and a lack of upright qualities. You might be feeling powerless, repressed, or fearful, or it might represent half your life. In either case, you need to recognize and acknowledge your own inner power, your courage, and your confidence in your abilities. If you're facing a situation where you're unable to express your feelings, the Strength tarot card meaning can help you.

The Strength tarot card meaning is often a positive one. When used in a reading, it can indicate a woman who can face all challenges and difficulties with courage. She may feel that she can conquer her fears and be independent, but she might need to face certain situations head on. When paired with the Chariot, she may want to develop an inner reserve and confidence to cope with her problems. She can also use the Strength tarot card to find comfort and support with those closest to her.