5 Steps to Use Law of Attraction for Instant Manifestation

Using Law of Attraction


“Beauty is a manifestation of secret natural laws, which otherwise would have been hidden from us forever.”

These five steps techniques are time-tested and proven “do-it-yourself” steps. I believe people always think how to use law of attraction for manifestation, affirmation, gratitude, prosperity and Happiness. Well, here your quest ends. We must understand that whenever we talk to ourselves about anything we are actually attracting something. We all talk to ourselves every moment. You must have observed it. Sometimes we knowingly talk Talk to our self about what we think about what we observe at the moment of time. Sometimes we observe a thing and we think of things related to it, interesting fact is, these related thoughts are nothing but your attraction. Remember what Law of attraction says: “Like attracts like”.

Self Talking is an every-second practiced activity and a minor conscious tweaking in it can boost the process of manifestation

Are you the one who is very clear what you do not like in life?

what kind of person you can not go along with?

What Perfume you do not like?

What talks you do not like? and so on…….

Are you the one who is “Do-not-Like” types?

Are you the one who looks at your dream car and things “i wish i its mine”? Are you a wishful Thinker?

Are you the one who says yourself to calm down and relax?

Well i just wanted to give you a clue what its like not to be a Power Attractor. As i teach in my Power Law of Attraction system, A Power attractor is always a Power Talker. Words are not just words, they have inherent power.


5 Quick tips to be instant Power Talker:

1- Observe

Observation is certainly the most important phase when you talk to yourself. Now you may doubt how can i observe my “Million-thoughts-a-day” activity, trust me just start it with faith, it just goes smooth, neither do you have to put some extra efforts for it. This is the first vital step if you want to master how to use law of attraction.
2- Check to Check Technique:

Check to Check technique is one of the most powerful technique if you want be a Power Attractor. All you have to do is to check your self-talks and observe are the in sync with what you actually want. Should you find any disconnect, just stop such self-talk and replace what you do not want with what you want.

If you attract a wealthy lifestyle and you talk to yourself by saying, “I hate poverty”, “Oh! how tough this life with poverty”, “I wish i can be wealthy”, “I am jealous of Mr. XYZ, why is he more wealthy when we both in the same business”.

Well, while self-talking if you make a statement anyone of the above then certainly you attracting more of poverty. Remember you are sending a strong signal in Universe about

“You and Poverty”, you want poverty or not you know, but Universe is like a Gini, with “Your wish is My command” attitude, and you will be given more of poverty.

If you are a power talker you will say:

“I am already Wealthy.”

“Oh! How wonderful a wealthy lifestyle is”

“I like Mr. XYZ, i do business better than him, and i am getting more wealthy than he is”

Compare these power statement with the ones about. And ask yourself, which one empowers you? The more if you are in synch with what you actually want and how do you self-talk about the quicker it will manifest. Is it not wonderful approach?


3 – Finger Pinch technique

I am a big fan of my Finger Pinch technique. This was one of the techniques I devised when I was learning how to use law of attraction. when i am in process of observing is my self-talking is in synch with my attraction (what i want) or not, i always keep my thumb over my index finger. If I observe what i am talking is disconnected (opposite or negative) to what i want, i just press my index finger with the tip of my thumb. And after doing it for just few times it has become so subconscious activity that now it works like magic.

If i attract Rich life and i self-talk about “i hate life in poverty”, instantly I press my index finger with the tip of my thumb and its signals me to go back and use my “Power Replacement Technique.” Reason why i use my thumb and index finger is because it the most readily available tools i have than a paper and a pen.

4 – Power Rephrase Technique

I am in love with this technique, I devised it over the years. All you have to do is when ever you get a signal from “pressure of your index finger” just rephrase your earlier statement and make it in synch with what you want.

Rephrase “I do not like poor lifestyle” to “I attract a wealthy lifestyle”. Wow…

now you are sending a strong signal in the Universe that you attract a Wealthy Lifestyle, now you will observe all the wealthy people you meet, you will appreciate the way people become wealthy, you will befriend and dine out with people you consider wealthy. By doing all this you are actually taking inspired actions to your manifest your final attraction of being wealthy.

5 – Do it with Faith

Now since you already believe that each and every self-talk of yours is in synch with what you actually want then just have faith that you already got it.

Remember brain can not distinguish between what is these materially or what is there in thoughts. You can enjoy your wealthy life style even in your brain, for your Brain its as good as you are wealthy in real life. Just exploit the possibilities and potentialities of your Brain. Trust me the whole Power Law of Attraction approach is based on this. I have devised this system over years and i have tested it in all circumstances and permutations as and when i found something to be changes i changed and now i served you the

12 thoughts on “5 Steps to Use Law of Attraction for Instant Manifestation”

  1. hi ankur!

    well to confess i wud like to let u know that i am not happy with my current job.. i have just joined in but some how not happy with the kind of work out here…..and as i told u about my dream job in tht specific company.
    its not so that i am not happy bcoz i yet got to acheive my dream job but just dont feel good out here . LET ME KNOW BEING IN CURRENT JOB HOW CAN one be in happier state to acheive the dream job:).

  2. Greetings Annika
    Allow me, to tell you what happend today.

    By profession, i work as an Analyst. There are some Functional issues, going on in my Current Project, regarding some Statistical Technique. Till today, we were struggling for past 2 months. Today, i had round of discussion regarding the same. And before that, i attracted a Solution, so badly and effectively, that i ended up coming to some fruitfull conclusion in the Discussion, and all appreciated it.

    What did i do?
    Well, to tell you honestly, i am not a Statistician, nor a Mathematician, all i did was, i attracted (like a Power Attractor) a wonderful solution (Which i badly wanted, nomatter what) by me to the team, and you will surprise that out of nothing, i did a wonderful Statistical Analysis, without even knowing much about the statistical techinique itself, i prepared a pretty nice Analysis report, and presented in the Discussion.

    All i want to tell you is, “I visualised what i wanted (the Solutions, in my case)”, i attracted and visualised it in such a way that instantly, i had a good feeling that, “Man, you already cracked the solution 🙂“, and i really had no idea, how the solution would come, all i believed was, “I got the Solution, already”. And the result, you already know. 🙂

    Annika, attract what you actually want out of your job. Do not think what your job is giving you or what it can give. Trust me your job can give you more than you think, it can, the problem is, Your are thinking the way you are, not the way you want yourself to be at job.
    Just focus on how do you want to see youself, being praised for that wonderful out-of-the-box solution, that you offer to your team or Boss, or visualise yourself as a Star Performer and so on.

    Remember: Do not let past experiences about your Job, dominate your thoughts, else you will again start thinking the way you are, but not the way you want to be.

    How will it work?

    Well, Your attraction at your workplace will get back to you, more of what you attracted or visualised. You will automatically get ideas, just out of nothing, you will start performing at your fullest, you will start finding possiblities in your Role. It will just happnen, just believe in it that its already happening. 🙂

    Like as i said, “A small change in your perception, will make big change in you”, So do you want a big change about your Job? Well, Simple…. Change the way, you think.

    Voila! You Get it…. 🙂

    Action plan:
    Now, when you go to office tommorrow, attract the way you want to see yourself there, do not attract the way you are already at you job, else you will be what you are, FOREVER. Nothing will change.

    Infact, in a day or two you will feel that you got a new Job. WOW, you got a new job in recession… Bravo… 🙂 lol

    “Just go wild, crazy and Passionate and attract, what you want”.

    Thank You Annika

  3. 🙂 that was a good solution so what u meant is being in the current job get the feeling of how it wud feel to get the dream job which i mentioned to u earlier.
    so being happy with my current job i will attract the dream job which i have been waiting for long?

  4. and one more question.. let me know how does one take inspired actions
    with a thought which comes in our mind i mean our we suppose to catch
    up with the first thought which comes to us and act accordingly.
    coz many times i tell to myself ok annika… i wish for so and so and ask the universe give me the inspired action to be taken.

    is this the right way?

  5. can i know what do u have to say about numerology and astrology like i am number4… acc ot numerology i am suppose to have lots of sorrows , delays in life do u beleive in numerology?

    but to b honest life has been juss gr8 for me in these yrs

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  7. I have a question say your in a long distance relationship what would be some ways i could apply the law of attraction to be with the person i love? i have a positive attitude saying im gonna see her but i got other people in my way holding me back when the dream is almost reality. id like to figure out some ways any ideas???

  8. Hi I have a problem and its so severe that I fail to think positive about anything in life.

    My year old marriage is going through a turbulent phase. My husband & I are facing compatibility issues, ego problems and misunderstandings. Its so worse as of today that from the past 4 months we are staying apart. Our families failed to solve this problem. I tried talking to my husband and sort things out but to no use. He’s not ready to listen.
    Can law of attraction help me. Each passing day fills me with the thought of parting my ways with Husband. I so much want things to work between my husband and me- for our families, for us and for our bundle of joy (my baby) soon to arrive in this world. Please HELP…. Can me and my husband have a happy, loving and settled married life, so that we can give a good life to our baby.

  9. i want to know everything about power of attraction and how to use it as easy and intresting as possible a step by step tutorial on it without any boring books can anybody help me to know about it actualy i want nokia n9 badly as soon as possible or maximum in week i need n9 badly but inside my heart a negative thinking is come that it is so hard to use power of attraction, i try to read many book but i feel boring after starting to read so i need easy and intresting tutorial and plzzz fast cozzz i love n9 plzzzzzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help meeee

  10. I have known about the Law of Attraction for years but I just recently began to implement it. The thing that is frustrating me is that there are times I literally manifest instantly and other times nothing. I don’t know what I do right and what I do wrong, it’s very frustrating. How do I keep doing it the right way?

  11. Those positive affirmations regarding your current status, i.e. “I am wealthy”, are not honest and your subconscious recognizes your attempts to deceive yourself regardless of how much faith and determination you have.
    Now, wouldn’t it still be positive, with the propensity for proper and timely manifestation, if you phrased your intention as, “I am becoming wealthier every day”? At least it isn’t dishonesty at work, and doesn’t either carry the risk of delusion whereby you become complacent with your detrimental circumstances while convincing yourself that you’re not in a state of detriment. When you become complacent and accepting of your current state, and you release all negativity and disgust, you also release the drive to extricate yourself from that situation. The result is reduced motivation.
    The Law of Attraction is an illusion in and of itself because someone decided to call it a “law” when there is not a scientific basis for its application, nor a concrete formula. And no one can bullshit me and say that the people of Japan aren’t practicing the Law of Attraction which is why they encountered a devastating Tsunami, or that the Iranian people, particularly women, aren’t good at practicing the Law of Attraction which is why they still live in daily fear under the subjugation of a government which entitles men to abuse, and even kill them.
    No, The Law of Attraction has not earned, by a standard of proof positive, the right to be called a “law” at all!

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