Justice Tarot Card Meaning

Justice tarot card meaning is about fairness, honesty, and karma. It can represent a legal dispute, or it can indicate a change in a person's life that is difficult and may involve a U-turn. The Justice card often pairs with the Tower. Its meanings are often the same as those of the Tower, which indicates a challenging change. While the Justice card is a positive symbol, it can also indicate selfish ambitions.

Reversed Justice tarot card indicates selfish goals

If the Reversed Justice tarot card is present in your life, you may be having trouble making decisions. You may be avoiding necessary steps in order to achieve your goals, or you may simply be focused on maintaining the status quo. Either way, you may need to slow down in order to achieve your desired results. The five of swords, on the other hand, is a sign of deception.

This tarot card is usually the most powerful. It represents the desire to obtain attention, be it for your career, life, or some other important decision. It also signifies love and romance. Your positive disposition makes you more attractive to new relationships. It also symbolizes self-worth, which is crucial in attracting new romance. Nevertheless, the Reversed Justice tarot card may also indicate a legal judgment that is unfair.

It means that you have difficulties committing to your soul purpose. It is also a sign that you are not listening to your own inner sense of truth and justice. It may be beneficial to pay attention to your own heart and listen to what you really need to hear. Even if your intentions are good, if your goals are selfish, you may not be willing to compromise your integrity to achieve them.

In some cases, the reversed card can indicate unattainable goals. In other cases, it indicates difficulties following through with your plans. In either case, the high priestess card can also be a warning sign to stop working on your vision. So, you need to take action to avoid this situation from happening again. So, start implementing some strategies to achieve your goals!

If the Justice and Strength tarot cards are linked, this can indicate challenging times. During such times, your Spirit Guides want you to understand that you have the power to overcome obstacles and achieve your goals. Remember that your Spirit Guides are helping you to discover and harness your inner power. This card often represents legal matters and is linked to the Emperor and Hierophant. For those who are just getting started with tarot reading, the Justice tarot card may be an excellent starting point.


The reversed Justice tarot card meaning can be concerning. This card is an indication that you've done something wrong, and you should take responsibility for it. However, you should be careful not to rationalize your actions. Insincerity is a sign that you're unwilling to face the consequences of your actions. Your actions now are crucial to the outcome of your future. Moreover, this reversed Justice tarot card meaning can also indicate that you've been acting in a rigid, hard-lined manner.

If you're looking for ways to overcome insincerity, Justice can show you how to live with more balance. Instead of spending more time working and less time with loved ones, you should focus on developing yourself in all aspects of your life. You should also repay debts to friends and family. These actions will contribute to your karma. In addition, you should consider writing a will and acting in accordance with your beliefs and principles.

If your Justice is reversed, it can be a sign that you are unwilling to move forward in your life. This reversed card can also signify an unethical deed. It could also show that you're unwilling to change your behavior, even if it means sacrificing some of your values. Instead of dwelling on past mistakes, look to the future and think positively. You can do so by examining your habits and adjusting accordingly.

The Justice tarot card meaning reflects your ability to be fair in your judgments. You can't trust gossip to tell the truth. It's important to make logical decisions based on facts and avoid insincerity. In other words, the Justice tarot card is a reminder to weigh decisions based on fairness and sincerity. You have to be fair in all your actions.

It also reveals themes of balance and harmony. Being honest with yourself and approaching potential interests from a place of honesty will help you make the best choice. The meaning can also reveal insincerity in relationships. Relationships can be challenging if your partner is unwilling to be honest with you or compromise your values. So, it's important to avoid insincerity in a relationship or love reading.

Conflict resolution

The meaning indicates a decision that must be made and a solution sought. In contract negotiations or legal proceedings, this card can suggest a fair resolution. If the situation calls for mediation, this card suggests that the truth will be brought to light. It also falls between the Hanged Man and the Wheel of Fortune, indicating that change is needed. A positive outcome will eventually emerge.

As the card of justice, the positive aspects of this card indicate a balanced and fair approach in a relationship or career. If the Justice appears in a career reading, this may indicate that things are going well in a professional setting. Alternatively, the Justice card may indicate that a relationship is in a good place, and the two people involved will soon find a way to reconcile. The Justice card may also indicate that a relationship is about to come to an end.

The meaning is largely about preventing wrongdoing and resolving conflicts in a fair way. However, the reversed Justice tarot card can also signify damage in a relationship, social status, or legal affairs. It is often a good idea to seek help and resolve any conflicts. And if the Justice tarot card is in a reversed position, it can also indicate the need to make a change. The Justice tarot card may also indicate that a certain person has taken advantage of you or has violated your rights.

The Justice tarot card meaning is centered on the concept of truth and fairness. The truth cannot be found in gossip or speculation, but must be based on facts. Taking responsibility and being fair is important right now. This card is especially relevant if you're dealing with family problems. Whether you're looking for an individual or a business, Justice can be a useful guide in resolving conflicts.

A good reading of the Justice tarot card can suggest how to address conflicts in the workplace. It may show you how to deal with conflicts that escalate into arguments. If the situation seems to be heading nowhere, seek the help of a third party who can help resolve the issue. It's helpful to seek the help of someone who is independent and impartial, such as a friend or trusted mentor. In order to get the desired results, both partners must be willing to put aside their feelings.

Good news

The meaning can refer to the development of a new relationship, legal decisions or a positive outcome of an argument. However, if you see this card in a love tarot reading, you should be careful not to make any rash decisions. A negative card may indicate that a relationship is about fun and not about commitment and intimacy. Justice tarot card meaning can also mean that the relationship is about money and has no romantic significance.

The card can represent a partnership that focuses on honesty, karma, and compassion. You can attract romance with a caring attitude, because justice emphasizes the law of cause and effect. Considering your partner's needs is an important aspect of good communication with your partner. If the Justice tarot card comes up in your reading, you should consider your partner's feelings and try to reach a compromise.

Those who work in a career involving writing and law may see positive outcomes. Job hunters should be especially hopeful, as the Justice tarot card can predict success in these areas. If you're in the property or legal profession, a favorable Justice reading can indicate a new job, a contract, or an investment. However, it's important to pay attention to deadlines. During the job hunt, double check your tax returns and research local laws to avoid any legal issues.

The meaning reflects your ability to face and take responsibility for your actions. Balance and karma are important, and if you've been eating right and working out regularly, you'll continue to reap rewards. If you've been slacking on these areas, however, it's time to rethink your lifestyle and start making your health a priority. A reversed card may indicate dishonesty and lack of self-control. Beware of avoiding the consequences of your actions - it will only make things worse.

This tarot card also represents your ability to be honest. Your financial status can be modified if you're honest and upfront with your finances. If you're honest, money will treat you well. Do not judge yourself too harshly or feel guilty about your financial state. Your financial situation reflects your worldview. Try to make every decision based on principle rather than feeling guilty about not making the right decisions.

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