The definitions of clairsentient and empath appear to be very similar, but in reality they're completely different. Empathic people are those who feel the energy and emotions of others, and take negative energy or low vibrational energy and turn it into a higher vibration.

They come in contact with negative energies on this planet and do what they can to raise the vibrations and spread love. Clairsentience is a psychic gift that allows a person to feel energies and emotion of another person through their energetic field.


Both empaths and people that are clairsentient can feel the energy, emotions, and experiences of other people. But what they do with them is different. People that are clairsentient are technically psychic and they have the ability of clairsentience. 

4 Main Psychic Abilities

  1. 1
    Clairsentience - clear feeling
  2. 2
    Clairvoyance - clear seeing
  3. 3
    Clairaudience - clear hearing
  4. 4
    Claircognizance - clear knowing 

An empath's goal is to transform the low vibrations and negative energies on our planet and turn them into a vibration of love. You might be an empath or you might know someone that is an empath, and chances are they're always around other people that have some type of trauma or negative experience or overwhelming issue going on in their life. 

The empath there is to take that low vibration and turn it into love or a positive higher vibration.

Someone that is clairsentient does feel these emotions and energies, but they don't necessarily transform it into anything better. People that do use clairsentience for positive is really giving other people insight into their life or the lives of people that they care about so that they can make a better decision when it comes to what's going on in their life.

So the empath's goal is really to transform these low vibrations into love or higher vibrations. And people that are clairsentient can come into contact with someone that is going through a trauma and not necessarily do anything about it. 

Empaths and people that are clairsentient are both extremely sensitive to other people's energies or vibrations, so it's really important if you have either one of these gifts to protect your energy. Because chances are if you don't protect your energy and you're empathic or clairsentient, going out into large crowds or even going to the grocery store could be pretty draining for you.

Definitely check out how to clear your energy and what you can do to protect yourself from other people's low vibrations. 

Ways that people use Clairsentience

There's a ton of different ways that people implement this into psychic readings or just their day to day life. But one common thing that I'm sure you've seen before is tarot card readings. 

What people that are doing it correctly are actually doing is tapping into their clairsentience and using that clear feeling to pick the right cards for the person that they're reading.

People that are good tarot readers must have some type of clairsentience or claircognizance. But that's one big way that we see people using this gift. 

Another way is let's say you go to a psychic and you want to know about your grandma that passed away. The psychic might ask you to bring an object that used to belong to your grandma and what they use this for is when they hold the object, they can actually feel the emotions or relive experiences or get visions clairvoyantly about your grandma. 

That's an example of clairsentience along with possibly using other types of clairs to tap into that and give the sitter (or the person that they'r reading) some clear knowledge on what it is they want to know or what it is they're currently going through. 

So those are a couple of examples of how people use clairsentience. Hopefully it's a bit more clear on the differences between people that are clairsentient and people that are empathic. But one way that I think of empaths is they exude a lot of love and positivity regardless of what's going on around them. And they're also usually more concerned about the people around them then their own current situation.

So empaths are kind of like that friend that you can always lean on no matter what and they'll always listen to you and have something positive to bring to you. 

Clairsentient people will probably feel the same thing, but their underlying, or subconscious, or even conscious goal is not necessarily to take that low vibration and transform it into love like an empath would do. 

To my knowledge, people that are clairsentient have more information about what this energy or vibration or experience is stemming from, and that allows them to give a better reading to their sitter (the person they're giving the psychic reading to).

So let's say people were arguing in a room and then ten minutes later, someone that's clairsentient walks in. They would probably be able to determine who was arguing and to an extent what the argument was about. 

Another example of someone that's very clairsentient is they are going to their friend's house and on the way their arm starts killing them. Then when they get to their friend's house, their friend tells them how they just got into an accident and hurt their arm.

That's an example of physical clairsentience: actually feeling a pain in your body that someone you know whether it's a friend or relative or even a person that is your sitter for your reading is going through, you would be able to feel that as well. 

There are many different examples that I could give you, but I hope that I've made it clear what the differences are between empaths and people that are clairsentient. 

Basically, clairsentience is just a psychic ability that people use in different ways. Empaths subconsciously go through the world trying to take our vibrations and raise them as a whole. 

Comment below if you're an empath or have clairsentience or know someone who is.

If you have any questions, comments, or new videos that you'd like to see comment that as well. 

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