Law of Attraction wants to you to Live Your Dream on the inside first ~ here’s how….

☆ Live Your Dream on the Inside First ☆

There is nothing in life you cannot do, if you approach all things in life in the right order, you will achieve everything you want. The key is to live your dream on the inside first and by doing this it will manifest in your life. When you are tuned in on the inside you will magnetize everything you need for your dream to become a reality. All creation of your life beings on the inside of you. ♥••*´¨`*•.☆•

When it comes to your thoughts it does not matter if they are about something real or something which is not real, whether your thoughts are about how your life is right now or about how your dream life will be the universal Law of Attraction will respond to those thoughts. The universe cannot distinguish whether you are imagining something or whether it is real.

Do you now understand how powerful your imagination is?

As you begin to see your future unfolding in front of you imagining how it will feel to be living your dream life visualize the following:

What are you doing?

Where abouts are you?

Who are you with?

How does it feel living your dream life?

Really put yourself there, feel the power of the moment, feel the energy, the love the joy of your own being and what you have created. Live your Dream! You will uplift millions!

Most importantly when it comes to living your dream life remember the following ~
Follow your own path. Follow your own truth. Follow your own heart. Follow your own inner happiness and bliss. Look for the good in every person and every situation and let your love and joy radiate out into the world every single day:)

Less than 1 year after living my dream life on the inside I was able to escape the rat race and follow my dreams. I now run a successful personal development business in which I help others do the same following their dreams and passions.

If you feel you would like to learn more about me please feel free to get in touch 🙂

♥ Liz Green ♥
~ Inspirational Leader ~ Transformational Mentor ~
CEO & Founder of Live Your Dream Mentoring

3 thoughts on “Law of Attraction wants to you to Live Your Dream on the inside first ~ here’s how….”

  1. In regards to your comment on living joyfully, I have found that the more focused I am on appreciating life, appreciating others, appreciating many moments in life draws to me even more of that better feeling experience of joy, unconditional love, and absolute allowing of all others to be as they are whether I agree with it or not.

    My consistent effort of being conscious of how I feel, what I am thinking, and what I am expressing pays off enormously in changing my whole vibration. I live in a consistently high state of being. This is the true gift in life! When you reach states of joy and unconditional love, the gift is this way of being.

    Needs of anything fall by the wayside. Material, emotional, mental…no longer “need” to be fulfilled because life is so enjoyable unto itself.

    I recognize how many would find this difficult to understand or believe. I can only attest to my own experience of it. Being consistently appreciative, unconditional loving and allowing of all others is enormously fruitful when you apply consistently.

  2. thanx for all these great thoughts, ur words are clearly saying that there is a dreamland inside us and if we get clear & focusd in our imagination, we all can get every damn thing from this world. thank you n keep writing such intresting write ups.

  3. It is truly inspirational when I read about people like you Liz who are able to follow their dreams and do what they love day in and day out. I am still taking baby steps, however I know that I will achieve my goals.

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