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How to have Positive Perceptions

Any events that occur, things that people say or do are all perceived differently by us. If we can change our perceptions of these events, especially if they are unfavorable, we can change our outlook on life, and e volve to new higher levels.

How many times have you said something you thought was funny, and the other person took it as an insult. It’s their perception of the situation – they didn’t see it as funny and you are left feeling bad, sometimes it can be the end of a friendship. However, we can change the way we perceive events and things will begin to change when you see things from a different angle.

Give others the benefit of the doubt

I have learnt how to see things differently and give others the benefit of the doubt, before condemning their behaviour. For example, say a friend was running late or was supposed to call you, and they failed to do so. The first reaction you may have is one of anger. You may think, how rude, or don’t they value our friendship – I wouldn’t do that to them. Or you could perceive it differently. You could think, maybe their phone battery went flat, perhaps they were held up in traffic, or a situation occurred to make them lose track of time. I have found that there is usually a very good reason and it’s not always as sinister as you might first think.


I learnt this lesson in a very painful way, however it was really a blessing in disguise, because the person involved did me a huge favour and was instrumental in teaching me a valuable life lesson – we are no longer friends because of it, and that’s ok. Some people only come into our lives to teach us things, once the lesson is learnt, they seem to disappear, ever notice that! I have often been thankful to this person, for teaching me this lesson.

What’s good about the situation?

The trick is to try and see the good in the situation. This can work in the worst cases of all. Kurek Ashley tell’s us in his book “How would Love Respond” how he was able to change his perception of a helicopter crash, in which 5 of his good fiends were killed. Once he changed his perception from that of tragedy to see what was good about the crash, by asking himself “What’s good about this situation” he underwent a massive transformation and turned his life around.

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How to attract Positivity all the time

Adopt New Habits

We all have habits, good and bad, some we need – others we don’t need, or want! If we didn’t have habits, we would have to really concentrate just to do daily things, like washing ourselves or combing our hair – however, because of habits, we can all do this without too much thought at all.

So how does this tie in with our quest to learn how to think positively? The way we think is merely a habit, and the good news is that habits can be changed.

Changing your habits, or throwing a disempowering habit out and adopting a new empowering habit, is going to require patience, persistence and perseverance from you. It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen if you stick at it and never give up.

So how can this be achieved:

Take note of your thoughts

You have on average about 25,000 of them per day, so you should be able to catch at least a few of them.

Listen to what you say when you speak to others, what we speak are our thoughts out loud.

So once you are aware of what you are thinking to yourself on a regular basis (like probably 5,000 times a day) stop, and change that thought to a new positive thought or question. Now this takes some getting used to especially if this notion is totally new to you. Put up some reminders somewhere. I have a poster with all the new questions I need to ask myself.

So some examples might be:

I am broke: Ask yourself, How can I become more abundant?
I cant do it: Ask yourself, How can I be more confident?
Any bad situation: Ask yourself, How can I make this better?
By asking yourself questions, your mind automatically searches for answers. If you don’t get an answer straight away, then ask the question again, until you do get an answer. Never give up, to quit is failure.

The most important thing is, that if you don’t invest some time in your personal development, you will stay in the same position that you are now.

I have managed to change my mindset from a negative one to a positive one over the years. I’m not going to say that it wasn’t without effort, but was it worth it – you bet! It’s so much easier to not have all the negative mental chatter going on inside your head (which never shut’s up) I achieved this in a number of ways, but probably the fastest way was through a booked called “How would love Respond” by Kurek Ashley. Well worth the read.

I use the above strategy daily and am having good progress with it. As Molly says (don’t know who Molly is, ah forget it) Do yourself a favour and start investing in yourself today, you’ll be glad you did.

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