Law of Attraction and the Art of Letting Go

Law of Attraction and the Art of Letting Go

“Law of Attraction makes possible, Detachment Towards attachment”!


From the Desk of SNeha Kulkarni

Many a time we hear about law of attraction, but there been multiple things related to it, one of the most important part is being detach from the outcome of what we desire.

Now, many times been asked the question how can we get what we desire from being detached to the outcome? Detach means, when we put in our energy and focus on a particular desire the mind is agitated. We become emotional. The solution is to detach from the inner storms, stand back and observe the way law of attraction tries to find the best possible way to manipulate things and get us what we want. Attachment to the outcome makes us restless, irritated anxiety and every now and then one keeps thinking oops!! How is that going to happen is the universe really being proactive or just being laid back, I cannot depend on something unseen, unfelt let me do something my own this is going too slow.

And turmoil starts, within us and the universe starts feeling, oh! they can handle it, why am I am taking all the trouble.

Detachment helps us to be more confident, positive and faithful towards the universe letting him know that he is capable of doing a lot more and let him handle our desire.

While trying to manifest your desire live in the power of now!!!!. Enjoy each and every moment life brings to us. Don’t detach from the thought of your desire. But detach from the outcome of it.

Belief creates thoughts thoughts create attitude, attitude creates destiny!!!

13 thoughts on “Law of Attraction and the Art of Letting Go”

  1. Letting go is so important. Think about it.What are you thinking when you are so attached to getting that thing you want. For most, it is anger or frustration that it is not here yet. So if the Law of Attraction is working on your feelings, what is it that you are actually attracting? Thats right, you are actually pushing your desire away.

  2. Hi Sneha,

    That was a wonderful article. It really rejuvenated the spirit’s… It is not that easy to detach oneself from the out come but it is not impossible as well… I have been doing the affirmations and visualizations everyday and try to remain as positive as I can. I wish that day cums soon when the universe says 2 me ” YOUR WISH IS MY COMMAND”


  3. The articles i have read so far, are inspiring. I want to say a special thank you to all. I can understand why people get confused between using affirmations , visualizations and other tools to attract what they want, or what they are asking for. In my experience of using the LOA on a daily basis is, it is a learning process. You have to learn to trust the universe by allowing it to happen. Also, from what I can gather, most people become frustrated because they are waiting for something to happen. Its like making an order and standing on the doorstep waiting for the postman to arrive. I know it sounds funny but its true.
    However, if you meditate for around 20 mins a day, using the first 10 mins for relaxing the body and the next 8 to 10 mins visually living the experience in the present moment, as if you already have it, that you’ve already got it right now. After you have finished meditating, you will feel a sense of completion, fulfillment and inner peace. Occasionally, throughout the day, the thought of what you’ve asked for will come back. Thats a good sign because its the universe saying, i’ve got what you have asked for and here is your receipt. Now give it a name, such as ‘abundance’ or ‘bliss’ and remember how you felt during your meditation and associate that word with the meditative experience. Then let go and carry that inner peaceful feeling around with you. You have let go of your attachment to the thought to allow the universe to give you feedback in the form of peace and acceptance. This is the process, from my experience, known as Allowing.
    When you find yourself, not repeating the same thoughts over a nd over again, don’t worry! It is the universe’s way of saying, ‘We know what you have asked for and will give it to you, just go forth and enjoy your life.
    Now trust me on this, within a few days or weeks, things start to materialize and you will be amazed at the results! The problem with most people is, they don’t trust anybody or anything including themselves. Yet what they don’t know is, there is more love and peace in letting go and detaching yourself than receiving the very thing you have asked for.
    But as always, lets not forget, its the universe that is doing the work here not us. Be grateful and give a warm and heartfelt thank you to the universe. Not only for giving us what we have asked for, but for trusting and being open for allowing the universe to give to us. We are all one and the same and also we are all deliberate creators of lives and our destiny.

  4. Thanks for this post. It really is all about letting go and becoming a match to the new thing you have expended into and become. Good words for us all. Be Well, CHRIS

  5. You know, what disgusts me is this continual yearning –people want this or they think they need that.
    Where is your belief in serving.
    You were put on this earth for a purpose
    to love
    and to be…be grateful for that and see where you can help your fellow traveller
    it is not always about your needs and it isn’t about seeking some
    new job or new apt
    or new lover
    think of where you can give Be generous and Be genuine
    the universe loves you and G-d loves you but you are not here to be served
    but to serve

  6. Yes,and don’t make this mistake either,
    Don’t try to stop wanting what you want or try to control your desires!I struggled with that for years for some reason thinking not wanting would somehow lead to me to happiness.
    However,it is impossible to stop wanting!
    Our real happiness lies in appreciating what there is to appreciate now.
    This also helps forgetting what you’re without or what is wrong.And in forgetfullness,the Law Of Attraction is applied!
    But it takes gratitude,to be so absorbed in a feeling of happiness and being blessed,that you forget about “what’s wrong.”
    Good Luck everyone!May all your desires be fulfilled by recognizing the ones that already have been 🙂 🙂

  7. Hi sneha,

    Thtas really impressive but am lil confused….
    Like I have to visulize my thoughts as it already became a part of my life but I should stop thinking about how it will happen and and why it is not happening is that so you mean to say?/
    Am very much positive that whatever i wish universe is there to help but sometimes i become to emotional,desperate to get things done so these are also comes under the process of hindering the wish??

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