Vision Board Mini Series – How To Visualize

Andrew here again.

So you have done step 1 and step 2. Now what? Now would be a good time to think about how to visualise.

Learning how to visualise is an important step in getting what you want out of life and the vision board process. This is a remarkably effective thing to do. It is nothing new. You do it all the time. You just might not be aware of it. You might call it day dreaming.

Any ‘successful’ person does it. I guarantee you. Everything in life starts as a thought form, an idea that is  imagined.

Whenever you are reading a novel or engrossed in a breath taking film you are naturally visualising.  All you need to do now is harness your natural ability and create something that you actually want in your life. It’s time to get ‘serious’.

The most common way to visualise is as follows :

Start out by creating a vivid picture in your mind of you already having achieved your goals. It is the END RESULT, not a condition or a way that you can achieve your goal but the end result.

You have to really feel the emotions as if they were happening right NOW. Your unconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between real and unreal. By visualising consistently it begins to bring what you are seeing in your mind into your physical reality.

The BIG key is being specific.. You really have to get very detailed with what you visualise. If you want a new car. See every single nook and cranny of that car in your mind. Feel the fabric, smell the fresh interior, feel the rubber of the tires. Hear the sound of the engine as you turn the key. Sit in the car. What music do you have playing on your awesome sound system.

You have to focus on visualisation and repeat the process at least twice a day for a full ten minutes. It is recommended that you do it more often! The more frequently you use the power of visualisation the more the ideas will sink into your mind and manifest.  Keep visualising until you have what you want.

Learning how to visualise is not hard, but it does take discipline. If you can’t be bothered to visualise, you don’t want your goal. Simple!  If you believe you cannot have it, that is another thing. You are worrying about “How am I going to get it”, which as already discussed is not for you to know.

You just have to keep focusing on the end result.

If you can’t visualise, that’s OK. You could just pretend or write out what you want instead and then read it when you wake up and before you go to bed. It you can’t do that either. Record yourself experiencing what it is you want.

How much detail, you can never have too much. If you think you have it down perfect. If describe what you want to somebody else and get them to draw out what it is that you want. Do they draw the same item as you think you have described? Doubt it.

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Happy Travels