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The only way to go – UP!!

Hello people! Fair ladies, respectable gentlemen, I will address you once again.

Have you ever found yourself in the bottom of misery?

Have you ever thought there was nowhere left to go, no one left to turn to, nothing left to do?

Have you ever even questioned the worth of this life and, whether consciously or otherwise, simply wanted OUT?

I have. And because of that, I can help you.

There is one thing you can do, despite everything having been against you. There is one final power you do have, and if you feed it and nourish it, it can grow strong enough to change EVERYTHING.

If you feel you have hit bottom, that only can mean one thing.
You cannot fall any lower. And since you are not going to be stuck there, you know what the good news is?

That the only way to go is upward.

THIS is the meaning of the saying “The sky is darkest when it is about to dawn”.

You can do it! The more you believe you are fated to go up, the higher you will skyrocket. And then it will become true. You will become a stronger person, as I have. You will be able to do whatever you wish, and achieve whatever you want.

Entitled to Dream. To Want. TO HAVE.

Good day everybody! Have you been doing well? Good!

This time, I’ll bring to your attention some thoughts about an unalienable right each and all of us have. A right no one and nothing can take away from us, if we do not allow it.

The right to dream.

Everyone has the right to dream. Everyone is entitled to a better life. To a better world for themselves and their loved ones.
Everyone is entitled to have what they want, if they want it badly enough and healthily persistant enough about it.

I know of this, myself, and willingly attest to it.

I wanted all kinds of support after my most defining moment, two months ago, and I got it. The bulk of it, here.

I wanted to love a certain someone truly, unconditionally, and most important, entirely willingly and independently. And it is recently that I have achieved that. I feel the void, the lack sometimes, but I am growing stronger to fight it directly, without needing anyone as a crutch.

That which you want, you can have. You are entitled to it.
Let that fact grow into your head, no matter how slowly it does.

It will change you forever.

world of wonderful laws


Today, m getting everybody’s Attention

Coz I know the secret behind the laws of Attraction…

No its not any miracle just a real fact

So, here I am trying to tell u the basic concept…

You find nothing simply by reading a book

Ask, Ankur,  & he will change ur whole outlook…

Nothing is hidden beneath the universe

Its all within u – Good or Worse…

No can stop u from living the life of ur dream

As no one will goin to hear you, no matter how loud u scream…

Don’t get puzzled with Quantum physics or law of gravity

They may decay ur mind like a teeth of cavity…

Thoughts become a magnet which attract all the Facts u feel

So, think positive coz one day it will become real…

You wont attract abundance if u are   unkind & mean

LOA will never work 4 U & remain unseen…

You  believed that u are the victim of ur circumstances

Don’t worry LOA is there to give u some more chances…

Kick off all  the “No’’ saying statements from your Mind

Try to see the positive energy in every damn thing, whatever u find…

You want to attract ur Ex back, dream house, money or car

But u will never try to see the LOA at par…

Create purely ur thoughts, without any doubt or conflict

Visualize & raise ur vibration towards it…

You can attract too whatever u want

just be clear n focused, otherwise u cant…

My life has changed in just one Nite

When I visited Ankur Sancheti ‘s site…

Thanks  To Geetika Matta for the Beautiful Poem!!!

LOA and Good Luck charms

Hello everybody.  Your friend David here.  I am sure all of you are having a great day.

For this entry, I will talk about good luck charms. Those particular trinkets with which you can do anything and everything.

Have you seen people that that, while having a good luck coin, or any other “amulet” by their side, they truly believe they are this empowered person who can succeed at everything?

I do not blame them. They are using LOA to ask, believe wholeheartedly, and recieve accordingly. And that is good, is not it?

But…have you seen as well what happens when that good luck charm becomes missing and/or broken?

Those very people become mad and frantic, because without their good luck bringer, they now believe themselves to be uberly and utterly defenseless. And they are.

“With it, I’m powerful”
“Without it, I’m powerless”

The absence of that which brought them so much good, became their greatest weakness. They cannot function appropriately without them.

Please, do not let this happen to you. If you have a special item which you think has brought you good luck, I ask you to think again. Absolutely nothing in this world has such power unless we give it to them.

That’s right. You need no particular object to have good luck. No rabbit foot. No lunar rock. No four leaf clover.

You already have an excellent good luck charm. And it is so good, it will never get lost. It will always and forever be there.
Treasure it. Worship it. Take good care of it.

You can find it when you look at a mirror.