12 thoughts on “Power Law of Attraction: Instant Wealth Manifestation”

  1. Annika,

    You are most welcome to ask questions, its indeed my pleasure to answer. “Lets Grow Together”


  2. Dear Manoj,

    Let me make you answer yourself. 🙂

    How much belief and faith you have in what you want to see as reality?

    How much does even the thought of getting what you want excites you?

    How badly you want it, to be reality?

    Manoj, time is a factor we determine, there is no Mathematical equation that tells you how much time, it will take to convert in reality.

    Its absolutely on you, on your attraction, your belief, the way you visualise it.

    Remember, “If its in your thoughts, its in reality, No Exception!”

    Warm Regards

  3. The law of attraction isn’t something you can master right away, and does require practice.

  4. I have been using the laws if atraction before I really ever knew what they were. I was born with awful physical birth defects and as a child simply refused to believe I would grow up having these defects. I used to tell everyone growing up this is not really me and I will be a physically normal adult. My parents would try and explain that I needed to accept my abnormalities that there was nothing medical science could do and it was just a fact of life I was different. But I never ever douted I would have a perfect physicaly normal body. In my dreams I looked normal and did normal things and was successful. I opperated on a daily basis as if all my outward defects were already gone I just refused to accept they even existed. In my 20 s. I lived on my own aguinst all advice and worked a minimum paying job. U never sought out help for my problems I just knew they would be gone oneday. One morning a phone call woke me a man introduced himself as a representative from a group doing studies on physical conditions like I had he said he was a reseacher. And would I mind answer ing some questions. To shorten the series of events that shortly followed that call I recieved free of charge over 200 thousand dollars worth of free surgeries was flown all around the world for the surgeries and today look as normal as anybody I even intered a steroid free bodybuilding contest at age 30. Today I have a beautiful wife a great son and am a sucessful business man just as I had always visuilized. It seemed impossable but I refused to believe it would have ever been anything less and every day I thanked God for helping me to live a normal life even before it seemed like there was anything that could be done about it. It works and it works always but you have to know it in your heart and soul with no dout as if it has already happened

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