Nine of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

This card can represent loneliness or paranoia. This feeling can come from many different sources, and is most likely caused by life going too well. If you're used to bad things happening in your life, peace and quiet can feel uncomfortable. The key is to find ways to adapt to this situation without getting wrapped up in the drama.

Reversed Meaning

The Reversed Nine of Wands tarot card can bring challenges in your life. You may have reached a point where you are feeling overwhelmed or under pressure to achieve your goals. If this is the case, you may need to push yourself through a temporary setback or pause before making new commitments. Instead, consider utilizing your inner resources to overcome your challenges, such as your resilience, positive self-talk, and mindset.

The Nine of Wands reversed may also indicate that you are feeling defensive and paranoid. Your perspective may be distorted or you may be feeling unfairly targeted. You might need to take a break from work or other activities for a while in order to regain your perspective. However, don't allow yourself to become too exhausted. Your strength will come back in time. If you've reached the nine of wands, your work isn't going as well as you'd like it to.

The reversed card reflects an individual who wants out of a situation. They tend to abandon their commitments and responsibilities, leaving others to clean up after them. These people are often passively aggressive, masking their annoyance and resentment. This type of behavior may be indicative of a longstanding issue that will require a solution.

It card can indicate a need for a financial makeover. While you may be tempted to spend more than you have, this is unlikely to solve your problem and only create further problems. Instead, take action to protect your finances. This means keeping an eye on your money. There are always dangers around, so check all your valuables.

It can signify an impending major event, a life-changing experience, or a time when you need to reflect on your past experiences. The Nine of Wands may also suggest a time to consider karmic lessons, and move forward on your spiritual path. Ultimately, it can indicate the need for a time to reset and replenish your energy.

If you've been single or in a relationship where you were hurt, this is a sign of unreliability. You need to work hard to rebuild your confidence, and you must take small steps toward your goals. You'll be able to win your partner's trust and eventually get on with your life. A relationship with a reversed nine of wands will make you work harder, be more determined, and take action.

When you've dealt with your negative past, it will show up as a warning. If you feel as if you're in danger of new trouble, take action now. Be strong, assert your boundaries, and avoid the traps that can make you miserable. You'll be glad you did. The Reversed Nine of Wands will reveal the problem area of your life, and take the necessary steps to resolve it.


The Nine of Wands can show you a tough patch in your relationship. A fight is warranted to ensure your point of view is heard. In other cases, the it can suggest that you're unsure of your next steps. Social events may be fraught with drama, and physical affection between partners may be difficult to maintain. In all of these cases, seek professional help to get through the rough patch.

It can be an indication of tension or conflict at work or school. If you've recently been laid off, or have been unemployed for some time, the nine of wands may show a difficult period. Don't give up if this card appears, because this is likely to compound your problems. You may need to go back to school, get a new job, or make a budget adjustment.

The Nine of Wands is often referred to as the "Wounded Warrior." It signals that your struggles aren't permanent. In some cases, the struggle is temporary and you can find relief by resting and regrouping. Your personal will aligns with that of Spirit. Your true strength and power are found when you surrender to the divine. It suggests that you should continue to fight, but be aware of the limitations of your strength.

The meaning in a relationship is not good for a committed relationship. If your relationship is going through a difficult time, it might be beneficial to take a break. If you're still in love, however, make sure you don't escalate it. It can show that you need to be more open to communicating with your partner, and adjusting your feelings.

In reverse position it signifies a sense of paranoia. In addition to the negative effects of conflict, it can signal a feeling of unfairness and being unfairly targeted. It is a sign of deep internal conflict, and a person who feels threatened may be feeling paranoid or defensive. The nine of wands in reverse position can also represent fear and concern about others.

When in love, it indicates a rift between you and your partner. You'll have to make compromises and avoid being too naive. Ultimately, the goal is to have a healthy relationship. Just remember that conflicts are inevitable in a relationship, so your partner must be willing to compromise for your happiness. However, in a relationship, this can be a sign of exhaustion.

When in a relationship, the nine of wands may suggest a past relationship conflict that has affected the current one. Perhaps a past relationship conflict has robbed your energy, so you're feeling drained of energy. Taking the time to make changes will help you avoid a potential conflict and move towards success. Even if you're single, the nine of wands can be an indicator of an upcoming battle.


This tarot card may indicate that your ex still thinks about you haven't fully moved on from the relationship. Alternatively, you might be feeling a surge of love for your ex, but are unable to make a decision about it. Either way, it can be a wake-up call.

The Nine of Wands represents a soldier with a resilient inner spirit and a stubborn physique. He calls you to stay the course, to resist the urge to quit, and to persevere no matter what the obstacles may be. His strength, defense, patience, and perseverance are traits of a successful soldier. The image of the soldier evokes a sense of strength and persistence in a time of struggle.

When the Nine of Wands is reversed, you should take full responsibility for your financial situation. Avoiding responsibility is destructive. If you're prone to running away from responsibilities, you should be prepared to make some sacrifices. Instead of slacking off and allowing things to get worse, try to get back on track and find a solution. You'll be glad you did.

Persistence on the Nine of Wands is a warning to set boundaries and protect them. Those who stand in your way haven't effectively asserted themselves and might be blocking you from getting close to them. Be firm, but fair in your decisions and actions. If you want to keep your self-esteem high and your relationships healthy, you'll have to take responsibility for your decisions.

When you're feeling battered or bruised, you should trust your inner strength and courage. The Nine of Wands can indicate that you need to protect your territory at work. Colleagues may be encroaching on your territory. It is also a warning about power plays and fear. You should resist the temptation to become afraid or retreat. This card is an excellent reminder that you have the resources within you to overcome challenges.

The Nine of Wands is also a warning to avoid relationships that are strained or deteriorating. If you've been in a relationship for several years, it's a good time to get out. While it may seem hard, it is far better than remaining in a relationship that isn't working for you. You should be able to fight for your rights and move on.

The Nine of Wands can also indicate that you're experiencing a period of stress and overwork. You may have been burdened by responsibility or direct opposition, but your efforts are now paying off. You may be feeling overburdened, but you should have faith that you can achieve whatever you want. Be persistent, but don't be too quick to give up. Remember that there will be times when the Nine of Wands is a test.

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