Queen of Swords Tarot Card Meaning 

When the Queen of Swords appears in your tarot reading, you may be thinking of an independent crusader. While she may seem independent, she is in fact a very logical decision-maker. She acts without hesitating or regret. In fact, this card could also indicate a manipulative older woman who likes to manipulate you. 

Reversed Meaning

The Reversed Queen of Swords represents a woman who is cruel and manipulative. This person is either an abuser or a bitter old lady who wants to cause trouble. It may be a relationship with an older woman, who is trying to get back at you for something that happened many years ago. She is not someone to take lightly and needs to be avoided. 

She represents an older woman who is using her cynical ways to gain control of your life. She uses her wits and a good sense of humor to get your attention. She is quick to talk and intelligent, but she will use as few words as she needs. Her bluntness makes her seem like a know-it-all, but she will be the one to get to the point. 

She indicates that your intuition is distorted. You must trust your gut instinct instead of logic. You will be disappointed if you cannot trust her or if she will exploit you. You will also have to set aside your own logical beliefs. She represents someone who has a hard time trusting other people's feelings. 

The Reversed Queen of Swords is another woman who uses her skills to manipulate others. She is a good friend if you don't let her manipulate you and don't trust her. If you have ever been a victim of an older woman who uses her cynical tactics, you're probably dealing with the reversed Queen of Swords. 

She may be a loving and protective figure, but she may be cold and resentful. If you are trying to conceive, she is a bad sign. It indicates that your partner has neglected her health. Your relationship may have suffered because of this. This type of woman may be manipulative, controlling, and deceptive. 


The card meaning refers to an individual who is willing to stand up for their own convictions and opinions. She is a true believer in the principles of fairness and equality, and is not willing to bend or hide behind a curtain. She expects others to act similarly. As a result, she enjoys a high level of respect and esteem. 

She is a fiercely independent woman who does not need love in order to be content. She may be content with who she has become and is not looking for it. However, she may wish to have love in her life, but only for company. As such, she should be selective about who she lets into her life. She should choose her partners carefully, seeking a true partner who will support her goals and enhance her confidence. 

The card can indicate that you are meeting someone special. This person might not be a lover, but they may help you to find the right partner. If you are a single woman, you may meet someone with the Queen of Swords who will guide you to love. However, if you are a single man, she may only be able to offer you advice and support. 

The card can also be a good sign when it comes to romance. She has a strong feminine energy that is willing to change. This is a great sign to have an open and honest conversation about any issues you may be having with your partner. If you're still single, it may be a good idea to look for a Queen of Swords partner as they are a creative type who will do whatever it takes to make things work. 

Reversed, the Queen is a pessimistic character with a cold and unfeeling nature. It could represent an older female in your life who is full of malicious gossip and has a negative impact on your life. If the it's reversed, you may be too self-conscious or too egotistical, or you may be prone to overreacting. 


The Queen of swords is one of the most powerful tarot cards. This suit is associated with communication. It may represent a young person who is in government or diplomatic service. It may also be a warning. The Queen of swords can also symbolize the power of grace and dexterity. In general, it can bring a new direction in life. 

This tarot card is a truth-seeker. This person will be blunt and honest, and will not soften their words to avoid hurting others' feelings. Truth-seekers tend to hate injustice and will speak the truth even if it hurts. They are often a powerful force for good, but may have some difficulties in their path. 

This person's nature may be to make impulsive decisions. They may not take time to think through the pros and cons of a situation and may act on their feelings rather than using their heads. The meaning is often quite different depending on the situation. If you see it in your tarot reading, you may be overly critical or judgmental in your interactions. It's important to remember that these feelings will pass and that your life will become more stable. 

A seeker of truth will need to work on their perception of the world. They will often become overly emotional, impulsive, and impatient with details. As such, it's important to think carefully before making decisions. Oftentimes, the seeker will also have trouble figuring out what they want. A woman in authority is a powerful influence. She may be the object of romance. 

The meaning suggests that you are seeking the truth. You may be an intellectual or an unbiased person. Your ability to think clearly and express yourself freely will help you get a new perspective. If you are single and have been looking for someone, the Queen of Swords may be able to help you find love. Be open to your heart when you meet the right person, as she will offer advice and support. 


The card meaning can be both enlightening and disorienting. While she represents an independent and intelligent woman, she is often too distant and reserved with her emotions to make decisions that could impact the quality of a relationship. The Queen can be a great source of conflict and disillusionment, but she is also loyal to those she loves. 

She is a cautious lover. She has experienced a painful lesson in love. She is not apt to give up her space or invite her partner to her home. She values her independence and peace, and she is unlikely to move in with you unless you offer them those things. However, she can be a great friend. But before you get too attached to someone, you should learn to respect their wishes. 

If you're in a relationship with an older woman, the Queen may be a sign of reluctance and cynicism. In other words, this woman tends to be cynical, aloof, and detached. She may be influenced by a third party. When she does have an emotional attachment, she will often choose logic over feeling. 

The reversed Queen of Swords is often cruel and manipulative. She could be a partner or an outsider. Her anguish may be unresolved or a result of a past trauma. If she's single, it may be because she's been burned or betrayed. Ultimately, she is a woman of deep emotions. 

In reverse it is a sign of emotional turmoil. It warns against being too closed off due to an unpleasant experience. She may also be a warning from the Higher Self that you need to get your own back. Ultimately, the Queen of Swords can also symbolize a new relationship. You may feel tempted to withdraw from it, but don't panic! 

She has a skeptical mind. She is often blunt when dealing with others, and is not known for her 'good-natured' side. However, she doesn't mean to be mean or a know-it-all! She simply believes in the power of constructive criticism. If she has any doubts about someone, she will quickly point them out. 

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