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Hey everyone! :),

What do you think of Neville Goddard for attracting a specific person?

I was thinking of reading up on him about this area, is this a good idea?

Thank you!

I love you all! :)


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well i dont think he mentions anything specifically about attracting anyone…in fact he never mentions about anything specific be it money , health…. he says you can be or have whatever u want so that includes a specific person also.. he mentioned in one of his books how a lady just by changing her attitude and her inner talks managed to change attitude of her boss towards her…. she did nothing but just changed her own inner thoughts and feeling and that was reflected back…

btw if u happen to read few of his books you will realize what Abe/Bashar etc say today he compressed each of their teachings many years ago..

he has written about subconscious mind/parallel realities/our likeness of God.. in fact whatever i have  heard from Abe/Bashar.. he wrote them all in some form or another…. but u need to go through his books completely to get a taste of everything he said…

i guess Neville is a must read to get real boost for manifesting anything u want!!

One of his quotes that really hit me hard is..

“What you cannot win by force you can win by imagination”

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He talks about meeting his second wife when he was at the time was married to his first wife who refused to give him a divorce. One of his main teachings is to focus on the feeling of the wish fulfilled with no concern as to how it will happen. He talks about doing this and some situation arose where his wife asked for his help with something ( can’t remember what exactly) he helped her and as a consequence she suddenly had a massive change and they divorced enabling him to pursue his second wife.  He has though, like many talked about the feeling and being open to that rather than focussing on a specific person but he has said it is possible to attract anything using your imagination.

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The wife was caught softlifting and the police took her to te court. As the husband, the court called neville to defend the wife and its actually a perfect case to enable him ask for a divorce. Instead he asked the court to release his wife even though the case could break their wedding, the wife felt moved with neville kind hearted and released him by giving him a divorce so that he could marry the another woman that he met.

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Neville Rocks!!

one of her followers successfully attracted a specific guy to marry her whom she dated only once… they were out of contact but eventually they got married.. and she was much more happy than she had thought while imagining…

He said many times that u can change the attitude of other person just by changing ur perception …

so attracting a specific person into a  full, rich and overflowing marriage life…. Yes it can be done!!!

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    Ah Mellivora. Just what I needed to hear at this very moment.
    I’m going to go back and re read all the Neville stuff I can find. Thank you. :)

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        Quote from: Mellivora on July 15, 2013, 02:09:32 PM

        He said many times that u can change the attitude of other person just by changing ur perception …

        He did say that, but he also warned many, many times that you do so at your own risk. In his own words:


        This warning was given to man in the famous Golden Rule – “Do unto others that which you would have them do unto you.” [Matthew 7:21]

        You may desire something for yourself or you may desire for another. If your desire concerns another make sure that the thing desired is acceptable to that other. The reason for this warning is that your consciousness is God, the giver of all gifts.

        Therefore, that which you feel and believe to be true of another is a gift you have given him.

        The gift that is not accepted returns to the giver.

        Be very sure then that you would love to possess the gift yourself for if you fix a belief within yourself as true of another and he does not accept this state as true of himself, this unaccepted gift will embody itself within your world.

        Always hear and accept as true of others that which you would desire for yourself. In so doing you are building heaven on earth.

        “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” is based upon this law.

        Only accept such states as true of others that you would willingly accept as true of yourself that you may constantly create heaven on earth. Your heaven is defined by the state of consciousness in which you live, which state is made up of all that you accept as true of yourself and true of others.

        Your immediate environment is defined by your own conception of yourself plus your convictions regarding others which have not been accepted by them.

        Your conception of another which is not his conception of himself is a gift returned to you.

        Suggestions, like propaganda, are boomerangs unless they are accepted by those to whom they are sent.

        So unless you want to attract people who are in unrequited love with you, or who would attempt to manipulate/coerce/force your love, then don’t try this at home. Anyway,  it’s easier and more efficient to put your non-specific desire out there and let it match to the right person than to have to keep ‘adjusting’ someone wrong until they fit your ideal.  :)

        I’ve read a lot of Neville and listened to a lot of his stuff. I’ve never read him saying changing your perception of someone is done at your own risk. In fact, he definitely seems to advocate that whatever problems you have within relationships (not just romantic ones) are a result of your own self talk and changing your self talk and perception leads to a change in the relationship for the better.

        I’ve also read a couple of things where he mentions not worrying about breaking any moral code. I was somewhat surprised by this – but he suggests focussing on only the end result and a way will be found. Two examples of this is his desire to marry his second wife whilst still married to his first and his wish to leave the army during the war after conscription. I think his overriding thought behind it is do no harm – but that many things can happen and no harm done if you focus only on the end result and not on manipulating the how.

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        yes..i have read that quote from Neville.. :) i guess it is from his book The Prayer.. not sure

        but when people are trying to attract the ones whom they messed things up ..its mainly because of all the insecurites and worries which eventually manifested and led to b/u…

        so it was again the law working that time also… what we imagined we got in reality.. at least in my case :P … i actually got everything …. i mean even the worst of things which i imagined as true…

        so obviously if  a law can  break a relation then also it can patch it again …. thats what i think.. :)

        anyways the reason i say that we can get back into a loving relation with whom we want is because the law which Neville talks worked very efficiently but in a negative way for me…

        Quote from: Mellivora on July 15, 2013, 02:58:39 PM

        He stresses the importance of not imagining anything for another that you would not imagine for yourself.

        we can always imagine them to be happy with us… and enjoying with us …

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        I have read just one of his book (Actually reading right now) power of awareness. My perception is that he asks us to go after (assume) what we want to be. But it has to be what we want to be to make us happy and not something to make someone sad. . It boils down to intention in my opinion.

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        we dont know whether we will make the oher person sad or happy.. do we?? :)
        its just our perception..
        so better imagine them to be happy with us.. and let the same manifest.. if we decide beforehand that they will not be happy with us…then whats the use of discussing all these law and LOA or anything in that case..

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        So, if the person told you at one point that they would be very happy to be with you, it would be okay right?


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        It doesn’t matter what they said, because “what they said” is what our mind “said” transformed into “reality”. As Neville says, everything is “myself pushed out”.
        You don`t convince someone to be with you and the results of this approach are clear for everyone who`s looking at reality screaming “he doesn’t love me!!!” and waiting for some magic thing to happen so the other person will start loving them: it doesn’t happen.
        We either assume someone loves us or that someone doesn’t love us. It doesn’t matter which one we choose and the truth of the statement. As far as we live in a certain assumption, feeling its reality, that assumption will, again, as Goddard says, “harden into fact”. The reason many people fail in getting what they desire is the fact that they live in the assumption that what reality presents is true; that in order to receive their desire they have to change something. There is nothing to change, not in the exterior world at least. The reality is an illusion and the circumstances leading to some certain results are also an illusion. All that needs to be changed is the way we view ourselves and others: being as we prefer us and them to be, or not.
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