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  • What is Clairvoyance?
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What is Clairvoyance?

Clairvoyance is a direct translation from French to mean clear seeing. If you look online at what is clairvoyance? There are a lot of different definitions. But it in the metaphysical community, it basically is psychic seeing, psychic sight, or spiritual seeing.

Clairvoyance is basically getting pictures, images, or visions in your third eye. There are four different clairs, Clairvoyance being one of them.  

When you picture a psychic, chances are you're thinking of the gift clairvoyance, which is getting pictures or images in your mind's eye. But there's also three different clairs that many psychics have. 

  1. 1
    Clairvoyance: psychic seeing 
  2. 2
    Clairaudience: psychic hearing
  3. 3
    Clairsentience: psychic feeling
  4. 4
    Claircognizance: psychic knowing

I believe that everyone is psychic, but not everyone has developed their gifts. Also, not everyone is clairvoyant. Not every psychic is clairvoyant either. 

So every psychic has at least 2 different clairs, but that doesn't necessarily mean that they're clairvoyant. They could have clairsentience and clairaudience, which is psychic feeling and psychic hearing, but they might not be clairvoyant. 

How to Determine if You're Clairvoyant

Let's do this short exercise to see if you're clairvoyant. 

1. Close your eyes and in your mind's eye, picture a pink elephant. 

It's not going to be as vivid as if you were looking at a pink elephant on your phone for example, but it is going to be more of like an impression on your mind of a pink elephant. 

2. Go ahead and open your eyes.

Even if you didn't see something, there's still a possibility that you are clairvoyant, but you just haven't gotten to the point where it's developed at all yet. 

The 3 Steps to Developing Clairvoyance 

  1. 1
    Opening your third eye
  2. 2
    Receiving the message
  3. 3
    Interpreting the message 

Let's review the first 2. The third step is more advanced. You need a lot of practice to understand how to really interpret what it is that you're getting. Especially, if you're reading someone else and this information is not for you. 

1. Opening Your Third Eye

Let's do an exercise on how to open your third eye so that you can receive the pictures or images.

Close your eyes and focus right in the middle of your forehead. 

Picture a big eye like your third eye there and it's closed, and next to it is a light switch that is off. 

Now imagine turning the light switch on and your third eye starts to open up. 

It might not open all the way. Chances are it's not. It might open half way, it might open a little a bit. It might not open quickly either. It could be a slow process of it opening up. 

Now with your eyes still closed, go ahead and picture a closed zipper on top of your head. 

Imagine slowly unzipping it.

Now keep your eyes closed and focus on the picture of your third eye opened with the energy above your head open as well.

Take a note of what this feels like with both your third eye and the energy above your head opened up.

Does it feel different than before you turned on the light switch?

To some people, it's a very obvious feeling, and to other it's just a subtle difference. But, you should be feeling something different than before you turned on your light switch. 

Now that you've taken note of what that feels like, go ahead and zip that back up and turn off your light switch.

Now do this exercise again. Turn on the light switch and open your third eye. Unzip the top energy of your head and take note of "what does this feel like to be open psychically for me?"

Compare that to what it feels like normally before you opened yourself up psychically. 

You might feel pressure in your forehead. You might feel airy on the top of your head. But, you should feel some type of difference before you went and opened yourself up psychically. 

Do this for about 30 seconds and then go ahead and turn off the light switch and zip the zipper back up.

That's really all you need to do to open your third eye and open yourself up psychically. But, once you keep doing this, you're not going to need to picture that anymore and you're just going to be able to do it at will. 

If you are psychic, you probably already know that you don't want to be opened up psychically all the time because that can be very exhausting and draining, and you can get a lot of other people's energy attached to you.

So it's important when you're first learning, to intentionally open yourself up and then intentionally close down after. 

2. Receiving the Pictures

 Before you receive pictures, you're going to have to make sure that you are able to achieve a clear mind when you do want to receive these pictures. 

So a big step with this is actually meditation. That might sound boring, but it's really important that you're able to get the clear mind, because if you have a cluttered mind, then you're not going to be able to know "what are the messages that I'm receiving" as compared to "what are the thoughts that are already there that I'm thinking about regarding this subject."

Let me give you an example:

Let's so you're in the car and you're driving and your friend is in the passenger seat. You guys have the music really loud, but your friend is also trying to give you directions at the same time. 

It's not going to be as easy to hear and understand the directions as if you didn't have any music on. 

So that's similar to if you have a cluttered mind and you're trying to receive pictures, images, or visions. You're not going to be able to discern hem if your mind is cluttered. So it's really important to meditate. 

Depending on who you're reading if you're reading someone psychically or if you're trying to get clairvoyant messages about yourself, is going to determine who it is that's actually giving you these messages. Because they have to come from somewhere right? 

So let's say you want to get information about yourself or you want to psychically tap into your current life, then chances are you're going to get these messages and images from like your spirit team, your spirit guides, archangels, or whatever else you really believe in.

And let's say you're reading someone else psychically, then you're going to get messages from their spirit team or their spirit guides, etc. 

We're going to jump into a quick exercise of flexing that muscle of receiving images in your mind's eye.

Go ahead and close your eyes. 

Turn on the light switch and unzip the top of your head to open yourself up psychically. 

Pay attention to what that feels like for you.

Now picture a big red square in your mind's eye.

Really make sure that you see it there, that it's red, and that it's big. 

Now inside the red square, picture a green triangle. 

Now inside of the green triangle, picture a yellow circle. 

So you should see this pretty clearly. Not necessarily as clear if you were looking at a picture on your phone, but it should be like an impression on your mind, and you should really be able to see those colors. 

Go ahead and open your eyes. 

Ask yourself what that felt like for you. If you felt like you were actually opened psychically. 

If not, you can go ahead and take more time to open yourself up psychically, and see how it feels to picture those shapes inside your mind. 

Go ahead and close your eyes again, and we're going to basically do the same thing, but with different colors. 

Picture a big purple square.

Inside of that purple square, picture a blue triangle. 

Inside of the blue triangle, picture a pink circle. 

Now, have the circle open up big, the square get smaller, and go inside the circle. And the triangle get even smaller and go inside the square.

Go ahead and open your eyes. 

Turn off the light switch and zip up the top of your head to close yourself down psychically. 

Take note of how that felt for you and maybe even write down what you were able to see and not see, so that you can keep practicing this and see yourself progress as you continue doing exercises like this. 


There are 3 steps to develop your clairvoyance. One, opening your third eye, which we did. Second was receiving pictures which we did an exercise of how those would come in and how those would look for you. The third step is interpreting the images and pictures that you do receive. 

I'm going to make another video and article on more in depth number two as well as touching on number 3. But, this should give you a good idea of how to start developing your clairvoyance, opening your third eye, opening yourself up psychically, and starting to receive images in your mind's eye.

Comment below what your biggest challenge was with this, if you have any specific questions, or any feedback on videos and articles you'd like to see in the future related to this topic.

A book that really helped me in the beginning of my psychic journey to open up my clairvoyance and my psychic gifts is The Gift by Echo Bodine

She is one of the most famous psychics. She has a lot of books, but this one is my favorite for beginners. 

I look forward to getting your feedback!

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