Power Law of Attraction: How to attract Your Ex-Back with Law of Attraction

Power Law of Attraction: How to attract Your Ex-Back with Law of Attraction

Do you doubt it?

Are you the one who doubts, the wonderful powers and mystic works of law of attraction in order to attract back your Ex? Aha… What did you say…. Its violating the concept of free will?

Well, certainly not. Law of attraction does not violate the concept of free will, its rather a way to attract your free will. The biggest stopping in not getting your ex-back will be biased and prejudiced of the past, in other words, if you can no let go your past, you are letting go your ex more and more, which is surely against your will, but its you are attracting. No matter you want it or not. Hey! Because you attracted it and the Universal law says, “Your wish is my command”.

My Perspective:

The way I see getting you ex-back with law of attraction, you had bad relationship with your ex and both separated, you still love him/her and expect to get back together, it means deep down somewhere there is still a spark, in other words, what made both of you separate was not what you wanted,  it was just you attracted a bad relationship and you were given more of it.

Certainly you might not alone be the responsible for being separate, it might a fire from both ends, but let me assure you something, it’s very practical and possible to get back you ex with law of attraction. All that makes the difference is the how do you apply law of attraction to get your ex back.

Mutual Respect

It’s what makes the difference, in my Power Law of Attraction approach, right from the day one; I have been talking about the magical word Respect, Well a respect for yourself, a respect for your partner. I am talking about a healthy respect, in other words, you love your mate for what he/she is.

I quoted something, may be you like it:

“I want to live with you, not because I can live with you, but because I cannot live without you” – Ankur

Well, It’s like how do you feel when you are with your love, and the day you have this realization, I guarantee a healthy respect starts for each other, it’s not a respect for the educational qualification, for the wealth, for the looks or any worldly things.

Millions Dollar Question, How can law of attraction help me getting my Ex back?vis

Wonderful question and the beautiful answer would be: Attract Him/her.

I always love to quote this:

“If you have to capability to be apart from your Ex, You have the Power of being a Part of Ex too.” – Ankur Sancheti

All you need to do is to attract you Ex- Back as it he/she never left you, visualize it, be a power visualiser, feel the feeling of being with you Ex back.

Oh No… How can I forget what he did to me, But… But… I still love Him/her….

Well, my answer would be, “Forgive Him/her”, might sound tough. But hey focus on the joy you regain when he/she is backing home. The joy of getting him/her back is far more strong than the pain of forgiving. Focus on what you want. Which is why in the beginning I introduces the “Law of Let Go”, Let go his/her bads, love him/her for what he is, for how special you feel when you are with him/her.

How soon will I be able to attract my Ex Back?

Well, If you ask me this then, Hold On….. First answer me, how badly you want you ex back? You will be able to answer yourself.  More badly you want, faster it will manifest.

36 thoughts on “Power Law of Attraction: How to attract Your Ex-Back with Law of Attraction”

  1. Hello Sanjeet,

    Well, does the time really matter? Nope! Then what matters?
    Well, How badly you want it. How badly you attract it.
    Do not really worry about, how will it happen. It will just happen.
    All you got to do is, Attact it, Visualise it, reset will fall in place.
    Out of the blue, things will come in alignment and you will get what you attracting, provided you attract like a power attractor.
    Focue on Means, do not worry about Means.

    I strongly suggest you to join us, on the law of attraction Forum and ask your question there. We have Expert Coaches who will help you Out.

    Here it is:

    – Ankur Sancheti

  2. I want my ex back but…I put two pieces of paper folded up, one piece of paper has yes written on it and the other had no written on it. I asked god Ganesha’s photo on ganeshas birthday, if me and ex would reunite, then picked one of the pieces of paper and it said no. But on new years when I asked Ganesha, I picked a piece of paper from my hands and it said yes…
    Should I even believe in writing on paper and choosing random paper pieces assuming god is choosing the answer?

  3. Dear AC…

    Well, honestly, i never heard of this ritual of picking a written paper and assuming it the call of Our Lord Ganesha. Sounds absolutely fasinating, please share more about what it is? But i respect your faith.

    On the contrary view, since i have no hands on this kind of “Picking a Chit as Lords’s call”, so i really can not comment on that, i do not want to give you any, “I know all” tip.

    But ONE THING… Which i can claim…

    “Its not the written Chit, Its not Lord’s call… Its YOUR Call……. How badly You want it? Have you seen a baby wanting something badly? I mean this badly… ”

    If you want it, you have all you ways opened up right under your nose, this is what i have felt personally, even others. 🙂

    Keep one thing in mind, as i always say to all, Law of Attraction is a reactive law, to make it work, First, you will have to act, and the act is to Attract what you want. 😉

    I would strongly recommned you to Join us on the Forum, and you will find all your answers. 🙂


    – Ankur Sancheti

  4. Yes, I will join the law of attraction forum. Yeah I just did the chit thing out of negativity…

    So do you mean to say that I choose my own life and who I want to be with, including my ex?

    Also, I don’t know if my ex is with someone else or not but if he is then could I still attract him back?

  5. Can you reply please? It would help me a lot, one day I would like to put a success story in your for about something

  6. Hello Friend,

    We would love to help you out, all i suggest you to please ask this question on the forum, as its more organised there and other Experts can also answer you and others can also benefit form your question.

    Rest assured you are at the right place to seek you answer. Just ask it on the forum and i will reply instantly along with other Experts. 😉

    – Ankur Sancheti

  7. Hi I have started a post titled “exes” and I am awaiting a reply by one of your experts, your forums look good!

  8. Hi ankur! It’s me S!!!

    Help! Someone on my post has said that getting ex back is going against their free will!

    But after the amazing encouragement, I had from you and sneha, I’ve began feeling positive! I’ve even had telepathi dreams of him so he has slowly started communicating with me telepathically! But that lady saying it’s against his free will, has started to make me feel negative again 🙁

    But I still believe in you and sneha, because I have attracted my ex back before without knowing I was using LOA.

    I just wanted some confidence from you to attract him back.

    I await your reply.


  9. Hello S,


    I have already cleared on the forum that Law of Attraction is no Black-magic, you are not controlling anyone with law of attraction, in ohter words, you are not breaking into anyone’s free Will. All you are doing is, you are expressing your attraction to the Universe and you shall receieve, your attraction, no exception.

    S, I really do not understand, just that you read it somewhere and feeling so shattred, why do you let your emotions controlled by anyone else?

    Once you are on the path to attract, what you want, there should be no looking back, no matter what world says. If you doubt LOA, you will end up with nothing.

    Bytheway, what you read in the Forum, she was just asking this, she was not saying that Law of Attraction breaks into someone’s free will. If you want to confirm, read her Post again.

    Hope it helps.

    – Ankur 🙂

  10. I believe in the law of attraction,Who ever said that getting your ex back is going against theie free will, That is not true….
    I know that we are born into this world to be happy and not to suffer. Let me tell you that you are creating for yourself what you want. You are creating a relationship that feels best to you.
    If you understand the teachings of ABRAHAM which guides you to allowing yourself more of what you DO want and less of what you DON’T want. I believe that will feeling always attract good feelings. You focus on what you want in a relationship.
    You must find away of offering a vibration that matches the relationship that you want instead of a relationship of what you have. You must make what you want a more dominant part of your vibration than what you have; and once you are consistently doing that what you want and what you have will interwine, and you will be living your desire of getting who ever you want in to your live…(ex)…

  11. Hello Ankur, I have just come across this site. I have been terribly strongly resisting the breakup of my relationship, trying to push it, trying to push him into hearing me. I now understand the way to our reconcilliation is through the law of attraction. I was trying to manifest by using images alone, but today have discovered, that it is the feelings it evokes that will work stronger. Have you heard of the Mercury Retrograde, and its effects on relastionships (breakups)? This happened to us at exactly the same time last year, the same way, without me realising. I am eager now to go lay on the beach and shift my focus on recieving the feeling from my grand images. Any tips or advice, I would greatly appreciate.


  12. hi every one.I’m here cause i want my ex bf back.5 months ago he asked me some space,because of his personal problems.i waited for him,but not sure if we will be together again?i needed something to make me believe that we will be together.i used LOA.i visualized him everyday and every night.i wrote the details i wanted.GOD knows how i tried.i was in love with him and i wanted him badly.after 3 mounths,he called!!!! i was surprized and shouted: thanx GOD,LOA…but our relationship didn’t back again.he talked about a job that he had found for me!!!!! that was it.after that we sent some sms for each oyher and i wanted to see each other and he agreed,but after 2mounts(yesterday)when i was ready and so happy,i called him to see each other,but he told me i don’t want…i still have personal problems,but i love you.it’s better for us to break up!! i cried.cause i waited for 5months and he made me hopeful…now i’m here cause i’m crying.i can’t believe that.i tell myself he will be back again…do you think i can use LOA again,and it works for me?cause i believed it didn’t what i want!!!!!!!!

  13. i can’t visualized him anymore,cause it is so painful for me…when i think about him i cry,cry,cry….what can i do?but i want him…

  14. Hi Ava,
    Sometime things happens for a good reason. If he really loved you he would share his problem with you or at least let you know he is going through a tough time. He should have had some good explanation or may perhaps be clear to you that he is not ready for a relationship.

    Sometimes, men just take things for granted. The more you give, the more likely they are going to take advantage of. Likewise, some women also do that too. Humans tend to treasure things more when it is difficult to get.

  15. Hey Ava,

    Oooo…that’s great you deserve a tight spank for giving your lovedone something to which he is no more feeling attraction for.

    Its very simple…he likes you but you are not giving him enough challenge, enough spark & incentive of surprise to want, like & know you more…

    men are typical the same as they are kids…they like the spark in the persons persona and when the person is all known which is very natural in a relations-ship they tend to try to be nice…but you loose his passion for you, he doesn’t wanna hurt you by being nice but the passion you want with him is all gone… for a change you need to recharge you Batteries of passion, spark & attracting magnet back…so give him a real break…


  16. My boyfriens broke up with me some 8 months back. He tries to avoid me and my calls, and at times even switches off his phone.
    Can I attract him back to my life? And can I make him to commit to me? I’m very desparate to get him back.

  17. Yes and no…

    According to the premise of this site, you can. You perfectly can. Just you cannot be DESPERATE about it. And you cannot MAKE HIM commit to you. You as you are are not worth his commitment, or anyone’s.

    But you can focus on feeding your own self-esteem and self-value to make the universe tell him you ARE worthy.

  18. Can I have feed back from anyone that this works ? I am kind of skeptical as , I have been severly heartbroken and I did think , belive , imagine all this time $ months ) that my ex would come back to me … And now , I just came across this site … I wonder is it safe for me , what if the visulisations and applying the LOA will make become delusional and more obsessed to get back togther … I’m really scared and I dont want to hurt my heart ….

  19. Ankur your post here does not support your post in the bible of getting ex back. so what should i do?? should i picture me and my partner or not????

  20. Mamushi,

    We all are learners and during the course of time i am also getting matured with my learning on LOA, the bible of getting ex back is the latest learning. On another note, i am not the original author of Bible of getting your ex back, i put it on forum, as it made lot of sense.
    Let me know, if i still left you in any confusion.

  21. Hey! I have applied th secret in the past and it helped me, but now that i want to be with the man i love i just can’t get it right, in fact, everything that i fear the most happened! we dated for a few months but he was always saying that he wanted to take slow, because he had just been left by he’s ex and that he wasn’t ready for commitment! i accepted all that but fell madley in love with him, like never before, but after a few months my worst fear came true:he left, saying that i was special and that he liked me but he wanted to be alone. I was lost, cause i never felt this way about anyone.A few weeks after later he began dating another girl, and i was again devestated ’cause that was what i fear the most at that time! Everyone keeps saying that he doesn’t deserves me but there’s something inside me that tells me he’s the one and despite the hurt i want him to come back but to a serious relationship and to love me the way i deserve! Is it still possible? Because it looks like( 4 what i see, cause i see them almost all the time) that he migth like her, this new girl! I do wanna change, i do wanna live a hapier life but i wanna share it with him ! can u guys help me? Thank u!!!

  22. hi dany,

    A few of my friends usd the law and within a couple of days the communication between the ex’s opend up again to, so by sending him pure love, letting go of the past u guys shared(negative) and visualising being with him , it can and will work without fail….keep in mind y it has been so hard is because more emotions were involved here.

  23. hi i love my friend very much and he too loves me. we both are boys. my friend is working now, and i feel very much depressed after our separation in the sense that we could not see each other. what i ask is ur law of attraction can make us always together through visualisation? we both communicate thru phones but what i feel is i want to be with him can anyone help me and mail me to my email?

  24. Good evening! I am sorry for my English, it is not my native so I may make some mistakes

    I had very difficult but wonderful relationhip with my ex.
    During it he left me many times.But I still loved and love him. I used the law of attraction all this time, so maybe that is why he came back.
    No we are apart again and I feel I am exhausted.
    I am tired dreaming and visialising us together and have no forces to have another dream for attraction new love in my life…
    What can you advice me? Does the Law has some terms? how many times I can use it for one person?

  25. Hello! In the first… my english is very bad, so I hope you understand me what I want to say. The boyfriend and I broke up six mounth ago. We were together 7.5 year. He is love of my life. He broke up with me becouse he don’t know what feels to me. 6 months have passed and I love him even more. We had contact and we are seeing as a friend… but I recently learned that seeing a girl. My world has collapsed. I have so much pain inside. I told him that some time I can not seeing him, becouse It hurts too much. I read the book The secret and watch a movie every day. It helps me to keep positive thoughts but the pain is stil inside of me. I know it will be better. I need some advice how to minimize the pain in me because I want to attract him back into my life. I know it is possible, I know the LOA It works, but It’s so hard. What about the free will of each person? His free will? I am confused. I want him back so much. I need some advice from you. Thank you.

  26. Release your pain! The more you focus on what is, what you want will become further from you. Instead, think about what you love about him(his qualities) and how he made you feel being with him. I was in a similar situation and the universe sent me another man that was nearly identical!!! Think about what you want and forgive yourself, there is nothing wrong with still having love in your heart, Im sure he still does for you too! Imagine and wish with all your heart to be with him and why…That way you have let the universe know what you want and Believe. Love is not selfish so want the best for him and appreciate the fact that you were able to connect. If not him, believe another man will come into your life when you least expect it, love your life and learn from any mistakes!!! Love is everything!

  27. hi…
    to make my very long story short..i had a break up with this guy who is very nice and offcourse I still love him d way I love other good things in my life…WE had some ups and downs in the relationship..was almost on the verge of breaking up,rekindled it and then bang…he on a serious note told his parents about me and unexpectedly they refused(unexpected coz they liked me a lot as his friend)and so we have broken up..he says he shall try again but he also says this is his prime time to make his career and he does nt wants any complications in life at this stage..
    ankur do you think I stand a chance???well I had also told my mom about this and she and my boy had a word and my mum doesnt says all d time yet she once admitted she feel everything will be fine but asserts me to focus more on my life and studies….

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