Aura Colors and Their Meanings 

Auras are energy fields surrounding every person on earth, invisible to most people but actually seen by some such as mystics or psychics. Auras are affected mostly by our thoughts, moods, emotional responses to our life, and the energy of other people we are closely surrounded by. 

Your aura is usually a combination of several colors, with each color carrying a specific meaning that relates to your emotions and connection to yourself at that given moment in time. The most common aura color combination I have seen is a dark blue mixed with a purple, but the combinations are endless. 

Your aura constantly changes colors depending on your current state, but most people usually have a base color always seen in their aura. Below I detail the meaning behind these colors and how to determine your aura colors as well as others. 

How to Find Your Aura Color:

Some people are able to visually see auras, like mystics, psychics, or energy readers, but most of us don't have that talent. In most big cities, there are aura photographers and aura readers you can visit to get a better sense of how your aura looks and the colors you're surrounded by. Search online for the nearest aura photographer to get your picture taken which also captures your aura, visit an aura reader, or take an aura quiz to determine the likely shades of your soul. 

If you feel like you have the ability to see energy but just haven't tapped in well enough yet, there are a few things you can do. Place your hand over a soft light with a neutral background. Pick a spot on your hand to stare at and relax your gaze, focusing on the parts in your peripheral vision. You will see a white-ish light at first, but as you continue you may find it to turn into the color of your aura. 

The more you allow yourself to practice, the better you'll get. Reading energy and auras is like any skill; if you wanted to become a better basketball player, you'd practice more. 

The Different Aura Colors and Their Meanings:

Each aura layer surrounding you corresponds with a certain chakra, which is an energy center within your body. For example, you may be someone that has a high level of self confidence which is related to your solar plexus chakra. The solar plexus chakra is yellow, so in this case, your aura would have yellow in it. 

Red Aura:

There are a few different meanings of red in someone's aura. It usually represents passion, depth, and a fiery personality. People with a red aura tend to jump right into life without thinking twice. Red may also signify anger, but this usually shows up as a darker red. 

The chakra associated with red is the root chakra; if you have red in your aura then your root chakra is likely unblocked and centered.

Orange Aura: 

The color orange is related to the sacral chakra, which rules your sensual energy, emotions, and pleasure. People with orange auras tend to be very creative, passionate, adventurous, and in touch with their sexual energy. If you're someone who seeks out adventure and wants to experience things for themselves instead of listening to others' advise, you may have orange in your aura. 

Yellow Aura:

The color yellow is associated with your solar plexus chakra, which rules your personal power, self esteem, confidence, and charisma. If you have a yellow aura, you're likely sociable, confident, friendly and overall a happy, positive person. You may also attract people from all walks of life, because a strong sense of self is like a magnet humans are attracted to.

If you're someone who thinks highly of themselves, doesn't let others bring them down, and likes to be in connection with other's at your high vibration, chances are you have yellow in your aura. 

Green Aura: 

Green is associated with your heart chakra; your heart chakra rules love, compassion, understanding, and forgiveness. Those with green auras are open-hearted, understanding of others, empathetic, and serene. These people place importance on the love they give and receive in their day to day life. Those who love nature, like to be in peaceful settings, and feel the need to be free of any negativity likely have green auras. Since these people are so open, it's vital for them to establish boundaries within their relationships. 

Blue Aura: 

Blue in an aura is a sign of someone with their head in the clouds but with very powerful thoughts. Those with blue in their aura have an easy time with self-expression and speaking their truth. Blue is associated with the throat chakra, so if it is clear and balanced, you'll have an easy time expressing how you feel and helping others to do the same when they are around you. 

Purple Aura: 

Purple auras signify people with a strong connection to spirit and intuition, sensitivity, and depth in personality. Purple is associated with the crown chakra, which rules higher levels of awareness, self-actualization, and divine connection. If you're someone who can communicate with angels, deceased people, or have a strong intuition, chances are your crown chakra is balanced and flowing, leaving you with purple in your aura. 

White Aura:

White is the most rare aura color, and when it is seen, it is not the main color. Those with white auras are free from personal issues, transcend earthly limitations, and usually incarnate on earth to fulfill a higher purpose much bigger than themselves. People with a white aura have a strong connection to their oversouls and emit an electric energy sometimes felt by those around them. We can achieve moments of this high level of vibration through intense consistent meditation, trauma clearing, and having a spiritual awakening. 

Can Your Aura Change Colors Over Time?

Yes, and it's impossible for it not to change. As your emotions, moods, and feelings change, so does your aura. Some days you may be feeling uplifted, confident, excited and friendly, while other days we may be feeling down. Knowing this might help you understand why when you're around someone in a bad mood whose constantly complaining, you feel "off." Protect your energy and know that the people you surround yourself with also affect your aura and energy in the long run!