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Ankur, do you want to say, I should stop attracting my material desires? :-(

Well, I did not mean that at all, all I want to say, law of attraction has a broad scope and it can get enrich you in many-many ways than you desiring of just a house, a car or something.

Only a car, a house does not complete you life, does it? See the bigger picture, learn the beauty of LOA first and then you will be able to apply it in ever walks of your life. 🙂

I read, I can use Law of attraction to get a dream house, ex back, a dream job, a perfect soul mate, money, abundance and many material things, but I am still not successful to get any of them. WHY?

This is something I can call a “newbie’s cliché”, many a times I get to hear this complain. The problem I see here is, you are learning law of attraction to just satisfy your material desire, are you not loosing or missing the bigger picture?

May be you want  to use learn law of Attraction just to get your ex back, and you are still not successful, point is, you are seeing law of attraction from one the point of view of your problems and you miss to understand how beautifully this law works.

Come out of the shell of material desires first learn and appreciate the workings of Law of Attraction in your life, rest all will follow, I believe.

Applying Law of attraction, just to get a Car, house, money, ex back is just limited to this, but, understanding the Law and its beauty, will last with you, in all you desire and want.  See the bigger picture, rest all will follow.

Ankur, Law of Attraction does not work for me, what shall I do? :-(

It’s been one of them most frequently asked question to me, on our blog as well as on our law of attraction forum.

Before answering this most sought after question, let me ask you a funny but important question.

Does “Law of Gravity” work for you?

I know it does, so does Law of Attraction. Law of Gravity is a natural Universal law, so is, law of attraction.

Law of attraction has been working along with you the day you start attracting or thinking about anything you get attracted towards, in other words, it all started since childhood and it will continue till the day stop “attracting or thinking about anything”.

So, now you see the point, we do not need to make it work, all we need to learn is, how to Law of attraction for a Purpose which is certainly more than attaining the material desires.