Dan Hollings The Plan Review

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I joined the Plan by Dan Hollings back in December of 2021. I’m so glad I did because it taught me so much about cryptocurrency that would’ve taken me so much time to learn. There is a lot of information online about crypto, but you don’t know who to trust. Dan Hollings is easy to trust because he comes off as a trustworthy person and he has a lot of credibility he’s built over the years. He did the marketing for the Secret and that was a movie that helped so many.

I’m glad I paid the $3,500 just to have the knowledge. Not having this knowledge could’ve costed me much more money by making bad investments, chasing moonshots, and day trading.

Dan teaches the basics of crypto and then gives you his strategies to make money with it. It’s using bot software to make trades for you according to certain parameters. Dan tells you the bot trading software to use, which you have to pay for. He also gives you the parameters for how much grid step spacing, lines, investment amount, and deciding which coin pairs to use.

He teaches you his methodology of investing which is that you should imagine you lost everything you’re going to invest. He also says that you shouldn’t invest anything more than you can afford to lose. He also says to ignore fear, uncertainty, doubt, FUD.

Dan teaches a portfolio allocation strategy where he recommends to put a certain amount into Strategies (bots), Hodling, and reserves.

You’ll also learn the 10 core principles

There are multiple phases to the plan.

Phase 1 you learn the basics of crypto and the bot strategies, and savings platforms that pay interest.

Phase 2 you learn about savings platforms in DeFi.

Phase 3 teaches you how to invest in crypto like index funds.

Phase 4 teaches you leverage bots.

Phase 5-6 to be determined.

Fly on the Wall Sessions

Every once in a while you’ll get a fly on the wall session which is Dan Hollings and his partner discussing the market. This was especially helpful for me during the beginning of the last crash around June. Being able to be a fly on the wall to see and hear how Dan handles these things is invaluable.

It’s much better than reading Elon Musks tweets, or reading about people who lost everything. That won’t happen to you if you follow the Plan.

My Results with the Plan

I never invested in crypto before the plan. After the Plan, I invested about $30,000 according to Dan’s allocation percentages. A certain amount was hodling, a certain amount was reserve, and a certain amount in the strategies.

In two months, I made $1,000. Today, if I were to cash out, I’d have about $15,000. That would be about a 50% loss. That’s because the market crashed badly. However, if the coins go back up, I could have a lot more than the $30,000 I put in.

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How much money do I need to Invest?

The Plan costs $3,500. Then, as a minimum, you need to invest at least $2,000 into crypto. Before crypto was down so much, it was $3,500 minimum to follow the plan.

The only other costs involved are for the software which is less than $100/mo and for tax software you may need.

Last Words

I didn’t know anything about crypto before I joined the plan and I hadn’t invested anything into it. I felt like I was missing out. Then I joined the Plan and I immediately felt confident speaking about crypto and I made $1,000 dollars. I’m still early in my journey. It’s only been 7 or 8 months.

Hopefully in a year I’ll be able to say I made at least a 30% return on my total investment.

I was very worried initially about losing all that money but actually being a part of the plan is what helped me. In the beginning of the plan, Dan drills into you how psychology is so important. He literally said that it was going to happen but people will think it won’t happen to them. They don’t have to listen.

Well it happened to me. I lost money and I started losing faith. But then I remembered that this is part of the reason why I got into it. Because it’s so volatile which is what gives us the ability to make trades and profit. I’m confident that it will pay off hugely in the future because I have a plan.

If I hadn’t had this experience of learning the plan, I may have invested more money and lost it and also lost my head. I could’ve invested in the wrong coins, allocated my portfolio incorrectly and been unable to take advantage of this bear market. So the $3,500 I paid to learn is worth so much more than that.