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The God Fathers of The Law Of Attraction

In 2006 Australian TV/movie producer Rhonda Byrne brought the DVD ‘The Secret’ to the world, along with the DVD also came the book of the same name and Ms Byrne had a runaway success on her hands. According to Associated Press The Secret DVD sold 3 million copies in 2007 and the book over 5 million copies, netting the author over $50 million dollars.

Although the book/movie have enjoyed phenomenal success and Rhonda Byrne can be proud that she has made the subject of the Law of Attraction highly visible once more, she cannot take credit for the being the creator of the teachings that she has popularized once more in our time. In ‘The Secret’ Rhonda Byrne openly states that she is merely a facilitator of the information offered in her book/movie and that real masters of this information were teaching others well over a hundred years ago.

The History of The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction (L.O.A) has been around for a very long time but it is not known who was first to write about the topic. Some believe the teachings of the L.O.A have been around as long as 3000 years ago and others believe the L.O.A has been with mankind since the beginning of time.

There are many passages from books of the bible such as Mathew, Luke, Proverbs and Romans, that those who study theology maintain is proof that the L.O.A is God’s law and as such has always been available to mankind in the form of the bible.

Reverend Ron McIntosh, president of Ron McIntosh Ministries and I.M.P.A.C.T, a leadership and church-consulting ministry says that God’s L.O.A teaches people how to renew their minds and align themselves to God’s truths. Rev. McIntosh does not believe that the L.O.A is based on attracting our desires from some impersonal universe, but from provisions willingly given from God who lives to give good gifts to his children.

Regardless of the origin of the L.O.A, one thing that the students of new thought agree upon are the men who are the true Godfather’s of the L.O.A. The few men who were responsible for putting these teachings into a format that others could follow, not merely offering obscure quotes loosely based on the law, but actual step by step processes and workable foundations upon which anyone studying these teaching could easily build success beyond their wildest dreams upon.

One such man knew what any person willing to change their thinking could achieve and he set about testing his theories so that he could produce a formula for success. This man, who took his concept of the law to a group of businessmen in America in the early 1900’s, was even asked not to reveal his ideas to the general public. These business men who were the guinea pigs for his trials, managed to achieve such phenomenal success that they begged him not to make the information available to their competitors and the general public because they wanted to keep their new found guide to success to themselves.

This of course could not be agreed to as it goes against the very foundation of the L.O.A. The businessmen, even though they had experienced amazing results had yet to understand that there is no need to hoard anything in the universe, there is more than enough to go around and everyone deserved to have these teachings made available to them, and their teacher knew this.


The Godfathers of The Law of Attraction

Charles F Haanel (1866-1949)

Charles Francis Haanel was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan USA; he was a noted American author and businessman who began his business career in St. Louis as an office boy for the National Enameling & Stamping Company, working for them for fifteen years.

Charles F Haanel went on to own an extremely profitable enterprise the Continental Commercial Company. With Mr. Haanel as the president this company was consolidated with his first company, also absorbed six additional companies and went on to become worth over $250 million dollars. By 1885 Charles Haanel had become an extremely sought after businessman and was seen as a man of mature judgment, capable of taking a calm survey of life and correctly valuing its opportunities, its possibilities, its demands and obligations.

Even though he wrote many books including the highly acclaimed ‘Master Key System’, very little is known about Charles Haanel. Countless letters were written praising his writing but very little was actually written about the man himself. Mr. Haanel’s books were published by his Master Key Institute in New York and by Psychology Publishing in St. Louis and. Mr. Haanel put into these books the ideas and methods he used to gain his success. Besides the “Master Key System,” which he wrote in 1912, he also wrote “Mental Chemistry” and “The New Psychology”

By 1933 The Master Key System had sold over 200,000 copies and Charles Haanel was established as the Godfather of personal development.

The Master Key System is one of the finest studies in self-improvement and higher consciousness ever written. Covering topics on attracting abundance and prosperity, to greater health and happiness. This system also teaches the principles and practices of the laws of cause and effect.

Originally The Master Key System was written as a 24-part correspondence course and is now widely used as a step-by-step program complete with questionnaires, exercises and lessons. It is alleged that The Master Key System disappeared from circulation in 1933 after being banned by the church, and just as mysteriously reappeared between the late 1970’s and early 1980’s in its original form.

Despite the mystery and speculation surrounding The Master Key System it is simply undeniable the Charles Francis Haanel, in 1912 produced a timeless classic that will continue to influence the lives of many for a great deal of time to come.



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