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How to Stay Winner in losing Economy with Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction economic recession

How to Stay Winner in losing Economy with Law of Attraction

We are losing more from the panic of economic recession than the actual loss out of recession. We panic and become anxious for various things be it saving jobs, running a almost closing company and so on. Law of attraction is certainly a way to keep one always up even when we are phasing through a tough economic condition. As i said earlier, we panic, infact panic is also a form of attracting negativity, and as the law of attraction says, “Like attracts like”, the more we panic, we attract more of it. Instad, there are still loads of opportunities around all we need is to keep the faith up and look around, there is lot more to care and and to come ahead. Law of Attraction the one of the most flexible law, applying in almost all walks of life.

Enjoy the Article below, on how to face economic recession with law of attraction.

Law of Attraction During These Challenging Economic Times

It’s all around us. TV, online, radio and print news are all spreading the negative vibration of fear and anxiety about an unprecedented global economic situation that continues to slide downwards on a daily basis. Just listening, reading, discussing and observing what is happening around us is causing us to also send this same negative vibration. So what do we need to do to keep our vibration pure and positive during these times?

Imagine a large Vibration Meter Reader pointed down on people around the world, during these “challenging economic” times. What vibration would it read? Would Law of Attraction find the vibration or feeling of; fear, stress, anxiety, worry about financial insecurity, lack of hope for more abundance, lack of belief that using Law of Attraction will work to attract abundance during this big economic downturn? Or would it find the vibration of; joy bliss, appreciation, gratitude and love (just to name a few).

Remember, the Law of Attraction has one job – to match the vibration you are sending, whether negative or positive, or whether you are sending this vibration deliberately or not.

Staying positive during this economic challenge is an opportunity for you to exercise and activate your ABUNDANCE ‘muscle’. In other words, you need to send out a vibration of abundance more deliberately. In every moment you have a mood or a feeling which causes you to send out a positive or negative vibration. Sending the vibration of abundance happens only when you FEEL abundant. Suppose you asked people on the street,

“How many minutes a day do you deliberately send out a vibration of abundance?”

What do you think their answer would be? I bet it would be ZERO minutes a day. How can anyone expect to attract abundance if they are not sending out the matching vibration of abundance?

The feeling of ABUNDANCE is a strong, high, and positive vibration. The only way to attract anything is to send a matching vibration of the way you want it to be. Only when you FEEL abundant will you ATTRACT abundance. It’s that simple! You WILL become more abundant when you deliberately send out the vibration of abundance more often.

There are many opportunities right now for you to become more deliberate about activating your Abundance Muscle.

Here are some common scenarios that you may find yourself in. Pay attention to the new response you can give that will keep you in the positive vibration of abundance!

Your new response will be to say, “Thank-you”. That is the only verbal response you will give.

But, from now on, in your inner voice, you will say to yourself,

“I AM very abundant. I DID attract this! Law of Attraction IS working!”

Here are examples of scenarios in which you get to practice this!

1) Someone gives you a gift…just say thanks…nothing else!
In your inner voice you will say, “I AM very abundant. I DID attract this! Law of Attraction IS working!”

2) Someone buys you lunch or coffee…just say thanks…nothing else!
In your inner voice you will say, “I AM very abundant. I DID attract this! Law of Attraction IS working!”

Someone drives you somewhere and buys the gas needed…
Someone offers to do a free service for you…
Someone offers to pay for something for you…
Someone lets you stay in their B&B or summer cottage for free…

It sounds easy, yes? Well, just wait and see. Many people don’t accept things with such a simple and short statement of thankfulness. It’s very likely most of us have learned a script in the little ritual we get caught in each time we find ourselves in one of the above scenarios.

Someone offers to give you something, or pay for something, or do something for you and you follow the script (or learned behavior) and say,

“No, that’s Ok. You don’t have to do that.”
Or, “No, I can get it, you don’t have to. I’ll pay for mine.”
Oh yes! You can just hear yourself, right?

Here is your assignment.

As a deliberate attractor, you will now just say thanks and silently acknowledge the abundance you are receiving. You are then sending the vibration of abundance and DELIBERATELY exercising your Abundance Muscle.

Have fun…it’s short and sweet…just say thanks and close your mouth!

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I believe you like the write-up, do share your thoughts in the commnet section below, no doubt this is one of the most contemporary topic, we all apply law of attraction in some way or the other and we all are facing the downsides of economic recession, would’nt it be wonderful to share your thoughts on how to survive in economic recession with law of attraction?

Over to you now. 🙂

What is Law of Attraction History?

What is Law of Attraction History?

Law of attraction History
Law of attraction History

Well, thats a million dollars question and has not been answered on internet by many people, but at the same time its quite contemporary question amoung the people from Law of attraction lobby. As per me, law of attraction history is a misnomer, law of attraction has been working since the day, law of gravity was working, just that now we know the name of the law as , “Law of attraction”, still its pretty interesting to know Law of attraction History, well, to answer your quest, i found out this wonderful piece of write up. Go through and enjoy.

History of the Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is not something that is new – despite the new popularity that books and movies have gained it. In fact, the Law of Attraction has been around for a long time, and has even been documented. This is part of the proof positive that the Law really works – it has been doing so for many years.

The concept can first be found in Hinduism. Also, due to the fact that Hinduism had a huge influence on Theosophy, you can also find mentions of the Law of Attraction in the Theosophical texts.

The first real mention of the actual term “Law of Attraction” other than Hinduism, is in a book on esoteric mysteries, written by Helena Blavatsky, in 1877. In 1902, the book As a Man Thinketh, by James Allen, mentioned an idea that is similar to the Law of Attraction, though not called so by name. Allen got the name for the book, as well as the general concept for the idea, came from the ancient Jewish Book of Proverbs, chapter 23, verse 7, which states “As a man Thinketh in his heart, so he is”.

In the 1900s, the Law of Attraction began to gain popularity. It was used in William Walker Atikinson’s 1906 book, Thought Vibration or the Law of Attraction in the Thought World. The principal that he talked about was summarized as “You are what you think, not what you think you are”. The phrase “Law of Attraction” also appeared in the writings of Theosophical writers William Quan Judge in 1915 and Annie Besant in 1919.

From that day, and continuing into the present age, the Law of Attraction has been addressed by many people and under many different topics. It has been called positive thinking, mental science, pragmatic Christianity, New Thought, Science of Mind, Practical Metaphysics, Divine Science, and many other terms. However, the underlying concepts have been the same.

In the year 2000, a movie called “The Secret” was put out, and a book followed soon after. The movie and book, and the whole host of books that came after it, all proclaimed the same message – that the key to your wants, needs, and desires, all rested within yourself.

Although the Law of Attraction has been called many things by many different people, it has always been the same general idea. Positive thoughts and attitudes bring positive things towards a person. Focusing on positive energies and ideas allows positive things to be brought to you.

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Hope you guys enjoyed the Law of attraction History. Did you not? Well, i still feel, Law of attraction History is just a misnomer, we all have been using it scince we ae born. Let the topic of Law of attraction History be the concern for historians and all of us, lets use the wonderful and mystical powers of Law of attraction. Its works like Crazy.

Over to you now. 🙂