Goldco Review 2022 - Are they Trustworthy?

Written by Greg Marcus - August 15, 2022

Goldco is the leading company in the gold IRA industry. They were named the #1 gold IRA provider in the U.S. by Inc. 500. With over 10 years of experience, they’ve learned what makes a successful customer. They say that an educated customer is a successful customer.

That’s why they start by sending you information on precious metals so that you can be educated on the topic and be confident in the investments you make. Besides their free gold Ira kit, they also send articles they’ve published on their site.

After reading many reviews, a common theme was that they are not pushy salespeople. They start by educating people about precious metals and then work together to devise an investment plan.

Not only do they offer precious metals IRA’s but also you can make a direct purchase of precious metals. They offer premium gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.

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5/5 Rating

*Most Trustworthy 

*Best customer service

*Best Pricing

Who is Goldco?

Goldco was founded in 2011 by Trevor Gerszt. It is a private company that specializes in helping Americans protect their wealth. Their focus is on customer service, dependability, and ethical business practices. Their headquarters are in California

They’ve been recognized in the Inc. 500 and have been endorsed by Sean Hannity, Chuck Norris, Stew Peters, and Ben Stein. They have delivered over $1 billion in precious metals.

What Do They Offer?

The sole focus of Goldco is to help Americans protect their wealth and save their retirement. They do this through precious metals, especially gold and silver. Gold is a safe haven for savings.

The main offering is a Gold IRA. You can put silver and other metals in the IRA if you’d like. A gold IRA is essentially an IRA that holds physical gold or other IRS approved metals.

The benefit of having gold in an IRA is that there are tax advantages. Whatever tax advantages your current retirement account has, or one you would like to have, will be the same with gold.

You can either do what’s called an IRA rollover or you can create a new IRA account with gold. The rollover process is simple and Goldco makes it even easier. They’ll help you through this process.

The rollover is just rolling over the funds in a retirement account into a new gold IRA account. Common rollovers are 401k, Roth IRA, 403b, SEP, TSP, and more. Contact Goldco to see if you can rollover your account if you have a different type of retirement account.

Customer Reviews

Goldco has an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau and they are accredited by them. They have a AAA rating with the Business Consumer Alliance, and 5 stars with Trust Pilot.

Over a thousand people have given them a 5-star review on Google. Like any company, they receive some negative reviews. But in the case of Goldco, they’ve resolved all issues with customer complaints.

The main complaint was unsolicited phone calls which they no longer do.

Gold IRA Fees

Goldco’s fees are very reasonable. The first year is $260 and then it’s only $180 per year after that. For storage, depending who you use is $100-$150 per year.

Their fees aren’t published on their website so these can change. So contact them now to find out the current fee schedule.

Annual custodial fee

$260 first yr, $180 after

Annual storage fee


Minimum investment



You can get up to $10,000 in free silver with a qualifying purchase.

You can get the first year fee waived if you invest more than $50,000.

Buyback Program

Goldco has the best program when it comes to the gold IRA companies on the market . A buyback program, for those unfamiliar, is when you no longer want to be invested in precious metals and want to cash out, so the precious metals company buys them back from you. Goldco has a no-hassle, no questions asked buyback program for if you ever change your mind.

Key Differences between Goldco and other companies

What separates Goldco from all the other gold IRA companies is their commitment to customer success. Besides all of the educational resources they provide you, their team is comprise of experts on precious metals and specifically with IRA’s.

Any questions you have will be answered by them. They don’t have any pushy sales techniques so you can let your guard down and ask away. If a salesperson is pushy, then you stay away from asking questions.

With Goldco, they’ll make sure that you’re crystal clear and understand what you want to know so that you can feel great about your retirement.

Benefits of a Gold IRA

A major recession is on the horizon and we’ve already seen major losses in the stock market this year. Interest rates are starting to rise, and home prices will soon drop. When the recession comes, stocks are going to tank and the real estate market is going to crash.

The only thing that can save you from this crash is precious metals. Gold has been a safe haven for savings for thousands of years. It’s never been worth zero and it has utility.

U.S. dollars are worth less and less every day with inflation, and many experts are warning of a currency crash.

Gold also historically has performed well during wars, pandemics, and market crashes.

Final Rundown

Goldco is the best gold IRA company on the market. They were rated the #1 company by Inc. 500. They have delivered more precious metals this year than any other company.

Their representatives are friendly and informed so you won’t be sweet talked by a slick salesman or pressured into doing anything. They will educate you first and allow you to make your own decision.

Other companies will try to make the biggest sale they can, while Goldco sticks to a strict boundary of only a certain percentage of your wealth. They don’t believe in putting all of your eggs in one basket. Their experts will help you decide what percentage is right for you.

I highly recommend Goldco if you want a Gold IRA.