Do NOT Read This ~ It Could Change Your Life!

☞ Why are you reading this? ☜

↔ Do you Not understand Do Not? ↔

Fear NOT, you are NOT alone!

Naturally when something starts with dont, not or no human nature is to want to do whatever comes after the dont, not or no……..

SO….. With that said I am SO pleased you are here – by reading this I ask you to take part in an online experiment I have created to enlighten the world…..

How Many People DO What Says DO NOT?

I ask only one thing of you ~ Click HERE Register Your Count

It’s Human Nature & Part of the Universal Law

Just like you and me the Universe doesn’t hear the dont, not and no’s so when you are saying….

“I dont want…….. “

“No thats not for me…….”

“No more of this, I dont want ………dot dot dot……” Fill in the Blanks

Then Guess What? Just like YOU are here right now YOU will get more of the things you dont want! ♥ CHANGE your thoughts, CHANGE your life ♥

♥ Bliss is just one thought away ♥

•☆.•*´¨`*••♥ Thank You ♥••*´¨`*•.☆•


3 thoughts on “Do NOT Read This ~ It Could Change Your Life!”

  1. That one thing that really struck me from this, is the constant negativity.

    We consistently limit ourselves by telling ourselves that we cannot achieve this, or that we cannot do that. It is true when they say that we are our own worse enemies.

  2. It is so easy for humans to respond to the feeling of NOT, so it must be easy for the universe to respond to the same exact feelings.

    I do not want to be late.
    I do NOT want to miss this opportunity.

    and so on

    I will be early.
    I’ll make the opportunity!

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