How to apply the Law of Attraction Consciously

Hello friends!

You have to apply some basic steps in order to make the law of attraction work as you want it.

  1. you set up very clearly your final goal, simple words and a deadline

  2. you take at least 10 minutes in the morning when you wake up and 10 minutes in the evening before going to sleep to do your affirmations and visualizations

  3. you stay detached on your outcome, happy, content, grateful, and extremely faithful

  4. you feel ready to receive

It can be very useful to create your own vision board where you put all your goals – that is a reminder of what you set up and it makes the visualization easier.

If you feel fear, doubts and lack of faith I recommend you checking on your limiting beliefs and try to get over them using the method that suits you perfectly. That can be EFT for instance, NLP or a therapy.

Go confident – the world belongs to those who keep the faith strong!


Galina Lambert

6 thoughts on “How to apply the Law of Attraction Consciously”

  1. Thanks for these four easy steps. It’s not hard to use Law of Attraction, and your steps help make it even easier. Be Well, CHRIS

  2. It’s amazing when something so simple can provide so much.

    I especially like point 2. I have read many super successful people apply the same process. Twice (or more) times are day these people review their goals and it seems to work very well for them.

  3. what if i get to follow your steps for a few days then oh my i just forgot i was following the steps so fathfully then suddenly “burp” i eventually get what i ve been desiring, what will i atribute it to your 4 steps or just budding good luck?

  4. i think these are the best step but i need more techniq like your’s to use power of attraction i want nokia n9 as fast as possible or maximum in one week but how i dont know can u please help me to get it…………………….and plzzzz send me link to those sites which are best and intresting like u coz i dont want to reads whole books just want simple and best tips which are intresting plz and thanks for your tips keep teaching us.

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