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My story of growing tall
¬ę¬†on:¬†August 14, 2011, 05:22:27 PM ¬Ľ

Hey lovely people :)

I grew around 5 to 6 inches tall in 3 months, all thanks to the lovely Universe who responded so quickly to my desire. I am getting quite some PMs asking me how I did it. So I thought I will share it in a post here as it will be helpful to anyone who needs it, and anyone can access this even when I am not online and hence not able to respond to PMs immediately. I am copy pasting my story, which I just shared with one of our members in a PM.

Before telling you what and how I manifested my desire, I’ll share a small incident with you. It makes me smile everytime I think of it. A couple of days back, my boyfriend’s mother came home. After talking casually for a while she suddenly exclaimed ‘Hey you look really tall. Is it because of your dress?’ I said ‘No I have grown tall really’. She kinda made fun of me and said ‘Oh ya right! How can you grow at this age (I am 21 years old)?’ I just smiled and said ‘Its possible’

The reason I am telling you this is, most people have preconceived notions about everything, EVERYTHING! Can you believe that?? They tend to believe that there is a limitation in everything which includes our physical growth. They also believe that physical growth, especially height, is by large beyond our control. When living in the midst of such people, we also tend to absorb those beliefs subconsciously. Has this happened to you? It definitely happened to me.

So once upon a time, I truly believed that after puberty girls’ growth becomes slow. And guess what, I actually stopped growing pretty much after puberty! I was 5′ 2″ and the tallest in class when I was 11 years old (thats when I attained puberty) and by 18 years I was just 5′ 3″!! I hadn’t grown more than an inch in 7 years because I believed that was not possible.

Then I learnt about LOA a couple of years ago and started manifesting many things. Only a few months back I decided to increase my height with this knowledge. Here is what I did:

I got clear with how tall I wanted to grow. I wanted to be 5′ 9″. I decided NEVER to think that I am short. If someone commented that I am short I would just ignore it. I decided not to ‘try’ to grow tall because then I would just keep attracting ‘trying’! So I started acting ‘as if’ I am tall.

I would just close my eyes and feel nice, proud and confident because of my new height I was about to get into. I am not very good at visualization so I instead focused on ‘feeling’ taller rather than ‘imagining’ myself taller.

Then I did some stretching exercises (which was a part of my dance warm-up sessions anyways) just to convince my mind that I am taking rational steps. I didn’t spend much time exercising though.

Thats it. After a while I totally forgot about growing tall. I got busy with other work and stuff. Suddenly people started telling me that I look taller. So I checked my height and I was 5’8″!! Just one inch lesser than what I wanted. But now I feel this height is good. 5’9″ could have looked a little manly for me. Thats my story. Feel free to ask me anything more!

All the best
Lots of love

I am living the life of my dreams…NOW!


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Re: My story of growing tall
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thanks for sharing your great story  here :)

love you alot angel star
:-* :D :) xoxo


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Re: My story of growing tall
¬ę¬†Reply #2 on:¬†August 14, 2011, 07:07:10 PM ¬Ľ
What a great story. Thanks for sharing it here!


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Re: My story of growing tall
¬ę¬†Reply #3 on:¬†August 14, 2011, 11:35:19 PM ¬Ľ
Wow Angel_Star!! I had no idea that was a goal of yours.  So fantastic!! It just shows that anything is possible!!


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Re: My story of growing tall
¬ę¬†Reply #4 on:¬†August 15, 2011, 12:17:57 AM ¬Ľ
Thanks Sheri :) Actually I had not discussed that goal much. May be thats why I could achieve it so soon!


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Re: My story of growing tall
¬ę¬†Reply #5 on:¬†August 16, 2011, 06:10:16 AM ¬Ľ
Quote from: angel_star on August 15, 2011, 12:17:57 AM

Thanks Sheri :) Actually I had not discussed that goal much. May be thats why I could achieve it so soon!

angel star your success is so awesome! i sent you a PM. i’ve been trying to do this myself, no results yet, but i am absolutely thrilled that a fellow LOA person has accomplished this. i actually just registered on this forum to find out more. i have called a TON of healers/holistic people about growing taller and pretty much all of them told me that No I cannot grow at my age of 21. I still in my heart believe that I can grow. My dream would be to grow as much as you did. I must know more about your routine, i’ll follow it! i would love to make a post like yours on this forum telling people that i also grew 6 inches through LOA!

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Re: My story of growing tall
¬ę¬†Reply #6 on:¬†August 19, 2011, 07:02:27 PM ¬Ľ
Hey seventeendeuce! I got your PM. I’ll reply shortly, I want to give you a detailed reply but I am a little busy with my work. So I’ll reply to you by tomorrow night latest. Just for the information, IT IS POSSIBLE TO GROW TALLER EVEN AT ADULTHOOD, ITS PROVEN SCIENTIFICALLY¬†:) We are all told that the bone stops growing at a certain age which is true. But what is not very often told is that the TISSUES CONTINUE TO GROW EVEN POST PUBERTY. When tissues grow and expand, our height too increases. Its really not a big deal and definitely not an impossible task. Just believe that you can grow taller, and you definitely will¬†;)


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Re: My story of growing tall

¬ę¬†Reply #7 on:¬†August 20, 2011, 06:26:36 PM ¬Ľ
 for sure i believe i can grow taller! no doubt about it! thank you buddy.. i look forward to your PM  ;D

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    Re: My story of growing tall
    ¬ę¬†Reply #8 on:¬†November 06, 2011, 05:24:11 AM ¬Ľ
    Hey great story, i’d love to hear more about how you did it. Like, did you write down the specific height you wanted, declare it to the universe or something? I want to grow taller as well and due to many coincidences and synchronicities which i struggle to explain away through my previous logic and skeptical self, i’m definitely a believer now. Thanks.


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    Re: My story of growing tall
    ¬ę¬†Reply #9 on:¬†November 09, 2011, 07:01:12 PM ¬Ľ

    Wow. Could you please tell me how did you do it? I got into the wrong beliefs.. but I know, I will grow tall. I am growing tall. I just need to know how do I do it.

    Congrats.. <3

    Re: My story of growing tall
    ¬ę¬†Reply #10 on:¬†November 09, 2011, 11:50:18 PM ¬Ľ
    Dame and Sonalee, I kept telling myself that I’ll grow taller, felt it and acted as if I was really taller. I did these things consciously for a while but then I forgot about it totally. I just did not bother about it anymore and went about my life. After around 3 months I realized I had grown taller because people started telling me I look taller, everywhere I went!

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    Re: My story of growing tall
    ¬ę¬†Reply #11 on:¬†November 10, 2011, 12:34:59 AM ¬Ľ
    Hi angel_star,
    You are really an angel. Thats really nice and will keep up the positive vibe of the forum.

    Thanks a lot

    Best Regards,

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    Re: My story of growing tall
    ¬ę¬†Reply #12 on:¬†November 10, 2011, 12:46:17 AM ¬Ľ
    Thanks Shrikanya! From my experience I can say that ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. Never settle for anything less in life. Just set your intention, have faith, follow your heart and watch the miracle unfold :)

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    Re: My story of growing tall
    ¬ę¬†Reply #13 on:¬†November 10, 2011, 01:26:15 AM ¬Ľ
    Thanks for sharing this great story.
    You said you totally forgot about growing taller after having set your desire is that right?
    How long did it take to set your desire, i mean how long were you thinking about growing taller and feeling taller, etc… before forgetting about it?Another things, you said people suddenly say to you that, you’ve grown taller (6inches! that’s huge) but you, you don’t notice that? You don’t notice that your clothes were probably way too small for you? Even when you were walking in the street or walking in your house, don’t you felt more taller?Thanks again for this story, this really inspire me!


    Re: My story of growing tall
    ¬ę¬†Reply #14 on:¬†November 10, 2011, 12:50:00 PM ¬Ľ
    Hey Florent. I don’t know exactly how long I kept focusing on it. I guess I did it for a couple of weeks. And in the meanwhile, I had bought clothes that fit my new height instead of the small ones. The growth was gradual of course. I did not grow 6 inches overnight! Probably I was growing gradually everyday and by the end of 3 months I had grown 6 inches taller. People who saw me everyday did not say that I was looking taller, because as I said, the growth was gradual so they did not notice any huge change at once. The people who told me I looked taller were the ones who saw me once in a while. Thats why they could notice the increase in height. And for the clothes I had forgotten that I had got bigger clothes. I was in the habit of altering all my clothes before. I had totally forgotten that I had not altered the new ones. So it did not flash to me at all that the unaltered clothes were fitting me. Only when I checked my height did I remember about not altering my clothes as well. I never gave a thought about how the bigger clothes were fitting, because I guess I had just assumed that like all other clothes even these were altered. It’s not that I did not believe that I was tall. Its that I did not bother about my height anymore. I was happy anyways, and I got what I wanted :)
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