The Art of Visualization: Visualize for Instant Manifestation




“Visualize it, it will manifest”

“I train myself mentally with visualization. The morning of a tournament, before I put my feet on the floor,I visualize myself making perfect runs with emphasis on technique, all the way through to what my personal best is in practice….” … Camille Duvall

“Every bit of us in present, is  consequence of, how we visualized in the past.” – Ankur Sancheti

We create our own reality every moment, whether we are aware of it or not. Its all start from within. Visualization is the process of imagining the holographic experience deep in mind, as if, its in reality. It involves the sub modalities like, seeing, hearing and touching.  I teach in my Power law of Attraction system, how to be a Power attractor. Visualization is no way, different from Attraction. With every visualization of ours, we are actually attracting. Merely attracting what you want is not enough, You have to take inspired actions to enjoy the quickest manifestations of your desires.

I always prefer to use the term Power Attraction than to Visualization. Term Power attraction give me sense of the power of wonderful law of attraction.

There is absolutely no desires (of course some crazy desires are out of the scope) that you can not achieve if you follow the proper approach or if you use my system of power attraction. Its no brainier and no rocket science, I discovered it by just being lil bit more observant than anyone else.

Types of visualization

–  Conscious Visualization

If you want something badly all you have to do is to attract it badly, visualize it (Read below how visualization should be). Your attraction starts from conscious attraction when you are completely observant of what you are attracting or visualizing. you think of you Dream car is an example of Conscious attraction or visualization.

– Subconscious Visualization

Subconscious visualization is key to manifest quickest, you desire. All you have to do is to, start visualizing what you want at granular and note all the details of it, by penning-down it. Now you no more need to be observant about it, now its complete automation.  You will attract and visualize what you want even when you are not aware that what are you actually attracting something. Its complete auto-pilot. You attract it in your dreams, while working or even when you think that your are completely engrossed in something else, you still may attract it subconsciously. You may not attract exactly what you want but even the related things like the minute details about it.

To give you an example: If you attract a BMW, once you have attracted it consciously, you will start attracting it even when you are not thinking of it. May be, you see a toy car somewhere, and start finding your BMW in it, may be every Blue color reminds you of BMW. Then you will think why when ever is see blue color i start visualizing a BMW? Well the reason is simple, if you think you are not attracting, then let me tell you are still attracting but subconsciously. That mystical law of attraction is.

How to Visualize or how to be Power Attraction:

I always suggest in my power law of attracting system, to involve sub modalities (see, hear and feel) in visualization. Trust me its will hourspower the possibilities of visualization or power attraction.

· Colorful

Make your visualization colorful, use vivid colors make it shiny and bright.

· Animated

Animate your visualization. You can even make it funnier. If i attract a BMW i animate my visualization by actually driving it at the fastest speed possible.

· Sound

Add sound to you visualization. Make it either rhythmic or noisy.

· Fragrance

I always add a fragrance to make my visualization more vivid and an sub atomic experience.

· Touch

This is the most important quality of a power visualization. You must feel the sensory touch of what you want. Touch and feel your BMW. Well believe it or not, i achieved almost all I wanted in life by being a power attractor. All you have to do it to take the first step in faith and visualize, rest will fall in place.


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  1. hey

    the article i read on net was a real good one. wanted to ask u how do i attract a specific person i want as my life time partner
    with the law of attraction. i have read articles on having a ideal mate. but what about attracting a particular person with this formula.
    and keeping in tht i dont meet the person very often .


  2. Friend Annika,


    Thanks for appreciating my work.

    Annika, Law of Attraction is a Law, its no Formula. Do you think Law of Gravity is a Formula.

    Like any law, Law of attraction does not do anything by itself, but it reacts. You act, it reacts. And your action is to attract, against which, Law of Attraction reacts, and get you more of what you actually want.

    Annika, what you need to do is:

    Attract, what you want. Now, visualize being with your “Dream Man”, note all his details at the most granular level possible. Then you can visualize him near you anytime, anywhere. Well, the more powerful you visualisation, the quicker you get your attraction.

    Annika, the more you visualise with the granular details, the stronger you attraction becomes, and trust me, even when your “Dream man” is not around, he is still with you right in your thouhgts.

    Annika, like as i said in my blog, “It all starts from within.”, “What is in their, is out there”. Annika, we all have the power to create our own reality, be it finding a soul-mate, a dream house, a dream job, a happiness, abundance, wealth, relationship whatsoever, just that we need to be aware of our attraction, that i call consciousness.

    In nutshell, You are already attracting your dram-man,

    Receive it right in your thoughts…..
    It will manifest…….
    I believe it, You Believe it. We believe it.

    There is a canvas right infront of you, sketch your attraction (Dream-man), paint your reality, visualise yourself, how do you wanna see yourself with your dream-man. Sky is the limit.

    Last word, “If your Dream-man, is in their, right in your thoughts with faith, that you already have him, trust me a way will be made for you, no matter whatever hurdles come, Universe will re-arrange things to get you more of what you attracted (Your Dream-Man).

    Thanks Annika

  3. hey !!
    thanks a ton for the reply:)…….. it was really nice reading through it// i am glad i got some one to guide me……
    wat ever u have mentioned like being with him i have been doing it in the smallest form.. like when i go shopping i think will he like it..
    or when i go out for dinner i think of him besides me or when i reach home i feel i am just with him

    can u let me know can i do the same thing while targetting for a certain company which
    i am longing from a long time.

    thanks once again:)


  4. Hello Annika,


    You said, “i am glad i got some one to guide me“, well, let me tell you i am not Guide to you or to anybody, because, we all already use law of attraction every moment in some form or the other, just that we are not aware or observent enough to understand the miraclous powers of Law of Attraction, I love to educate people for the same. So, yes i am a friends than to be a GUIDE. 🙂

    If you read my reply carefully, i said, “Law of Attraction is a Law”, Its reactive, it does not work all by-itself, the intensity of its reaction is positively proportional of your action.

    You said, ” i have been doing it in the smallest form“, Annika, Would that not be unfair on your part, to expect at the fullest, when you act for it in small form? I hope you preety much answered yourself.

    You said, “like when i go shopping i think will he like it..” , Snaha, i always tell in my Power Law of Attraction system that a small shift in the way you talk to yourself, will take you one step beyond. Trust me, there is a thin line between we get what we want or we do not get what we want.

    Instead of saying, “i go shopping i think will he like it..”, Say to yourself, “He will like it…….”, see the power and positivism in this phrase. Soon, you will be in synch with him, yours and His choices and selections will be in synch. It will happen auto-pilot, you just need to believe that you have preety much receieved it, first in your thoughts, like as i said earlier, “What is in there, is out there, its a perfect Mactch every single time, No matter what.”

    Now, lets come to your second attraction, “Dream Company“…

    Wait….. Bedore that lets go back to basics…. (Back to Power Law of Attraction School)

    Manifestatoin = Attraction >> Visualisation >> Receieve and Enjoy in Thoughts

    This, is the basic mantra, how law of attractin can be used for instant manifestation.

    Whether you want your soul-mate, hapiness, your dream car, dream house, wealth, fame, relationship, abundance whatsoever, the same Mantra holds true.

    All you have to do is to, replce your “Dream man” to your “Dream Company”, and start all over again, Process is the same, just that what you want is changing.

    The more powerful is your attraction and visualisation, the quicker thoughts become things. Its been a fool-proof, time-tested, age-old Mantra. It holds true as much as 1+1=2. Isn’t it simple and fun? 🙂

    “Attract what you want, but what you are, else you will be what you are, FOREVER’ – Ankur Sancheti

    When you attract or visualisae, do not let limittimg thoughts come to your mind, just go wild and attract it, do not think practically like

    Do you have it in you?
    Are you capabvle of it?
    You failed last time you did it
    Your friend failed last time he did it so you might fail too to get it,
    You do not have what it takes to get what you want.
    Will People or company accept you?

    Or, anything that taked you one step away from what you want, in other words its actualy dis-empowering you, essentially “You are attracting what you are” it will only make you a wishful thinker, “Oh, i wish i have my dream man”, “Oh! I wish i have my dreem car”. In reality you will get nothing.

    Go wild, crazy, passionate…

    Attract It….
    Visualise it…
    Receieve it in thoughts
    Be grateful for what you got

    Well, thats preety miuch about it.

    Thank You
    Ankur Sancheti

  5. Dear Katty,

    Yes, all the content and the concept of “Power Law of Attraction“, are protected by Copywrite Law.

    You can use the content, for non-commercial purpose or for educational purpose with a Backlink to the site of Author/ with Due Credit to the Author.

    With Best Regards
    Ankur Sancheti

  6. hi,
    first i just want to say that i admire your work,and i think its great and you should keep posting articles like this.
    now,my question is,i am in love with a man who has to go to another country,so we decided to stop things for question is,i dont know when i will see him agin,or if he will contact me again.and i want to be able to see him again in my how do i do it?i mean,how often do i visulize me seeing him?is it everyday etc.?

  7. Dear Ashly,


    Thank you for admiring my work.

    It seems, you have already started doubting and suspecting your love, for your dream man, as you just said that you are not sure would you will be able to see him again, or will he ever contact you again. This way, no matter how much you attract or visualise, you will not be able to achieve what you want. And this is the common reason why people doubt, that Law of attraction does not work. Law of attraction reacts, it reacts on your attraction, and a power attractor attracts with belief, that he is already achieved it. Like as I said earlier, “what is in their, is out there”. If you have belief that you already got your dream in your thoughts, it will manifest. No matter what. This is instant manifestation.
    There is no mathematical equation or frequency about how much you should visualise? It all depends on how badly want it? But one thing is certain, the more powerful is your visualisation, the faster it manifests.

    Thank you
    Ankur Sancheti

  8. oh,now i i have to truely believe that he will contact me oneday and keep visualizing the day when we two meet again right?.and i have one more question,do i continue to visulize until i get what i want?or do i visualize for a certain time and then release it to the universe?also,does it matter if i visulize with music in my ears?

  9. gud wrk!!!!!
    have been readin a lot abt the LOA….but was not able to manifest what i wnted, but after readin your articles, i feel i have zeroed on my road blocks, which is actually the negative chatter in my mind which actas a hindrance to what iwant…………thnx a million…………now iam going to mnaifest my dreams… ex wil be my current boy friend now and i will get that equisite job i want and i will post my success story verry sooon……………………cheers n thnx

  10. Thank You for good words Niraj…

    I strongly suggest you to Join us on the Law of Attraction Forum (Link at the top Menu bar) and you shall seek your manifestation.

    – Ankur

  11. i want my restuarant to do so well that i can be a stay at home mum
    i keep trying to manifest it but im not getting it right help……..

  12. Sorry, repeating someone else’s question but really it reads my mind. Would be greatful if I get answered…..

    “Do i continue to visulize until i get what i want?or do i visualize for a certain time and then release it to the universe?also,does it matter if i visulize with music in my ears?”-Thanks

  13. hello,

    i want to apply the law of attraction to attrac my ex back, i belive he has another woman now actulayy he left me for her, i dont blame him nor i blame my self, now i want to attract him back since i just realized i love this man and i know i can forgive him, now my question is does visulaising him would help of attracting him , ive read some LOA explanation that i shouldnt visualise him nor think of him so it very easy to let go, this was i was confused about………..

  14. hi ankur,
    i have been using this law of attraction since i studied THE SECRET .well i really got happy 2 see u helping others by a positive power….
    dear but i have 1 question my ex had cheated me due to which i lost my respect,i lost my frds,i lost my marks,as every 1 think that i am fool and he is smarter than me….now i want him 2 apologize that every 1 come to know what is every1 misunderstood me….every time i visualize that what i want actually…but its not responding that way…can u tell me where i am lacking

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  16. Visualizing has helped me quite a bit in my life. I am not sure if it’s just my brain rewiring it’s self or something metaphysical really. I really enjoyed reading the quotes in the beginning of the article.

  17. hi, my name is debbie joy. i’m 16 years old from philippines.. I understand what is written here.
    its really true.. when i was reading ALL about this,
    ” I thought, I’ve done that. because what is written here, i’ve done so.. ”
    even TODAY i just found it and read.
    “Oh! now i know the more I had to be developed. ” and think positive!
    coz law of attraction , attracts whatever you like it or not and i experienced that.. just merely IMAGINE..

  18. i want to know everything about power of attraction and how to use it as easy and intresting as possible a step by step tutorial on it without any boring books can anybody help me to know about it actualy i want nokia n9 badly as soon as possible or maximum in week i need n9 badly but inside my heart a negative thinking is come that it is so hard to use power of attraction, i try to read many book but i feel boring after starting to read so i need easy and intresting tutorial and plzzz fast cozzz i love n9 plzzzzzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help meeee

  19. Hi.. Thanks for Ur inspired articles .. keep going.. all the very best.. may god bless u.thank u..

  20. Hi sir. . many many thanks 4 sharing such a precious law to make our dream come true and live happily and freely. . . I am writing my Ca exam on coming November and i want to be 1st rank holder with color full marks . . So it will be great full if u guide me with visualization technique and steps i need to proceed with to full fill my desire.

  21. Thank you very much!

    I love stuff like this, it’s so inspiring!
    I’m also keen to do it to gain more popularity on Youtube… I honestly think it’s working so much!!
    Over 518,000 views!
    Try it! Visualization works 😀 x x

    ✫ ϡ: ❤ ✪ (=’ :’)✩
    ☀ ✱ ☾,(”)(”)¤°.¸¸.•´¯`»★

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