Hello and thank you for reading.

Good day to everyone watching. My name is David am new to collaborating with this page, and I very much look forward to help you get everything and anything which you desire in th plentiful and abundant life.

Surely, if you have come across this site, it is so because you are interested in knowing about this thing, the Law of Attraction.

More so,  you, most likely already know what it is about. What is in there shall be out there, if wanted badly enough. Yes. That is every bit true, but many do not know how to grasp it.

I take it ou know what it is about. Ask, believe and recieve.

I’ll tell you a story to express how I have,unknowingly, used this to my utter advantage.

I was in my cousin’s house, over for vacations. She has a privileged economic position, and can afford herself many pleasures in this life. Well, I recall I wanted an XBOX 360. I wanted it badly. I made the decision to get it, and put myself a deadline of four months to get it.  At some point between August and December, but I knew that game console would be mine. I decided so.

I shared with my cousin my decision, and even showed her the many and varied ideas a nd plans with which I could gather money to afford it.

I did not know it back then. But the Universe, the All, was about to respond in kind through her. Within some days, she willingly gave me half the entire price of the console! [NOTICE – I NEVER asked her to support me in any way. I was content enough gloating to her about my plots, in and on itself] I was ecstatic! I hugged her very tightly, as she had cut my work in half.


A mere two HOURS before I took the bus back to my home and away from her, the Universe had declared I deserved even more. So, added to that money, she, out of the utter blue, out of nothing, BOUGHT ME THE CONSOLE HERSELF! The joy in me was such that I could not hope to describe it.

The object of my desire, which I had planned to get within four months, was in my hands IN LESS THAN TWO WEEKS. With ZERO effort. All because it was first in my mind, imprinted with a permanent imaginary marker.

How’s THAT for attraction, folks?

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  1. No doubt that Loa has worked in ur life , its a good story n somewhere it gives us the reason to believe that LOA can also work in our life, if we knw how to deal with.

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