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Hear What Others Say. But Then Listen to Yourself

Quotes for the week:

“Nobody’s opinion matters
more than your own.
Jim Zinger

“What’s important to me
is not what other people think,
but what I think of myself.

Both these quotations have the same message, and it is one of the hardest lessons for many of us to learn. I know that I personally had a hard time with this one. Many of us are people pleasers; we want everyone to like us.

The problem here is that they won’t – no matter what we say or do. Statistically, 2% of the population won’t like you and there is nothing you can do about it. Others of us care about our reputation. Whether it is at work, or personally, we care what others think. After all, at work our promotions and future depends on it. And the same can be said of our personal lives. And of course, many of us are still trying to make our parents proud of us. So we live our lives according to how we want others to perceive us.

There are several problems here. First of all, as I said before, not everyone is going to like us. Secondly, if we live our lives worrying about what others will think, we will never take a risk or stretch ourselves. And probably most damaging, if we live our lives attempting to please others or make them proud, we often give up our own dreams. Those closest to us may not understand or agree with how we want to live our lives, and if we let their opinions count more than our own, we often try living their lives, not our own.

Everyone is entitled to have an opinion. And often the information and feedback we receive from others is valuable. However, we must remember that other’s opinions is just that – their opinions. It is not facts. So we must learn to hear what others say, consider it’s validity, and then make up our own minds. Our opinions are important too. We must learn to listen to our self, and then act true to our own thoughts and opinions. I know this can be tough. We may be call stupid, selfish, or worse, by people we care about. But remember, it is your life, and it is your opinion that counts. If you need someone to talk to, I’ll listen and honor your opinions. Let me know how it goes

Affirmation for the week:
I honor my opinions above those of others.

Action Assignment:

1) Listen to the opinions of others,
check for validity.

2) Then make decisions based on your opinions,
not those of others.

How to use this newsletter:
1) Read the quote and affirmation daily.

2) Do something everyday that is an outcome of the affirmation.

3)Watch your life change for the better.

Greer Tavel is a speaker, workshop leader and success coach in the area of personal growth and transformation. Author of “Beyond Belief: A Guide to Your New Reality”,she will help you identify limiting beliefs, change them to more empowering ones and incorporate these more positive new beliefs into your life. For other information or to subscribe to her free newsletter “Limit Buster Tips”, visit her web site at or e-mail her at:

Worry Free Life: The “Hapiness-Sutra” Way

Worry Free life

“Happiness Sutra”

Sutra is a Sanskrit Word, meaning, “The Key”, I been using this method for a long, works like charm, i do see a transformation happening in many ways.

I know i sexed up the Method by naming it “Happiness Sutra”. 😉

The whole method is about thinking once, before worrying.


Notes to the Method:

1- The Checklists are the thoughts points you need to consider when you feel you are worrying for something.

2- Case: Is an example situation best fitting into the Checklist, sure there can be many such situations.

3- Explanation: A brief about the Checklist.

Checklist 1: Is my worry caused by assuming way too much/having false assumptions of the situation?

Case: Ops, I am too worried for past 3 days, he has not called/texed me still, he always used to call me.

Has he found someone Else?

Has he left me?

Is he no more interested in me?

Explanation: Observe possibly this worry of yours is caused by assuming too much and drafting false facts in your Mind/thoughts, which negatively make you believe that, YES the worry Exist, In Effect, it Does NOT. (That’s the Power and Beauty of Thoughts, it can make us believe even, what Does NOT EXIST).

Checklist 2: Am i over Reacting to the Situation OR Is it how, would i react to the Situation, if I am happiest person on planet?

Case: I am feeling sad, because they take me for granted, they say, they do not need me, I feel so alone and unwanted.

Explanation: As i observed, a typical (Not so happy) person takes no more than 10% of Actions on situations but reacts to 90% of the situations.

You decide now, You want your life wasted on just Reacting to the Situations and on what others DO or SAY about you OR “you want to be Proactive and Live the Life You desired For?”

Checklist 3: Is my Worry, the Solution for this Situation?

Explanation: The more you worry, the deeper you will find yourself, stuck into it. Does it SOLVE the situation? Absolutely NOT.


It surely DISSOLVES all your energies, unwontedly. This is again a byproduct of Over-Reacting (Refer to Checklist 2 ).

Case: I locked up myself for past 2 days, trying to find the solution and blaming me for all that happened I am feeling more and more confused, alone, puzzled.

What an Energy Sucker Situation, we create for ourselves. Think again, will Reacting do any Good?

How to use:

I strongly recommend to each one of you, to make a small postcard sized slip and write over it, all the three Checklists (Only Write the Checklists). The Case and Explanations are just for your understanding. Always carry this card with you; you can call it, “Happiness Sutra Card”.

Next time when you have any worry, Just hold one, sit back, take a deep breath, just cut out of the Worry for 2 minutes, pick out the card, Read aloud the checklists.

Tick against each Checklist. (Tick or No Tick)

If you find, you have not a single Tick on any of the Checklists, your Worry is just FALSE and does not even exist and is a mere Reproduction of Over-Assuming and Over-Reacting.

So, now you know the problem (False Worry), you know the Solution (Why to have False Worry at all).

My Experience: Needless to say, IT WORKS and it’s too addicting.

Action Pack: Use this method, update me with your results.

REMEMBER, no method is a Secret or a Magic, its just that our thoughts are too busy in worrying that we do not get time to be feel Happy at all. 😉