How to Unblock, Balance, and Heal Your Root Chakra

activate wealth dna

Since 500 B.C. spiritual leaders have known that the root chakra is responsible for wealth. Recently, a secret study performed by NASA discovered something unbelievable about this.

There is a way to unblock your root chakra and unlock your wealth DNA. The root chakra is actually the same thing as your spiritual DNA. You see, the wealth DNA exists in every human, but it needs to be activated. This money getting super power lies dormant in the body.

Spiritual leaders and scientists discovered the same thing but they called it by two different names, root chakra and DNA. 

Why isn't this common knowledge? Well, billionaires funded this study and they don't want others to know about it. 

A rogue NASA scientist was fired because he saw the documents from the study that he wasn't supposed to see.

The study proved that you can activate your root chakra to attract all the wealth you desire!

The Study that proved the Root Chakra is the Money Chakra

Scientists have proven that humans only use 8% of our DNA. That means 92% is just lying dormant and referred to as "junk DNA". 

It's not junk, it just needs to be activated!

The NASA study proved that you CAN activate this DNA. Actually, its sparked a new scientific phenomena that is becoming more and more mainstream. 

It’s called Epigenetics which is the scientific term for changes that happen to your body when certain genes are either activated or deactivated.

Sound Waves Activate the Root Chakra

It's really simple. The technology comes from Gregorian charts from the 9th century and goes back even further than that. 

There was a Greek philospher, Pythagoras. He would prescribe music as medicine. He referred to is as "sacred geometry".

Even today, many shamans use music in their healing ceremonies. 

Why is that?

Because the sound vibrations from music are
able to change our gene expressions.

In other words, we can harness the power of sound waves to activate dormant DNA.

The funny thing is that it took NASA billions of dollars to prove the same thing that ancient spiritual leaders already knew. 

We all know about the power of vibrations.

Which is what shapes everything in the entire universe!

This makes a famous Nikola Tesla quote hit you hard. 


Likes Attract Like

We know that likes attract like from the Law of Attraction. Now we can scientifically understand this. It's all about the frequency of our energy centers (or chakra). 

If our chakra is oscillating with high vibrations, we attract high vibrations. If we're oscillating at a low vibration, then we attract the same low vibrations. 

The rogue NASA scientist identified these two seven digit numbers that are a special code to a frequency that unlocks our wealth dna.

He hired a sound engineer to produce them. One of these had to be the secret code.

He then would listen to these two tracks at the same time but nothing would happen. He had told a friend about it who actually worked for the FBI as a codebreaker

What they found was that if you listened to both audio tracks, one in each ear, then the root chakra would unlock!

The Wealth DNA Code

Long story short, they both went on to become multi-millionaires and before the government shut it down, they wanted to get it out to everyone. 

They created a series of audio tracks called the Wealth DNA Code

Each audio track is 7 minutes long. You listen to one each day for 30 days and you will unblock your root chakra and activate your wealth DNA code.

unlock wealth dna
activate wealth dna