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Affirmation: The Law of Attractions Way


Law of Attraction Affirmation


By – Sneha Kulkarni

A neural pathway, or neural tract, connects one part of the nervous system with another and usually consists of bundles of elongated, myelin-nsulated neurons. As law of attraction stats, like attracts like, each of our affirmation will in return get back to use more of what we affirm. Affirmations achieve power through echo because our emotions, alertness, and actions are shaped by our most overriding thoughts. And thus form a healthy Neural Pathway, perhaps, repeated thoughts form neural pathways in the brain. Alternatively, the theory of neuro pathway states that the mind cannot entertain two opposing ideas simultaneously and as the mind tries to understand the difference, the thought that receives the most repetition will win out. The theory of psycho-cybernetics states that recurring thoughts represent goals which the subconscious mind will make every effort for it to materialize.

Thus, what we most often tell ourselves becomes a self-fulfilling prediction. Make your affirmations authentic and sensible so that you say them with honesty. Begin with small achievable goals and eventually work up to bigger achievements.

State affirmations in the positive. If you state your affirmations in the unconstructive way, it only focuses your thoughts on the things you want to avoid. For example, you could say “I don’t like high calorie food,” or you could say “I eat wholesome,    foods.” Which statement is more stimulating? .Be careful where you direct your thinking, because that’s where your energy follows.

Make your affirmations short and easy to remember. Affirmations can become a part of your daily routine. Write them on  cards and post them in outstanding places in your home and office. Make a tape recording of affirmations and play it for yourself as you fall asleep at night. Everyone I know who uses affirmations can prove to their positive results — and you can too!

Keep attracting the best keep affirming the best.

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  1. Some wise words here Sneha. Many people have a list of affirmations that they say and repeat daily. However, just saying an affirmation is not enough. Many are saying their phrases for maximum gain.

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