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Law of Attraction for Manifestation

How to attract the work you love to do – Dream Job

by Greer Tavel

Quote for the week:

“I’d rather be a flop at show business; than be
a success at something;I didn’t like.
George Burns

One of the major buzz words these days is “right livelihood.” This refers to doing the work you love instead of settling for just a job and a paycheck. For many of us, this requires a leap of faith and a large risk. Still, as George Burns indicates in the above quote, doing what you enjoy – even poorly – is preferable to doing something you don’t enjoy. How can we do this? Most of us don’t even know what we would love to do; we haven’t identified our right livelihood. In fact many of us don’t; believe it is possible for us to make any money doing what we love.

So we put our dreams aside and go to work for a living. We give up on ever doing what we love. It may be for someone else, but not for me. We fill ourselves with fear and doubt instead of hope and dreams. Even I occassionally fell into this trap. But I kept going back to what is possible. For the last two weeks I‘ve been on the road, living a piece of my dream. I’m doing what I’ve always wanted to do and enjoying it more than I could have believed possible.

I finally understand the statement that when you are doing what you love, it isn’t work. And I am reminded that if I can have a piece of my dream, maybe I can have it all. So I keep dreaming and I keep heading in that direction. How about you? Are you doing what you love, or working for a paycheck? Do you need help in identifying your right livelihood? Do you need a clearer roadmap to getting there? Can I help

Affirmation for the week:

I do what I love and love what I do.

Action Assignment:
1) Identify your right livelihood.
2) Create a plan to begin doing it.

How to use this newsletter
1) Read the quote and affirmation daily.
2) Do something everyday that is an outcome of the affirmation.
3) Watch your life change for the better.

Greer Tavel is a speaker, workshop leader and success coach in the area of personal growth and transformation. She offers ways for you to identify limiting beliefs, change them to more empowering ones and then incorporate these more positive new beliefs into your life.For other information, or to subscribe to her free newsletter “Limit Buster Tips”, visit her website at or email her at or call (425) 820-6357.