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Ankur, what is Quantum Physics to do with Law of Attraction?

Law of attraction been into existence from time immortal, quantum physics is a branch of science, helped us a lot to understand the functioning of Law of attraction, by explaining how matters, atoms and partials are effected when they are observed, remember, Observation in quantum Physics is equivalent to “Attraction ” in law of attraction.

Quantum physics helped us to understand that time is an illusion, the best discovery by Our Sweet Old para-genious   Einstein. And it has made our understanding of law of attrition deeper and interesting as the same time, it has opened more rooms for deep exploration.

The “Double Slit experiment“is one of the classic explanations on how quantum physics demystifies the powers of law of attraction.

Dr. Emorto’s “Water Experiment” is an add-on to this. And yes, it would be shame if I do not thank to Dr. Amit Goswami and Our Sweet beard Old man Dr. Alan Fred Wolf.

I love to call them QPD ( Quantum Physics Dudes).

Ok!!! Ankur, I am convinced, can you tell me, what all things you have manifested so far, with law of attraction?

This question is asked to me many times by the ones who I introduce LOA to. As I have said many a times, I do not See Law of attraction, just as a tool to attain material possessions like Money, car, house, ex back and so on, scope Law of attraction is way beyond, all these material things do follow, once we understand the core of Law of attraction. My manifestations with Law of attraction include material as well as non-material attainments. Non-material ones were the most powerful and indeed a sort of blessing.

I have a long list of things I have attracted with Law of attraction; I just cannot list it out.

What is the “narrow Perspective” of Understanding and applying Law of attraction?

One Practical case: Oh WOW!!! I am feeling so happy; I can see law of attraction working for me, because I could see signs of getting what I want. After few days you may say….  Ops!!! It seems Law of Attraction has stopped working for me, What shall I do now? I am too depressed and losing faith in Law of Attraction.

You can hear these words from many learning to practice law of attraction, problem is, many want to learn Law of attraction for just their material desire (e.g. Money, ex back, car, house so on), and their scope of seeing the beauty of law of attraction is just limited to what they want, I have to call it, its “narrow perspective” of looking at law of Attraction.

Such narrow perspective will not guarantee you the attainment of what you want, it will be rather be a hit and trial, and if you get it you may say “Law of Attraction works”, if you do not attain, you may say, “Damnit! Law of Attraction is just a Mumbo-Jumbos”, and saying “Law of attraction stopped working for me”, Makes me a good, 10 seconds laugh. J

If you say law of attraction stopped working for you, it means you see law of attraction as a tool to just attain your personal desires, and this is where a wrong education and application of Law of attraction starts, which will you up in losing faith in law of attraction for a wrong reason.

So, can I also be blessed with the same Law of Attraction and its workings?

Why not, absolutely! As I said, it’s a Universal law, works for me as much as it does for you.  But as I always say, seeing Law of Attraction as just a tool to attain material desires like car, house, soul mate, money, ex back etc, will make you miss the bigger picture. I am not saying you cannot attain them with LOA, sure and indeed, you can. But, Law of Attraction is indeed way more than a tool to fulfill your material desires, appreciate and learn the Law rest will follow.

Ankur, you must be so happy and strong in life, as you know the Law of attraction. No?

Understanding the beauty of Law of attraction in early age was indeed a blessing, not that I do not have problems in life, but, once I learned the power of aw of attraction, my way to see things changed, I stopped allowing myself to think of any negative fraction of thought and gradually, it all has become so subconscious that I hardly see any negativity even in the worst circumstance of life.

Ankur, Damn!!! I am thinking of and attracting millions of things in a day, do you want to me to observe all of them? You gotta be kidding me?

Gradually, observation becomes subconscious, once its subconscious, it does not even need any conscious efforts on your part, that’s what the beauty of “Sub-Conscious mind”, and this is the core of “Consciousness”.

Well my friend, tell me one thing, how many negative thoughts you have in a day? Man-many and many are you even aware of them? You are not, you still attract them. Then why not to use the same principal to turn the tables

“Check to Check”, keep an observation on Negative thoughts, if they are not in sync of what you want, cut that, stop even thinking of it. Thinking of it anymore, will rather weaken you and more of it will come back you, who cares you want it or not, you attracted it, and you are given, this is the beauty of Law of Attraction.

Gradually, thinking positive will become as natural and subconscious as much as its right now for to think negative. Turn the table.

Why I am always surrounded by negative feelings, even when I try to be positive OR why I attract negatives more and faster than Positives side of life?

OK, this is a million dollar question and a billion dollar answer that I can give you will be, we are subconsciously so much patterned to think negative that, we start seeing attracting things negatively even when we do not want to.

Our thought process is very much affected by the environment we live in, our peers, colleagues and surroundings. Its something that moulds our though process, our way of seeing things and situations in life.

Mass is irrational and prone to panic by reacting on small-small things which really do not matter, and this is what we learn from society. And unconsciously it all becomes too subconscious that we start attracting the same, even when we are not aware of it and we do not want it.

We are patterned gradually for negative thoughts.

Oh! what is the solution?

Well, this is where understanding the beauty of “Consciousness” Comes into play.

Oh Boy, now what is Consciousness?

J Well, awareness is consciousness. When we are aware of what we think, what we observe, what we attract.