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As a life coach, I deal with clients who are afraid to take actions that will change their life for the positive.

One client in particular was ready to make a big change.  She realized that she hated her job and she was doing it to prove to everyone that she was “someone”.  When I confronted her on this, she went into total melt down. “I will ruin our family.  My husband will leave me.  I’ll have to start all over.  I can’t do that to my husband,” she sniffled through the tears.  But the truth was, she wasn’t making any money doing what she was doing anyway.

I proposed that she was hallucinating.  I asked her to consider that she knew nothing about what would happen if she changed jobs and that in fact, she was making all this crap up.  She didn’t like it.  But she tried it on.

I took her through the special 5 step responsibility process, she had the talk with her husband and what-a-ya-know… he was 100% in support of her being happy, not obligated!  You must learn to communicate, not hallucinate.

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