The Law of Attraction & Money – How to Get More of it Flowing in Easily….

If you want it you have to work ReaLLy ReaLLy HARD to get it….  You will need a ReaLLy good job to earn lots of money…. Not many people earn lots of money doing something they actually enjoy, and the ones who do are LucKY!

How do these statements make you feel?

We know on a heart and soul level that we are Supposed to FEEL GOOD when it comes to using the Law of Attraction and manifesting all our wildest dreams and desires.  Therefore why would we choose to focus on such bad feeling statements as the ones listed above?   For many these statements have been drummed in, by society, people around us, the vision of life in general.  However or why-ever these limiting thoughts exist doesn’t matter.  The thing that does matter is the point that they are only true if we believe they are true.

Remember – What you believe will become your reality.   Try this on for size….

If you want loads of MonEy just do something you LoVe and have FuN with it!

OOOOooooo Now thats what we’re talking about!  Bring it on! How great would life be to you if you could just do what you love, have fun and let money flow in naturally?

Well you can!  Honestly it IS possible and it all starts with your thoughts.  Forget the action for now and get yourself in the right frame of mind – the Right Vibrational alignment with that which you desire.  Abundance in ALL area’s of your life including money – another point to remember here – Money is just another form of energy, we are the ones who give it the BIG status in life…

Many people are working their selves into the ground to try and “get” money.  As the money comes they are working so hard the money can’t even be enjoyed….  What ‘s the point?

We are supposed to live enjoyable lives, living our dreams, following our passions, experiencing abundance in ALL area’s.

In answer to the question – Are We Here to Work Hard to Get Money?

No No & NO! We are hear to be easy about money, to have the trust and faith that it will come when we believe it will by following our inner guidance.  To only take in-spired (in-spirit) Action to flow towards our desires.  To open doors which feel fun to open to allow the flow to increase.  To see money as a positive aspect in our lives.  I share from personal experience.  I only do that which I love, that which inspires.  I have the doors open to money energy and it flows in like magic.

“There is no better way to earn money that to do the things that you love to do.  Money can flow into your experience through endless avenues.  Its not the choice of the craft that limits the money that flows – but only your attitude towards money.” Abraham Hicks

How wonderful it feels to know that!  Breathe & Relax & Let it Flow Flow Flow 🙂

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With Positive Vibes & Love,

Liz ♥

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5 thoughts on “The Law of Attraction & Money – How to Get More of it Flowing in Easily….”

  1. “However or why-ever these limiting thoughts exist doesn’t matter. The thing that does matter is the point that they are only true if we believe they are true.”

    Everything we choose to believe is within our control, however negative thinking I believe has become an automatic habit, so a lot of the times we are not even aware of what is happening around us. Its only when you really stop for a moment and question yourself you can start to change the thoughts around.
    A positive thought has a wonderful effect on the body compared to a negative thought.

  2. I am kinda feeling based person, last few months i was very down due to life challenges and financial issues, when i keep on feeling fear, things getting worse.

    So i tell myself, why should i allow this negative belief and fear control my life. If i really want abundance, i shall being dicipline enough, making sure my mind and feeling pure enough and only create positive thoughts / feeling in every moment.

    I also ask myself, what are the feeling that sabotaging my manifest good things in my life, i use pendulum to ask my higher self, and it said “loneliness” from the dowsing chart.

    I was quite shocked! Yeah .. that is the feeling has been inside me for years since i was kid. It is became numb and i was just let it be for years.

    I consciously tell myself, no need to be lonely anymore, the God is inside me, Angel is around, i am Oneness, abundance flow to me easily and effortlessly. When i keep on reinfoce these positive affirmation and belief in my mind. I am feeling so much lighter. i feel that i am connected to the world, things are moving good too! I can see what i want and manifested instantly, i can see my clients coming to me from different source, and it did happend!

    So i believe we must able to identify the negative beliefs, limiting thoughts in our sub-conscoous mind, and also clear off the negative feeling (emotional body) if we really want to use the law of attraction effectively.

    I also recommend to use pendulum and dowsing charts to identify what are the limiting beliefs that blocking the manifestation process. So that we can learned from our wisdom self and move on.

  3. Hey Liz… great question.. “Are We Here to Work Hard to Get Money?”

    I’d say no… but that would still go against the belief (or delusion) of millions of people… the belief that says, “You must work hard to earn money.”

    It’s amazing how when you really look at it… it’s just a belief, a thought played over and over again that eventually took root in our minds… and became true in our experience.

    We can just as easily create a different belief… something like, “Money flows to me easily and effortlessly when I fall in love with what I’m doing…” and repeat that thought process over and over again creating an entirely different belief and an entirely different reality about money flows to us…

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