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10 Law of Attraction Tools That Can Supercharge Your Results.

There are so many tools that can help you when applying the law of attraction and attraction what you want into your life.

Here is my top tools which can help you achieve what you want fast, easier and with much, much less pain.

1. Write Down Your Goals. No matter how big. If you have the desire for something or it ‘pops’ into your head you can achieve it. If you don’t think you cannot have it, that is just a belief. You can also and should write down what you don’t want. Then change it to what you do want. Make sure you’re writing is in the present tense, use as many details as possible and make it positive!

2. Find a Picture of the End Result for you and add it to your vision board. The picture only has to make sense to you. If it doesn’t juice you up and get you excited, change it.

3. Write out your ideal day film script. Write about your perfect day. Again in the present tense and make it positive. There are no limits of any kind.

4. EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques). As you write, find images, thing about what it is that you want. You’ll most likely come up against some ‘walls’. Oh that’s unrealistic, that’s not possible. I can’t, don, must, need etc. All of these are beliefs and negative emotions and beliefs which can easily be cleared by EFT.

My EFT site is here – http://www.eftmagic.com/ .  Learning and applying EFT to my own life has literally be life transforming. Also check out some of the comments about using EFT in the forum from other members – see number 9 below.

5. Work. LOA does include a often forgotten or not wanted work step. What can you do it make what you want happen.Who can you contact, what can you read or watch etc. Who else done what I want, can I copy them in some way, shape or form? To the extent that you’re prepared to do everything yourself to get your goal done, you will not have to.

6. Noise and Music. You can listen to any background music or noise. Make sure it is positive, life affirming and encouraging. If it has lyrics or words, listen to them really, really carefully first. Otherwise you’ll be programming yourself negatively without knowing.

7. Audio Books. Find as many as you can on subjects that you like or want to learn. The amount of down time you have to listen to them is incredible. Turn off the TV!  Do you take the bus, train or walk to school or work everyday?  Do you know how much free time you have?

8. Software. I highly recommend you use some software called Subliminal Power, it flashes positive messages which constantly remind you of your end result all the time as you are sat in front of your PC. Do you know how many hours that is? Lots!

9. The Law of Attraction Forum -There are so many post here on so many different topics giving so much, advice, help and support. You don’t need to sit there wondering any more. Take a look around. Better yet, post a new topic and ask a question.

All questions are good questions. If you have a question, I can guarantee you, so does somebody else. Everybody has something to contribute too.  The advice given is fantastic. Many of the members are really apply the Law of Attraction to their own life. BUT, the only person who can apply it to your life is YOU. Read the advice, ask questions. Yet apply the steps and advice. Really apply it. Do each step 100 times. Then you’ll know what really works for you and how.

10. Perhaps the best thing you can do is just Say Thank You and often.

What would happen if you combined all of these?

How to apply the Law of Attraction Consciously

Hello friends!

You have to apply some basic steps in order to make the law of attraction work as you want it.

  1. you set up very clearly your final goal, simple words and a deadline

  2. you take at least 10 minutes in the morning when you wake up and 10 minutes in the evening before going to sleep to do your affirmations and visualizations

  3. you stay detached on your outcome, happy, content, grateful, and extremely faithful

  4. you feel ready to receive

It can be very useful to create your own vision board where you put all your goals – that is a reminder of what you set up and it makes the visualization easier.

If you feel fear, doubts and lack of faith I recommend you checking on your limiting beliefs and try to get over them using the method that suits you perfectly. That can be EFT for instance, NLP or a therapy.

Go confident – the world belongs to those who keep the faith strong!


Galina Lambert